The all-new ASUS L210 is without a doubt a gem. The device we’re examining today, the 11.6-inch L210MA-DB01, was recently unveiled. Despite its less than optimal computing power, I couldn’t be more excited about this little laptop, as it’s full of surprises and has a lot to offer both casual users and ultraportable enthusiasts.


First of all, you may be wondering why the ASUS L210 I’m testing today costs so little. All the more so because in terms of design it has similarities with the more expensive models of the brand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a Zenbook. Far from it, in fact. The ASUS L210MA-DB01 is a rather spartan device when it comes to performance, but not so much when it comes to features. It will work well if you are aware of its limitations and don’t push it too far.

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However, its qualities go far beyond a single common user base. So I think this inexpensive ASUS model is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget, considering buying a laptop for your child to use at school, or just want a worry-free device that you can take anywhere. I will explain below.

At the time of publishing this review, ASUS has estimated the value to be between $200 and $240. It’s affordable, but how will it work in practice? I know from experience that you can’t expect much from such an aggressive laptop. However, it seems that you will get much more out of this little ASUS than you expect in return. Let’s go!


The ASUS L210MA-DB01 is equipped with a rather slow Intel Celeron N4020 processor. This processor has a base frequency of 1.1 GHz that is boosted to 2.8 GHz, a cache size of 4 megabytes and a thermal power of only 4.8 watts. All these figures mean that the N4020 is not a demanding processor, whose only advantage is that it doesn’t draw too much power from the battery.

Don’t expect too much from him. The results of the benchmarking exercise are quite weak. It works very well with lightweight programs that you use every day. For example, you can use ASUS to edit documents and stay in touch with friends on social media. Not so much for advanced photo editing or viewing 4K content on the web.

System memory

System memory is limited to 4 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. You can’t remove it further because it’s soldered to the motherboard. In today’s computer world, 4 gigabytes is not what it used to be not too long ago.

Of course, this amount will help you cope with the light work of the day. But don’t expect the ASUS L210 to take too many hits. Heavy multitasking is eliminated, as well as the brief execution of other programs that take up a lot of memory, such as B. Photoshop.

Memory location

The ASUS L210 also has a limited amount of memory. To be exact, with 64 gigabytes on a single eMMC USB flash drive. Despite high boot times and low latency, this is not a solid-state hard drive. However, given that ASUS doesn’t have many options in terms of other hardware choices, I’d say this drive is pretty good for overall performance.

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If you need more storage space (which you probably will), you can simply increase it. This laptop has a micro SD card slot. They’re relatively inexpensive these days, so I’d recommend buying a 128 or 256 gigabyte micro SD so you can permanently plug that into your laptop and use it as a drive for all your files, while using your own drive only for the operating system.

Screen and graphic design

As expected, the screen quality is mediocre compared to more expensive laptops. But I would only judge the device in a broader context. So, considering the price, the ASUS L210 offers about the same as other similar models. It has an 11.6-inch LED screen and HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels). That’s all you need, especially considering the small size of the screen. The viewing angles are not very good, and the colors are not very good either. But for office use and daily tasks, you don’t really need a big screen.

The graphics capabilities of this model are somewhat ridiculous. Forget about rendering, video editing or games. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 processor in the ASUS is one of the weakest. He will break through, but he will not break through if you do not know his boundaries. 4K content, for example, is not possible. This also applies to games, as even light titles struggle with the CPU-RAM-GPU-L210 combination. Moreover, you will be able to use this laptop for email, documents, chatting, social networking and other such tasks.

Interface and network

There are a number of interface options, and they work well for most users. More importantly, it has three types of USB ports that are perfect for the different devices you want to connect. Here you will find all I/O options:

  • 1 x USB 3.2 type C port
  • 1 x USB 3.2 port type A
  • 1 x USB 2.0 port type A
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 audio combo jack
  • 1 Micro SD card reader

The networking options are not that broad. Sure, wireless is a given, but the ASUS L210MA is not equipped with the latest technology. It’s not really a hindrance, because you don’t really need the bandwidth and improved latency of the latest Wi-Fi technology. This makes it easy for ASUS to manage video calls, as well as online HD content, music streaming services and more. Here are your network options:

  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • Bluetooth

ASUS L210MA Main features

As I mentioned at the beginning of this study, the ASUS L210MA-DB01 is surprisingly well equipped for its price. For $200 (price available at the time of this review), you get a laptop with a surprisingly well-made, backlit keyboard, you can rotate the screen completely flat with 180-degree hinges and share your work with others, take advantage of the manufacturer’s innovative numeric keypad feature that turns the laptop’s touchpad into a fully functional touchscreen numeric keypad for easy number and data entry.

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Additionally, the fanless design makes the ASUS L210MA a completely silent notebook. It comes standard with Windows 10S, which is a lighter version of Windows 10. Upgrading to a full version of Windows is free and desirable because in Option S you can only use the software available in the Microsoft Store.

Portability and battery life

Finally, we come to the area where the ASUS L210MA-DB0 really excels. This notebook is an insider tip for users who like to take their work with them wherever they go and strike a balance between performance, portability and price to meet their needs. The ASUS weighs only 2.3 pounds. In addition, due to its small size, it is recommended as a companion for long distances. It fits into any backpack or handbag without weighing you down.

Plus, the dual-cell 38-watt Li-Polymer battery powers your laptop for 12 hours before you need an outlet. You can get about 10 hours with one charge, which is a great benefit in itself.

Thus, the ASUS L210MA combines high portability and long battery life with low overall performance. If your daily tasks and work mainly consist of sending emails, reading and editing documents, making video calls, and more, then this small laptop is an ideal economical choice for your needs.


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In the end, I think the 11-inch ASUS L210 laptop is the best buy for many, many casual users. Normally we don’t need that much computing power for most of our tasks. Communicating effectively with others isn’t necessarily a task for a $1,500 ultrabook. You can achieve the same results with a more budget-friendly option. And ASUS offers the best value for money for such a device currently on the market. It’s really cheap, offers great features only found on laptops in the higher price brackets, but not all of them (see Acer Aspire 5), and has considerable processing power to get you through the day with a fully functional operating system and all the flexibility you need.


Graphics and display


Interface and network


Portability and battery life


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