Welcome to our overview of the 5 best large freestanding dishwashers.

A freestanding dishwasher offers more flexibility than a built-in dishwasher and is easy to move around, which is especially useful if you plan to move in the near future. If you’re looking for a built-in option, check out this article on the 5 best large built-in dishwashers.

A dishwasher is an indispensable part of a modern kitchen; it is a very practical appliance. If you’re busy working all day, no one wants to come home and have to clean up the plates, crockery and cutlery.

For ease of use, the full-size model is preferred over the other options because of its greater payload and better cleaning. This way you won’t have to load, unload and reload because you bought a dishwasher that was too small for your needs – too bad you’ll be keeping it for years to come! If you have the space to install one in your kitchen, a full-size model is highly recommended for your convenience.

Avoid looking at a single product image and buying the first product that appears on Google. Instead, use our mini tests of the latest dishwashers to choose the right one for your home. The reviews are quick to read and contain useful details to help you narrow down your choice faster.

Is a large freestanding dishwasher the best choice for you?

When choosing a dishwasher, there are always a number of things to consider before making your final choice. Keeping these elements in mind when making your decision will ensure that you get the right solution for your home and lifestyle.

The most important factor to consider is size.

You can choose a model you like, but will it fit in your kitchen space? Make sure you measure the space accurately so there are no nasty surprises when you receive and unpack the dishwasher and want to slide it into place.

To avoid this, we have indicated the dimensions specified by the manufacturer of the dishwasher in question. You can also find our UK dishwasher size chart here.

If you don’t have the space to install a large model in your kitchen, consider choosing a slimline or compact countertop dishwasher.

Miele G 7102 SC

Miele G7102 SC

The Miele G7102 SC is an excellent German dishwasher that exudes quality. Some cycles require only 6 litres of water, reducing water costs. The Quick Power Wash function gets your dishes clean in less than an hour!  The MultiFlex drawer makes loading and unloading easy, which is ideal for the 14 place settings of this model. Plus, you don’t have to worry about when the cleaning cycle is over – the door opens automatically for quick unloading. It’s also quiet – just 43 dB during operation – and the model we recommend also has an A++ energy rating.

Aren’t you interested in a better option? We also recommend the Bosch 6 series for a more economical option.

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Do you wash your face regularly? Or is your old dishwasher too small for your family or household? Note the number of lids, as it is the nature of the industry to indicate strength. The larger full-size models seat about 14 people and the smaller models seat 10. Therefore, the more the merrier for families with a dishwasher.

When it comes to high quality, it’s all about the brand. Generally, in this market, you get what you pay for. The wash cycles are more complete and work better with the better brand models than with the inexpensive selection.

The easiest choice is to buy a free standing dishwasher or a built-in dishwasher. When it comes to convenience, installation, and relocation, it must be said that freestanding models are a breeze. For the integrated ones, you should know that they have the manpower needed and are more difficult to install. Built-in models are winners once installed, however, and you can even add a cabinet door to hide them if you prefer.

Don’t forget the energy rating or the water consumption per cycle. Cheaper dishwashers generally use more energy and more H2O per cycle. So, as long as you save to buy, they will work better. Also, even with proper maintenance, they don’t last very long. Therefore, they can sometimes be a false economy.

5 Best Full Size Free Standing Dishwasher UK

Here we present you with the best large freestanding dishwashers currently available on the market.

#1 Miele G7102 SC – the best dishwasher on the market

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Miele G7102 SC

The Miele G7102 SC won our first place.

This German brand is highly regarded for its durability, performance and value. For the price, it’s at the upper end of the market, but you get what you pay for. Their products have all the features you would expect from a high-end model.

As with most dishwashers, it is expected that over time maintenance will be required, with replacement of parts, etc. They are generally a little more expensive (just like a luxury car) because parts and labor are a little more expensive. Still, it’s worth it for owners to reduce the hassle during ownership.

The Miele G7102 SC is available in white or stainless steel/light steel. It has a convenient control panel on the front, right at the top. These include an attractive display, buttons for selecting different cycle and drying modes. A full cycle is achieved by professionals in less than an hour with normal load contamination.

