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By default, no Git repository is assigned to a remote repository. If you try to move changes to a remote repository without first specifying the location, you get a fatal error:. is not a Git repository.

This guide explains why this error occurs and what it means. We are going to look at an example of this error so that you can understand how to correct it.

fatal: the origin doesn’t look like a Git
repository The git init command creates a new Git repository. This command initializes the directory only as a Git repository. The repository is not linked to a remote repository.

Unlike the Git clone command, it links a local repository to an external repository. That’s because Git knows where the project code comes from and guesses where you move the commands based on the cloned location.

Deadly: The Git repository error occurs when you set up a new repository and try to commit code without telling Git where to commit it.

Add origin

If the origin (pointing to the fork) is missing, some checks may not function properly. In this step we add the origin manually. Do it. Do it:

  • Press Command + Space at the same time.
  • Type the terminal and press the Enter key.
  • Type the next command and press the Enter key.
  • Git Far -v
  • Make sure the remote control is listed with its original name.
  • Otherwise, it means your background is missing.
  • Add a source with the following command
  • Git external source url add / in / your / fork
  • Make sure the problem persists.

January 2021 updated:

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Interchangeable urn

If you enter the URL incorrectly, some functions of the application may not work properly. So we switch ballot boxes. That’s why:

  • Press Command + Space at the same time.
  • Type the terminal and press the Enter key.
  • To change the url, use the following command
  • git remote source set-url ssh: //[email protected]/username/newRepoName.git
  • Make sure the problem persists.

Remote memory name

If I use git to submit a push code, I get a fatal result: Wrong. Origin not similar to git…. repository

  • $ git push -u original master
  • is fatal: The source doesn’t look like a Git-Repository.
  • Seriously: Reading from the remote repository is not possible.

Since the source of the storage name does not exist remotely, you can use the following working methods to display the name and path of the remote storage, delete the incorrect name of the remote storage and add a new remote storage.

Remote control – B : For detailed information about remote storage, view the name of the storage space.

Git distance to remove or sign: Deletes the source archive (if the source is written in elk, the archive with the wrong name will be deleted).

Add the address of the original Git Remote store: Re-add the address of the external memory

GTI Push Origin Master : The main memory sent to a remote memory.

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