ESET is a computer security company that has been around for about two decades.

ESET NOD32 is an antivirus software that remains compatible with Windows Vita and consumes almost no computer resources.

Let’s quickly review the key features:

  • user-oriented platform
  • Comprehensive protection against spyware, viruses, worms, adware and rootkits.
  • Protection of removable media such as external hard drives and USB sticks.
  • In-depth analysis followed by a report on the security status of your PC.
  • Game mode blocks unwanted pop-ups and intruders while you play.
  • Technical support (video tutorials, emails, forums, phone support and live chat).

Pay attention: ESET antivirus products for Windows Vista are only supported until February 2021, after which your antivirus will no longer be functional.


Protect your Windows Vista PC with the easiest solution that spares no effort.

First, Avast Free Antivirus does not require much implementation. Because it is very popular with many users and is one of the best security programs available for Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).

Note that the Windows Vista version is available for free. However, the program does not provide updates for the latest bugs and malware signatures.

Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade to a newer version and purchase at least a paid basic plan of Avast Free Antivirus.

Let’s quickly review the key features:

  • It has a Wi-Fi scanner that constantly scans the router and network for potential threats and eliminates them.
  • Modern user interface
  • A very light system
  • Good malware detection
  • Customizable installation

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus offers excellent protection, even in its free version.

Avira is so light and versatile that it can run on almost any device, including Windows Vista PCs.

It’s very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple tool.

On the other hand, Avira offers several features such as a firewall, a program to clean your PC, and even a free VPN to protect your privacy.

Run a system check for errors

Press Start Scan to find problems with Windows.

Press Repair Everything to fix problems with proprietary technologies.

Run a PC scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the repair process replaces the damaged files with new files and Windows components.

Of course, it’s a security solution that protects you from all kinds of online threats, like phishing, and the latest viruses and malware that are creeping into the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

  • Can protect you from phishing, even on social media.
  • Uses the latest algorithms to protect against zero-day threats.
  • Regular updates to make sure your devices are always protected
  • Free VPN (limited data transfer)

frequently asked questions

What is the best antivirus program for Windows Vista?

If you don’t want to or can’t pay, I recommend Kaspersky Free Antivirus, Sophos Home Free Antivirus, Panda Free Antivirus, or Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, if you don’t want to use Microsoft Security Essentials, a free solution for Windows 7 and Vista SP1/SP2 that includes the features …

Which antivirus program works with Windows Vista?

Comprehensive Protection for Windows Vista Avast takes Windows Vista security seriously, offering smart antivirus protection with advanced features like home network security, software updater, and more.

Is Windows Defender still working on Vista?

Windows Defender is included in Windows Vista. If you are using Windows Vista, you should not download Windows Defender. If you are using Windows XP SP2, you can (and should!) download Windows Defender for free.

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