The automatic opening function is interesting. It’s patented, you won’t find it like this anywhere else! The door opens at the end of the cycle. Plus, the door opens easily to start loading, so you don’t have to strain yourself.

It’s nice to know that the water consumption in the automatic program is no more than 6 liters (which is much less than the economical models of other brands). There’s also an Eco setting that operates at 50 degrees to save energy and handle mixed loads, a 45 setting for glassware, and a hotter setting when you need a deep cleaning cycle for heavy soiling.

An ingenious feature is the Miele MultiFlex drawer, which adjusts its position in a 3D motion to allow for the insertion of additional contents when space is limited. However, only large households should need this feature as 14 sites are supported.

Although the model operates at 43dB, there is an extra quiet mode that operates normally at only 38dB, so the kids won’t wake up! In addition to the economy mode, the Extra Dry mode ensures perfect drying of everything in the dishwasher, including plastic cups and the like.

If you want the best in class, the Miele G7102 SC should be at the top of your list. It has everything you could need and more.


  • Capacity: 14 seats
  • Dimensions: 59.8 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 84.5 cm (H)
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Energy Rating: A+++
  • Noise level: 43 dB
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Miele G7102 SC Manual: User Manual/Warranty

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#2 Bosch 6 Series – the best dishwasher on a budget

Buy on Amazon Bosch Series 6 Full Size Dishwasher

The Bosch 6 series is considered pretty good and has a plethora of features. After that, he gets our second place. It’s considerably cheaper than Miele’s top model, but has the usual features of the Miele G7102 SC and this model. So much so that it’s easy to get a feeling of déjà vu when looking at both products!

The control panel is sleeker than most dishwashers we consider. On the left side are many similar wash cycles and drying functions. There is an Eco setting at a normal temperature of 50 degrees, 40 degrees for glasses, and an Intensive setting at 70 degrees (Miele has two settings with higher temperatures).

In the middle there is a display that confirms the timer and the various settings. It is clear and easy to read.

On the right you will find the option Hygiene Plus, as well as the option Extra dry for perfectly dry dishes and the option Machine care for better performance of the appliance. There are also speed controls and a timer to set the time when the dishwasher should start the cycle (ideal if you want to set it at night and go to bed early).

The Bosch 6 series has a total of 14 settings. The Rackmatic system is also partially height adjustable for higher panels. This model features a VarioDrawer drawer system with three compartments, including a separate cutlery drawer. This is great because it doesn’t limit the space for cutlery and you can add bowls and plates for clean up.

A standard cycle consumes about 9.5 liters of water, more than 50% more than the Miele model. The Zeolith PerfectDry system uses an airflow in all directions to dry plastics, porcelain and stainless steel. The different heating settings not only ensure that the contents are perfectly dry and clean, but also that the temperature can be regulated up to 70 degrees Celsius for maximum hygiene.

The Eco mode not only reduces the heating power to save energy, but also the noise level to 42-45 dB. In addition, water consumption is monitored by the AquaSensor, which measures the degree of soiling, while light beams confirm when the item no longer needs to be washed. In addition, the IntenseZone is there for your pots and pans that need a lot of storage space on the bottom.

Sustainability is the key to Bosch’s success. They have a solid reputation that has lasted for many years. Like most dishwashers, they require replacement parts as they wear out, repairs are more difficult, and maintenance is required. However, there are still well-built models when it comes to creating long-term value.

This model has a 10-year guarantee against rust on the inner tank. There is a lifetime warranty against water damage.


  • Capacity: 14 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 84.5 cm (H)
  • Weight: 53.3 kg
  • Energy Rating: A+++
  • Noise level: 44 dB
  • Warranty: 10 years against rust and lifetime against water damage.
  • Bosch 6-series dishwasher User Guide : User manual

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#3 Beko DFN05R11W – best dishwasher under €300

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Beko DFN05R11 60 cm freestanding dishwasher (sideways)

Beko’s ambition is to become the best-selling brand of large UK appliances by 2020. Although companies fight over these prices, Beko’s products are more affordable than most, so we don’t doubt the validity of these claims.

