Check out Kicksta’s review to find out if this Instagram growth service is reliable? You’re not alone.

Increasing your Instagram account is the way to grow your business. The more engaged followers you have, the more likely you are to get conversions and sales – and that means more revenue for your business. Who wouldn’t want that?

As important as growing Instagram is, it can be difficult to know where to start. By using an Instagram growth service, you no longer have to attract new users to your account. But with so many spamming and unethical companies, you may feel overwhelmed by the effort of determining which growth services are reliable.

In this Kicksta review, you’ll learn all about a popular growth service that promises to help you gain real Instagram followers. We look at its features, how the platform works, its prices and a comparison between Kicksta and Upleap. Read on to find out what you need to know about Kicksta and whether this growth service is really reliable.

What is Kiksta and how does it work?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps you grow your Instagram account organically and gain real followers. Thousands of brands, businesses and influencers use Kicksta to support their GI growth. Kicksta works with any industry – no matter what niche you are in, Kicksta has proven that the process to grow your account remains the same.

With Kicksta, you can get more real fans on Instagram. When you have a large number of followers who are interested in your content, you get social proof. It also contributes to your brand awareness. And that ultimately benefits your overall sales and revenue. Kicksta cannot guarantee you a certain number of new followers. No growth company that focuses on organic growth can. But you can be sure that Kicksta will continue to add new followers to your account if you keep publishing quality content.

How does Kicksta work? When you sign up, you provide Kicksta with a list of accounts that have the type of followers you want to attract – including your competitors, other brands and influential people in your niche. Kicksta uses your account to automatically show the photos posted by those accounts to that audience. Kicksta will never track down or open other accounts or send DMs. Instead, Kicksta uses the “like” method because it is a non-invasive method. This method will likely keep these Instagram users coming back to check on their accounts.

If these users like the content they see on your profile, they are more likely to follow you and your posts. Your only job is to keep posting good content – and adding relevant profiles to that list, so Kicksta has more and more people to interact with on your behalf.

Kicksta saves you hours of time and effort with its automation features that do the work for you. And with Kicksta, you’re also guaranteed to be safe: Instagram can suspend your account if you buy followers, but since everything Kicksta does is in accordance with the platform’s terms of service, you’re on the right side. Kicksta is a great growth service that helps you increase your organic reach on Instagram.

Features of Kicksta

Kicksta offers a number of detailed features that can take your Instagram to the next level and make the process smooth and seamless. One of the great features of Kicksta is live chat support. If you need help using the platform, you can avail live help at any time.

Kicksta’s filters are another useful feature. You can set filters to ensure that Kicksta does not target users who are not in your target audience. For example, set a gender filter for only female users or an English filter to attract only English-speaking GI users. Kicksta also has a blacklist filter to ensure that the platform does not connect with those who do not want it.

Kicksta’s “sleep mode” is a feature designed to mimic human behavior. In sleep mode, Kicksta doesn’t like photos taken 24 hours a day – he takes a break. This is beneficial because Instagram tends to slow down automated services. So, by using standby mode, Kicksta’s automation looks human and keeps your account from being reported.

Another interesting feature of Kicksta: analytics! Use your Kicksta dashboard to track analytics and see trends in your account growth over time. You can even download a detailed analytics report to share with your team.

Kicksta also has the ability to work with agencies, social media managers and PR firms. If you’re trying to juggle multiple Instagram accounts for different clients, you may feel particularly overwhelmed trying to tackle growth tactics for all of them. With Kicksta’s affiliate program, you can offer Instagram growth as a service to your clients and actually make a profit, even as you pay Kicksta month after month.

Kiksta Awards

When you buy a Kicksta subscription, you can pay as you go and cancel at any time, with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service within the first two weeks, you can get an immediate and full refund. Kicksta offers two payment plans:

  • Standard Plan ($49 per month). Get moderate growth, video monitoring and 10 goals.
  • Bonus Plan ($99 per month). Get maximum growth, a video platform, 40 goals, VIP email support, live chat, advanced targeting and blacklisting.

Kicksta also offers wholesale prices that are calculated separately for each individual user. You can contact the company for a customized quote.

Kiksta v. Uplep.

Upleap is another popular growth service of Instagram, similar to Kicksta. Upleap primarily uses locations, hashtags and, like users, to find new followers for client accounts. Kicksta’s strategy is different: Kicksta uses the plausibility method, a proven, non-invasive tactic to get you more organic followers.

Upleap has some basic filtering options that allow you to specify the types of accounts you want to target. Kicksta offers several advanced filtering methods, including filters that help you avoid attracting spam or fake accounts.

While Upleap and Kicksta include features that help you track your growth, Kicksta’s analytics are more detailed and easier to navigate. Upleap and Kicksta’s pricing is similar: Upleap costs $39 per month, $69 per month, or $99 per month, depending on the plan you choose, while Kicksta costs $49 per month or $99 per month.

Finally, many Upleap reports point out that the growth service does not always deliver on its promises. According to these users, their accounts gained only a few new followers – and these followers did not turn out to be real accounts. Kicksta, however, has received a long list of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. The results show that Kicksta’s methods and strategies work: Many comments about Kicksta indicate that Kicksta has helped the user account to a steady stream of new (and real!) Instagram followers.

Is Kiksta reliable?

Ultimately, the answer is yes: Kicksta is a reliable growth service that can help you increase your Instagram tracking percentage. Moreover, its advanced features, affordable price and commitment to organic growth make Kicksta a better option than similar growth services on the market. By using Kicksta, you can see steady organic growth in your Instagram account’s activity.

Frequently asked questions

Will Kiksta get you out?

When a company uses the “like” method, you give them information about your target audience and the type of users you want to target. They will then “like” the photos published by these users on your behalf … That way, Kicksta can “like” as many photos as possible for each of its clients, but there is no risk of being blocked.

How is Kiksta?

Kicksta is a service that claims to help brands and individuals “get real followers on Instagram and turn new connections into more concerts, paid partnerships and sales.” I decided to test it for a month on my personal account to see if I could recommend it for brands.

What is the best service for growing Instagram?

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