If you have forgotten your Android pattern or PIN and can’t restore it, download Android Multi Tools v1.02b to restore or erase your Android. I think this is the best image/password remover that works very well.

Dear friends, I think you all know that there are billions of users of Android devices in the world. Most Android users protect their Android devices with Template of Contact. Currently, some Android users use facial recognition as a security method. This article mainly helps people who fake their pattern/password. Download Android Multi Tools to remove the pattern/password from your Android device if you forgot it.

  • Message: My suggestion to all my users, try to keep a daily backup of your Android, only then you will not lose important data in such situations. Read every step, because if you do something wrong, you will lose all the data on your Android device.

Ever forget the lock or pattern on your Android device? If this is the case, you will need to reboot the Android device, which will result in a complete loss of data, or contact your Android service provider to change the lock/pattern. But after reading this article, you will be able to solve this problem yourself. If you have no hope and your only choice is to reset your Android phone, Android Multi Tool for PC is the solution to your problem.

Download Android Multi Tools (PC: https://www.jihosoft.com)

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What is Android Multi Tools?

Android Multi Tools is a software that can remove the pattern/password from your Android device if you forgot it. In fact, the Android Multi Tool does the job from a PC/laptop. Although it is a template-based unlocker, this Android multi-tool offers a lot of features. For example, you can. B. Reset your Android device with one click from your Windows PC/laptop, and you can erase all data with the Android multi tool. The name itself describes this tool, which can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Message: Android Multitool facilitates the decompilation / recompilation of software + can documents. You can even subscribe to your apk by simply clicking the button.

In most cases, Android Multi Tool will help you reset the PIN / Password / Template lock of your Android phone. You can also reset your forgotten Gmail ID and check the status of your Android devices. Moreover, Android Multi Tool does a lot of interesting things that you wouldn’t expect from this tool at all. You can do all the above with a single click from your Windows PC/laptop.

Interim requirements:

  • Android Multi Tools software.
  • Windows Vista, Windows 10/8.1/8/7.
  • USB cable to connect the Android device to a Windows PC/laptop.
  • The basic requirement for this software to work is that the ADB and Fastboot drivers are installed on your laptop or desktop computer.
  • You will need some disk space on your Windows PC/laptop to load this software.
  • An active internet connection is required to download Android Multi Tools.

About Android Multi-Tool :


Name: Android multi-tools
Compatibility : Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Windows Vista
Price : Free
Developer: Third-party developer
Download : More than 90,000
Category: Software/tools
Version: v1.02b
Date updated : June 14, 2019

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b on Windows PC/Laptop :

In this article, I will give you the direct link to download Android Multi Tools on Windows computer or PC/Laptop. After downloading and installing Android Multi Tool on Windows, you can easily unlock or remove the PIN/Password from your Android device if you forgot it. With the Multi-Tool, you can unlock your machine with a few clicks.

Download link 1

Download link 2

Before you go any further, learn how to use Android Multi Tools to remove the lock from your Android device if you forgot it. Let me introduce you to some interesting features of this app that will let you know if you should download Android Multi Tool or not. I can confidently say that after reading the features, you will feel that you are downloading one of the best password unlocker for Android devices.

Tools available in Android Multi Tools:

  •  Information about hardware and software.
  • Restart the device.
  • It also includes a reset option for gesture and face lock.
  • Data can be deleted with tools.
  • You can use these tools to reset your Gmail account.
  • Face and pen lock, etc.

These are the tools that are considered as part of Android Multi Tools, which are the best tools and help our devices to stay filled in any situation.

Android Multi-Tool Features:

The best feature I can say with all my heart is that you can unlock any Android device if you forgot the pattern/password/IN lock. All you need is a PC/laptop.

Android Multi Tools Preview (PC: https://www.viralhax.com)

  1. Check the unit: You can check the status of your Android device with Android Multi Tool.
  2. Reset the faceplate/spindle lock: You can rely on your Android device’s face lock or PIN if you forget it.
  3. Quickly reset the face/ teeth lock: You can reset your Android device’s face or gesture lock if you forget.
  4. Reset Gmail: If you forgot your Gmail account username and password, you can reset your Gmail and Google account with this Android multiservice.
  5. Delete data : You can delete all Android data with one click. This function deletes all your data and you have to start over.
  6. Reset: This feature allows you to restart your Android device in normal mode without pressing the power button.
  7. Check the device in quick start mode: In fact, you need to install the fastboot driver to connect your Android device in fastboot mode. This means that you can check the connection status of your device in quick start mode.
  8. Clear the data cache in quick start mode: You can clear all data and cache in fastboot mode.
  9. Exit the Quick Start mode: You can exit quick start mode with a single click and restart your Android device.
  10. Go to the command line: This function allows you to exit Multi Tools and return to the normal command line.
  11. Information about the software : You can check your Android software information on your PC/laptop.
  12. Device Information : You can also check the Android hardware information on your PC/laptop.

