The latest versions of Magisk 21.3 and Magisk Manager 8.0.6 are now available for Android users. Magisk 21.3 comes with a number of bug fixes, including bootloop. As usual, developer John Wu announced the release on Twitter. Both versions mainly fix bugs and include some new features. Here you can download Magisk 21.3 and Magisk Manager 8.0.6 APK.

Download Magisk 21.3

Magisk is the best and only useful tool to search Android phones. In recent years, it has received many updates that have greatly improved its performance. The Magisk Manager is also an important part of the tool, as it takes over part of the graphical interface. This means that you can control certain functions of Magisk through the Magisk Manager.

New update : Magisk v21.3, as well as Magisk Manager v8.0.6, directly into the Stable channel!

This release adds a workaround for a bug in the Linux F2FS kernel that was causing widespread bootloops on many devices.

– John Wu (@topjohnwu) January 16, 2021

If you also have an Android router phone, the latest version of Magisk 21.3 may be useful. Thanks to developer John Wu (@topjohnwu) for regular updates. The last update to Magisk Manager was released about two weeks ago with some improvements to the user interface. However, no change log is available yet for the new Magisk Manager build. You can check out the Magisk 21.3 changelog below.

Magisk 21.3 Blog amendment

  • Avoid mounting user data from f2fs, as this can cause the kernel to crash. That should solve a lot of problems.
  • MagiskBoot] Fixed small bug with the headers checksum for DHTB and ASUS formats of block copies.
  • MagiskHide] Hides isolated processes when the mount namespace is partitioned.

Magisk is the only tool that can save old Android phones because it allows users to customize their phones. Users can also try the latest version of Android as GSI.

Download Magisk v21.3

The latest version of Magisk 21.3 brings some changes and improvements. According to its changelog, the latest version should solve the bootloop problem. So if you had a bootloop problem, you can try the latest version of Magisk v21.3. Another change in Magisk is the Magisk Hide feature. If you want to update Magisk on your phone, you can download the Magisk v21.3 zip file from the link below.

Download Magisk Manager v8.0.6

In addition to Magisk, the Magisk manager has also received an update with some new improvements. Magisk Manager v8.0.6 should improve performance along with the latest Magisk support. If you want to download the latest version from the Android phone, you can do so from the link below. You can also download directly if you already have an older version installed on your phone.

If you already have Magisk installed, simply install it. However, if you are new to the rooting process, you can use the custom recovery to install Magisk zip on your phone and then install Magisk Manager. You can also follow our guide on how to install Magisk and Root on any Android phone.

So here it is, a guide to the latest versions of Magisk 21.3 and Magisk Manager 8.0.6. Test the new updates of Magisk and Magisk Manager and share your experiences. And if you have any questions, let us know in the Comments section below.

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