The introduction of 5G connectivity will change the world of technology as we know it, especially for gamers. The real revolution is happening in every area where fast connectivity can make a difference, bringing massive data streams directly to our mobile devices – from smartphones and tablets to augmented reality viewers or even cars driving alone. We were able to explore worlds created in video games, accessing details that are now closed to us, even with the most powerful and expensive console.

New developments in the market 5G

Technology companies are well aware of the difference 5G can make and its potential, which is brand new and unexplored, and continue to test it. Companies like Facebook’s Oculus division, which produces augmented reality VR headsets, can offer their users an immersive experience. For players, the first-person experience in the game means that they can see in virtual space that even a single blade of grass is moving with the wind. Microsoft’s game developers believe this too, as they seek to create new, dynamic and personalized worlds for which only 5G can be the key.

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Check the Internet before sending.

Before you connect to the online gaming service, we recommend that you test your internet speed on the popular website Just go there and click the Go button, then wait for the result. However, keep in mind that your internet connection requires much more from playing in the cloud than, say, watching YouTube or downloading torrents.

5G and theCloud Gaming Revolution

The first to benefit from the 5G revolution will be gamers, as the improvements this technology can bring to cloud gaming will allow direct access to streaming platforms for playing video games. Just as we watch series on Netflix or movies on Disney+, cloud gaming services from Sony, Nvidia, Microsoft and Google allow us to play our favorite games from any device without having to buy a computer with hardware.

Main problem

The fundamental problem at the moment is that the quality of the gaming experience is highly dependent on the console or the characteristics of the computer being used. Take Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, which was launched by Rockstar Games in 2018. Set in 1899, Westworld is rich in detail, from the landscape to the surrounding animals to the equipment of the characters. If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro and not the PlayStation 4, you’ll see clothing details and tweaks you may not have noticed on Sony’s previous console model.

Other requirements

In order for the game software to perform all the calculations necessary to display the smallest details of the game world on screen (or in a VR viewer), powerful and therefore expensive hardware is required. These devices can be purchased and managed wholesale by online gaming companies, allowing them to sell their service directly to the end user, provided that connectivity technology is available to support the massive amounts of data required for the service.

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