If you want to trace the location of a person’s phone, you can do so easily. Today, this technology provides a way to track smartphones remotely through phone monitoring applications.

These applications allow you to track more than just the location of the target smartphone. Advanced phone tracking applications allow you to track the target phone on your site without any technical knowledge.

In this article you will learn how to track the location of a person’s phone using the Advanced Phone Tracking application.

Spyic is the most advanced phone application for.

With Spyic you have a complete phone application with more than 35 functions. Visit his website to see what the application has to offer. In addition, more than one million users in 190 countries around the world rely on Spyic.

spy on

The functions and features of this application attract the attention of the media. Spyic is represented in Forbes, the New York Times and KNET. The application works on iOS and Android devices.

If you want to know how to find a person’s location, Spyic is the best application for the job. With all the location functions, Spyic shows you your position and history on an interactive map in real time.

Why did you choose Spyic?

Spyic offers its users excellent telephone follow-up. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Spyic for your tracking needs.

1. No need to lay roots or break into prison

To follow your destination phone, you don’t need to ground your Android smartphone or get your iPhone out of jail. Chances are that Spyic uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you don’t need technical skills to use the application.

In addition, the process of routing or hacking the phone takes a lot of time. In addition, the warranty of the target smartphone is void. This further compromises the security of smartphones by making them vulnerable to malware.

2. Remote monitoring

All telephone tracking activities in this application are performed remotely. Spyic is a web-based phone application that allows you to use any web browser to track a target. Just log into the spy control panel.

The application allows you to remotely track the location of your target phone over the Internet. So you can trace your phone anywhere in the world.

3. Working in secret

At Spyic, all follow-up activities are classified as secret. The application runs in the background so as not to disturb the target phone. Spyic even avoids installation on the iPhone.

Instead, the application uses iCloud backup to track the iPhone. All you have to do is provide your iCloud credentials. Despite the fact that Android smartphones need to be installed, the application still hides all operations.

A single access is required to install the Spyic application. Once installed, the application automatically removes the icon and hides it in the installed applications. When you have finished tracking the target, you can also delete the application remotely.

All these measures allow you to remotely and discreetly track the location of a person’s phone. This way you can be sure that all your telephone follow-up activities will go unnoticed.

4. Safe

Espionage is safe because it never collects data from third party applications. This guarantees the confidentiality of the data of the target phone user, as it never stores data from third party applications on its server.

Moreover, you are the only person who has access to the content of the Spy Control Panel.

How can I trace the location of a phone using Spy?

The process of tracing the location of a phone with Spyic is simple and straightforward. These are the steps we need to take:

Step one: Start by going to the official Spyic website to register your account. When you register, make sure you choose a plan that meets your needs. Spyic allows you to select the operating system of the phone you want to track.

Start by visiting the official espionage website.

Step two: Then install the target phone. For the iPhone, simply enter the Apple ID used on the target device. Once you have them, make them available and click the Check button.

Then configure the target phone

To track your Android phone, you need unique access to your phone to install the application. Installing a 2 megabyte application on the target smartphone takes less than 5 minutes.

Step three: Give Spyic a few minutes to synchronize your target smartphone with your Spyic dashboard. When everything is ready, press the Start button to complete the configuration process.


Step four: Now log in to your spy dashboard to track your target phone. Spyic gives you access to all functions here. To find out the location of your phone, open the Location tab in the slider bar.

Login to the Spy Dashboard

Here you can access all details of the location via Spyic. You know your entire local history and location in real time thanks to details such as street addresses, GPS coordinates. So you always know where your destination is.

Beautiful Telephone Location Features

In addition to being able to track the location of your destination, Spyic offers many other features. Here are some of the most popular features among users.

1. Social Media Monitoring

Spyic allows you to track all social networking activity on your target phone. It can track text messages and social networking applications, including chat rooms on these social networking sites.

Monitoring of social media

Social networking applications you can access include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. The application even gives access to photos and videos shared on these platforms.

2. Call log follow-up

With Spyic you can follow the list of calls on the target smartphone. The application allows you to view all dialled, received and missed calls on your destination phone. Moreover, you know the telephone number with which you communicate frequently.

3. Keylogger function

The Spyic Keylogger function allows you to track all keystrokes on the target smartphone. This function records all keystrokes on the phone.

Keylogger function

It can even access confidential data such as usernames and passwords used for the destination. To facilitate access, Spyic groups all keystrokes per application.


The best way to locate a person’s phone is with a reliable phone monitoring application. In this article we showed you how to locate someone’s phone. Consult Spyic for your phone tracking needs.

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