To use Android Multi Tools on a Windows PC/Laptop:

  • Message: Android Multi Tools requires the Android SDK to work properly. Before you can download and install Android Multi Tools, you need to download the Android SDK. Click on the link below to download the Android SDK.


>> Step 1) After downloading the Android SDK, install the Android SDK carefully.

>> Step 2) After installing Android SDK, download Android Multi Tools on Windows PC/Laptop from the above links.

>> Step 3) Now you need to enable USB debugging on your Android device to enable the process without popup errors. Follow the steps below to enable USB debugging.

Settings >> Allow USB debugging >> Click OK. >> enable USB debugging.

>> Step 4) After enabling USB debugging, connect the Android devices to the Windows PC/laptop with a high-speed USB cable.

>> Step 5) Now check whether your Android device is connected to the PC/laptop or not by checking the device status on the computer icon.

>> Step 6) Here you have extracted the Android Multi Tools zip file that you have recently downloaded to your Windows computer.

>> Step 7) Now go to Unzipped Files, click on the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file and run it as administrator.

Click-on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file

>> Step 8) If you run this Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file as administrator, you will get a terminal popup that has another option that looks like the image below.

Android Multi Tools Preview

  • Message: Be careful when selecting options, selecting the wrong option may result in data loss. If you z. For example, if you dial 5 or 8, all your cell phone data will be erased.

What you need to know to use the Android multi-tool

As I said before, if you use Android Multi Tools, you need to know everything about this desktop device. Let’s read on to learn more about Android Multi Tools.

In fact, when you install Android Multi-Tool on your Windows PC/laptop, you get a terminal popup window as described above.

  • If you enter 1, you can check the status of your Android device.
  • If you have entry 2, you can reset the face/PIN lock on your Android device from a PC/laptop in case you forget.
  • If you enter 3, you can reset your Android device’s face/gesture lock from a PC/laptop in case you forget.
  • If you have Enter 4, you can reset Gmail and your Google account if you forget. In most cases, people accidentally enter a Gmail ID and lose it.
  • If you enter 5, you can erase the data from your Android device from your PC/laptop with one click. When you enter this option, make sure you have backed up your Android device.
  • If you have entered the 6 key, you can restart your Android device with the Windows computer without pressing the key on the Android device.
  • If you enter 7, you can check your device in quick start mode, which means you can check the status of your Android device in quick start mode.
  • If you have Enter 8, you can clear the data cache/cache in the quick start mode of your PC/laptop with one click.
  • If you enter 9, you can exit your PC/laptop’s quick start mode with one click.
  • If you enter 0, you can go to the command line.
  • If you enter S, you can check your Android software information such as EMI number and USSD number from your PC/laptop.
  • Once you enter H, you can check the hardware information of your Android device.
  • If you enter R, you can report/contact them directly.
  • If you have the D input, you can directly perform a driver download.
  • If you type E, you can get help from them.
  • If you have Enter O, you can make a donation directly to the developer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Do I have to pay to download Android Multi Tools?

Answer: No, Android Multi Tools is free software that you don’t have to pay a cent for.

Question 2) Is it safe to use this application to remove the lock?

Answer: It is 100% safe and over 50,000 people have given this app a positive review.

Q3) Can I reboot my Android device?

Answer: Yes, with this tool you can fix most of the problems with Android devices.


I think everything I give is enough to understand everything about unlocking or deleting the pattern/PIN/password of an Android device if you forgot it. Android Multi Tools is the only software that can solve your problem when you forget to lock your device. If you have benefited from this article, please share this article with your friends and family who are also dealing with the same issues.

This article ends with how to download Android Multi Tools on Windows PC/Laptop to remove/unlock password/pattern/personal code from an Android device. If you are having trouble reading this article, please let me know what your question is. I will do my best to give you the best solution for your request. Don’t forget to follow all the steps I described above with Android Multi Tools.

Thank you for choosing OM Geeky. For more information, visit omgeeky.com.

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