The Beko DFN05R11W is a good dishwasher for those looking for affordability and a decent number of settings, but not all the bells and whistles of top brands like Miele or Bosch. It is available in white, silver or black.

You get what you pay for, in good times and in bad. This means that this type of model is unlikely to last as long as another brand that costs double (or quadruple) the price. Therefore, it is expected that these dishwashers will need to be replaced every few years. But even from this point of view, they offer excellent value for money.

The top control panel is located on the left side. The desired mode can be selected by pressing the button. There are buttons to select the half load and start/stop buttons. In addition, the indicator lights confirm the operating cycle when the machine is washing and drying or when the cycle is completed. In addition, pilot lights indicate low salt or rinse aid levels.

Modes include Mini Basic 30 degrees, Eco setting, Quick and Bright, Clean and Bright, and Intensive with temperatures up to 70 degrees for the Intensive setting. The Mini 30 setting is ready in 30 minutes, the Quick & Shine setting in 58 minutes and the Eco setting in just under 90 minutes.

The model is equipped with two extendable baskets that offer 13 seats. There is also a removable cutlery tray that fits in the front center of the bottom tray. None of the baskets are height adjustable for large plates.

This mode consumes 11.5 litres of water in a normal cycle, making it more economical in water consumption than more expensive models. The bottom shell is not adjustable and is relatively easy to remove from the wheels (but also quickly returns to its original position).

The English public remembers this expression: It does what it says on the tin – that’s a fair comment for Beko appliances and this dishwasher in particular. It’s very powerful, makes a little more noise, uses more water, is a time-setting workhorse, has no digital display or timer, and has fewer settings than its peers, but it’s still great for households that want something reliable without breaking the bank. But don’t expect it to last forever!

This model comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 59.8 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 85 cm (H)
  • Weight: 44,7 kg
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Beko DFN05R11W User manual: Instructions for use

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#4 Bosch Series 2 – Cheapest Dishwasher

Buy on Amazon Bosch Series 2 Full Size Dishwasher

The Bosch Series 2 is the manufacturer’s fuel-efficient series (we’ve previously reviewed the Bosch Series 6). Here they cater to owners who are looking for more affordable models, but are still backed by a German brand that people trust.

The front panel has a power button on the left and the main controls on the right. The rotary knob provides access to various modes, such as. B. Eco at 50 degrees, Quick, Glass, Intense, etc. There is also an LED screen, which sets this model apart from less powerful models without a screen. On the far right is the start timer setting – yes, there is a timer too – and the Extra Dry and Vario Speed settings.

The model comes with three baskets: a top one for cutlery, a second one for small glasses and other smaller items, and a bottom one for plates, bowls, pots and pans and other larger items. The baskets carry a total of 13 attachments, including glassware. They can also be adapted to make room for large plates and glasses.

In addition, the Extra Dry function allows you to dry all contents, including plastics. Adjustable speed helps preserve your china and glass. If you activate the timer, you can program the dishwasher to start late in the afternoon or while you are away.

The energy efficiency is A++, which is not as high as more expensive models, but still better than the Beko model reviewed above. It also consumes about 9.5 gallons of water for a standard cycle, which is about average for the model you choose.

In addition, for families with young children with curious hands, the equipment with a safety device for child carriers is indisputable.

In the Bosch Series 2, the Beko model discussed above gets great value for money. If you’re on a tight budget, it probably offers good value in the long run. Height-adjustable baskets and a digital timer are more convenient than customers might think at first glance, so don’t dismiss them.


  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 60 cm (D) x 84.5 cm (H)
  • Weight: 48.6 kg
  • Energy Rating: A++
  • Noise level: 48 dB
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty on the rust of the inner tray
  • Bosch 2 series manual(s) SMS25EW00G : Instructions for use

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Amazon Dishwasher

Message: We’ve seen some retailers incorrectly call this product a narrow model, but the Indesit DFG15b1 is a full 60cm wide model.

The Indesit DFG15b1 won’t be repeated three times in a row, but there is a business model that beats the Beko.

It also doesn’t have an LED indicator, so you’ll have to rely on the dial to choose between the different wash modes for plates, bowls, platters and cutlery. Not that we’re overly concerned, but the model also has flood protection.

