Development issue/problem:

I display the toast message as a result of the if declaration with the following code :

Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), Enter the Price, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show() ;

It appears as a white text on a white background, so unreadable! My question is: how can I change the colour of the toast text?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

You can make your own kind of toast according to your needs. See Making a custom toast at

Solution 2:

You can do this very easily without creating your own layout by using the standard Toast:

ToastToast = Toast.makeText(dit, resId, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);
TextView v = (TextView) toast.getView().findViewById(;
v.setTextColor(Color.RED); ;

The default presentation of the Toast view is in the Android SDK :


Solution 3:

You can make your own toast

LayoutInflater inflater = getLayoutInflater();
View layout = inflater.inflate(R.layout.toast_layout,
(ViewGroup) findViewById(

ImageView image = (ImageView) layout.findViewById(;
TextView text = (TextView) layout.findViewById(;
text.setText(Hello! This is your toast!)

Toast toast = new Toast(getApplicationContext()) ;
toast.setGravity(Gravity.CENTER_VERTICAL, 0, 0) ;
toast.setDuration(Toast.LENGTH_LONG) ;
toast.setView(layout) ; ;


Solution 4:

The easiest way to change the background colour of the toast and the background colour of the toast text:

TextView text;
toast.makeText(this, resId, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);
view = toast.getView();
text = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
view.setBackgroundResource(R.color.white); ;

Solution No 5:

You can also use SpannableString. It can also color parts of a rope.

SpannableString spanableString = new SpannableString(This is red text);
new ForegroundColorSpan(getResources().getColor(android.R.color.holo_red_light))),
Toast.makeText(this, SpannableString, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show() ;

Solution No 6:

Try the Toasty Library. It is very easy to use –

Give here a description of the image

Solution No 7:

You can try this if you don’t want to use custom libraries.

Toast=Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),This is extended toast,Toast.LENGTH_LONG);
view textview1=(TextView)view.findViewById( ;
view1.setTextColor(Color.YELLOW) ;
view.setBackgroundResource(R.color.colorPrimary) ; ;

Solution No 8:

Here is an example in Kotlin that shows how to change the background colour of the toast and the colour of the text:

val toast = Toast.makeText(context, text, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT)toast.view.background.setColorFilter(ContextCompatible.getColor(context,R.color.white), PorterDuff.Mode.SRC_IN)fall textView = toast.view.findViewById( as TextViewtextView.setTextColor(ContextCompat.getColor(context,

Good luck!

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