The 403 Forbidden error is a common mistake that usually occurs when you are trying to access a web page that is not available on the server. The official description of this error is: “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.” The error is often displayed in the browser when you are trying to access a page that is not available, and it is also displayed when you try to access a page that is not available in your browser’s cache.

Technically, a web server is a computer that hosts a website. It can be a regular computer or a web server (often referred to as a web server). A web server plays a central role in web applications. It provides access to resources such as databases and files, and serves HTML or other web pages to browsers.

The “403 Forbidden” error is one of the most common website-related errors. I am going to explain what it is, what can cause it, and how to fix it.

If you encounter a 403 prohibited error, it means that you cannot access the page where this error is displayed. Because you don’t have permission to visit this site. Simply put, the prohibited 403 error indicates that you do not have permission to access the web page you are trying to view. Now let’s find out what the 403 forbidden error is, what causes it and how to solve it in different ways.

What is a 403 Prohibited error?

A 403 prohibited error has occurred when the page you are trying to access has rejected your request to access it. Simply put, this is the 403 error. Because the HTTP status code of the web server used to report this error. word-image-1282 The 403 Forbidden error may be due to invalid permissions that the web server has inadvertently set for access. Depending on your own settings, this error may appear under different names. Below are some examples of 403 error names:

  • Error 403 – Illegal
  • HTTP Error 403 – Prohibited
  • HTTP Error 403.14 – Prohibited
  • It’s not allowed: You do not have permission to access this server

Sometimes this is a temporary problem, sometimes not. But you can fix it in no time.

Causes of error 403 Prohibited

Before resolving the 403 Prohibited error, you need to know what is causing this error. A 403 Forbidden error means that the files in your browser do not have the necessary permissions to access the web page you are viewing. If the browser does not have the correct index page to load. So keep this in mind:

  • Incorrect settings in the .htaccess file.
  • Incorrect permissions for a folder or file.

To resolve a 403 Forbiddenerror

We now know the different causes of the 403 Forbidden error. That’s why we have to fix it. We have several methods to solve this problem. The techniques I’m about to explain are mainly for WordPress, but you can apply them to any other website. Let’s learn some methods to solve 403 Banned error in an easy way:

Method 1: Verifying the .htaccess file

Most WordPress users may not be familiar with .htaccess files. There is a reason for this, because these .htaccess files are hidden in the project directory. If your WordPress site has cPanel, you can check the .htaccess files from the control panel. To check the .htaccess files, simply follow the instructions provided: Step one: In your WordPress control panel, go to the file manager. Step two: Find the .htaccess file in the public_html directory. Step three: If you can’t find the .htaccess file, click on the settings and check the option Show hidden files. Step four: Once the .htaccess file is defined, it must be uploaded to the system to be saved. Step 5: Delete them after the backup. Step six: Check your website now. Seventh step: If you can open a page, the reason for the 403 Prohibited error is that the .htaccess file is corrupted. Step 8: If you want to save the data to your new backup .htaccess file, log in to your WordPress site. Step 9: Go to the dashboard and select a setting. Step 10: Go to the permalinks section in the settings. Step 11: Without making any changes, click on the Save changes option at the bottom. Step 12: It will create a new .htaccess file on your WordPress site. OPINION: If your site does not have .htaccess files or if they have been removed from your WordPress site, you will need to create the .htaccess file yourself.

Method 2: Reset file and directory access rights

Incorrect folder or file permissions can be one of the reasons for the 403 Prohibited error. In general, the created files have default permissions. The FileZilla FTP Client allows you to change permissions for folders and files. Therefore, you can change the permissions by simply following the steps below to change the file or folder permissions: Step one: Connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client. Step two: Navigate to the root folder of your site account. Step three: Select the root folder that contains all the files of your WordPress site. Step four: Then click on it with the right mouse button. Step 5: Select a file File attributes. Step six: Select the option Apply only to folders. Seventh step: Enter the authorization number 755 in the value field. Step 8: Press OK key. After changing the permissions for the folder, repeat the process from step 3. However, select in step 6: Apply to files only. Then enter the resolution number 644 in the value field and click OK. Once all changes are made, you will have access to your WordPress site.

Method 3: Disabling WordPress plugins

If WordPress contains buggy plugins, it can cause a 403 Forbidden error. The best way to avoid this is to disable the plugins on the WordPress site. So follow the steps below to disable WordPress plugins: Step one: Connect to your WordPress site via FTP. Step two: Browse the public_html folder. Step three: Navigate to the wp-content folder. Step four: Now select the Plugins folder. Step 5: Rename the plugins folder to another name. Step six: Disable all plug-ins. After deactivating all plugins, check your WordPress site. If all goes well when browsing, the 403 Forbidden error is resolved. Once your website is available in good condition, you can easily find the damaged plugin. You will then need to update or uninstall and reinstall it. OPINION: Switching from one host to another without changing the server name and domain can cause a 403 Forbidden error. So to avoid this error, you should change the server name and domain after you migrate from one host to another.


I hope the above methods will help you resolve the 403 Prohibited error. This error may bother you, but be patient and follow the clear step-by-step instructions to fix it.If you’re using a web based application, you’re probably familiar with the “403 Forbidden” error message at some point. explains that a 403 error is sent when a client attempts to access a resource on the web server that isn’t available. The error is triggered when the client connects to the web server.. Read more about 403 – forbidden access is denied. iis server and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error 403 in Chrome?

Error 403 is one of the most common issues that can be faced by users engaged in Web browsing or accessing any sort of website. To fix the error, one must perform the following steps: 1. Access to an Incognito browser. 2. Access to the Chrome browser. 3. Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” 4. Go to the Google Chrome web store and download a new version of Chrome. 5. Open the Incognito tab in the new version of Chrome. 6. Restart the computer. 7. Now try to access the website. Google Chrome is a popular web browser that’s available for both PCs and Macs. It’s very popular, and there are multiple versions of it. But, it also has problems, like Error 403. Error 403 is usually a browser that is not optimized for the web. It is also known as a Webpage Access Denied.

What does 403 Forbidden mean on a website?

Domain name servers (DNS) are responsible for translating a website’s domain name (for example, into an IP address (for example, When your device tries to reach a website, DNS sends a request to the DNS server for the domain name. If the DNS server can’t find the website, or if it responds to the request with a “403 forbidden” error, then the request is not answered. This is a problem because it can prevent your device from connecting to the website. This can be frustrating for users, as they’re left with a blank screen, or an error message. The most common error you will face on a website is the error “403 Forbidden”. This error is a result of a website owner not having the necessary rights to a particular file that the visitor of the site would like to access.  To access this file a user has to login with their login details.  This login process is necessary to access files that are stored on the server, but are restricted by the website owner.  These are most commonly images, videos or documents.  If you are logged in and try to access a restricted item the server will return  “403 Forbidden”.  This is generally a warning that the server does not have the permission to allow this information to be retrieved.  There

How do I fix forbidden request?

Did you get the “403 forbidden” message when trying to access a website on a network? It’s usually a sign that you are doing something wrong. Here’s how to fix it and get the content you are looking for, without wasting your time. Forbidden request is one of the most common error pages that you will see when you want to open a page. The error page would be posted by the server when it was not allowed to show content on that page. But how to fix forbidden request? There are several ways to fix it. You can use the browser’s developer tools to disallow the page to access certain resources. If you have a browser with history and bookmarks, you can access it from the history section. The solution is simple.

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