The indicator lights indicate the different phases of the washing cycle. The normal modes Eco, Fast, Glassware, Pre-rinse and Intensive are present and correct. A quick wash only takes 40 minutes with minimal contamination of the plates. There is also a useful indicator to show when salt or rinse aid needs to be replenished.

Two baskets and the cutlery are enough for 13 people. It is spacious enough for large pots and plates, supported by adjustable baskets.

The A+ energy efficiency rating is equivalent to that of the Beko model. It emits 49 decibels when in operation. It is also slightly heavier than the Beko model, making it a little harder to move around for customers with smaller stature.

This Indesit DFG15b1 is appreciated by many people. It is similar to the Beko model in many ways and also has a few extra features like adjustable baskets.


  • Capacity: 13 seats
  • Dimensions: 60 cm (W) x 59 cm (D) x 85 cm (H)
  • Weight : 47 kg
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year operation and 10 years service.
  • Indesit DFG15b1 User manual(s) : Instructions for use

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Justification for selecting the highest category of dishwasher

Before we conclude this article, we want our readers to know how we decided which dishwashers will be in our top 5 list. We do extensive research on each machine, then gather all the information and decide what we think is best. These positions, in our humble opinion. Some readers may or may not agree.

Here’s how we make our decisions (in no particular order).

Ease of use

We believe that every appliance should be easy to use, and that includes the dishwasher. With all the features and options, it’s important to us that even people who are less familiar with appliances can use dishwashers with ease.

Quality of construction

We tend to think that some manufacturers are the best dishwasher brands, but smaller companies usually have better build quality. Bosch is a good example. What is build quality? We take into account all design features such as : Charging, display, indicators, durability. After considering all the evidence, we review accordingly.


A good dishwasher has a good interior and a good design. This way you can load everything you need to wash. When loading bulky items such as pots and pans. Dishwashers can be complicated. In conjunction with the door and shelf, you may need to use Tetris utensils. However, we will do our best to minimize this problem for you. That’s why we are once again doing our best to bring you the most user-friendly dishwashers on the market.

Washing and drying capacity

Of course, the main reason to buy a dishwasher is to clean up the trash. Performance is the key. We take into account the given rating and the customers’ comments. Plus, you don’t just want clean dishes, with modern technology it’s not rude to think they need to be dried!

We also look at the note he received, but more importantly, what the current owners said about it. From our experience we know that the biggest misconception of manufacturers concerns the drying capacity of their products. If the drying function is worth mentioning, we will certainly mention it in our comments.

Energy index

It is important that all dishwashers are environmentally friendly. With the amount of pollution the world faces today, everyone can make small improvements to change the situation. Plus, with efficient dishwashers, you can lower your bills and greatly reduce the amount of waste you produce. Most of the best dishwashers have good reviews. They use a minimal amount of resources to complete the entire cycle. A dishwasher that costs more than £52 a year is considered uneconomical.

Cost of money

For each individual aspect of a particular model under review, we consider whether the price reflects the quality. When we evaluate a device, we write a review. We also highlight the models that are the best for a given price. The value of money will always be decisive. It’s pretty easy for a machine to say it can run a cycle in a certain amount of time, but we keep checking to see if it does. We think all the dishwashers on our list offer value for money. But some more than others.

Feedback from customers

We take the time to filter hundreds of reviews of each dishwasher. The current owners are the best source of information on all aspects. We recommend that you view all reviews before purchasing.

Top Rated Free Standing Dishwasher Conclusion

An excellent model is the Miele G7102 SC . It has everything you could want, plus many extras, but is best suited to those whose budget is not an issue.

For those looking for a cheaper option, but still appreciate high quality, we recommend the Bosch 6 series.

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our top five list. We sincerely hope that we have provided you with the help you need to understand what is available.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Founder of homeappliancegeek.com, passionate cook and lover of Asian cuisine.

The main courses are Thai red curry, chicken saag, bibimbap and sushi.

Big cleaning maniac; used to baking after 9 years in the restaurant business.

The one device he couldn’t live without? The dishwasher is easy to use (which saves a lot of time!).

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