Discord is a free voice and text chat application, that provides you with a platform to have fun with your friends and to communicate with your family and to make your community even more better. You don’t need to be a pro gamer or a business man to use it. Discord is free to download and use, and you can play any game or talk in any language.

Discord is a great free and easy to use service that allows you to use text, voice and video chat with your friends and family. There are many advantages to using Discord as compared to other chat services, which include simple file sharing, high-quality video chat, in-game voice chat, and many more cool features. However, many users have found themselves unable to get rid of Discord permanently, which is unfortunate because it is a great service that you can easily use to communicate with others.

Discord, the popular voice and video chat app for gamers, is now at 500 million users. The app has been around a few years now, but has recently seen a huge influx of new users from gamers flocking to Discord to compete in online tournaments. But, the app isn’t perfect. For one, it offers no built-in way to permanently delete an account. If you want to stop using Discord, you have to create a new account and delete your old one.. Read more about how to delete discord account immediately and let us know what you think.Hello readers, today there is a new article on our website. And in this article, we will talk about how to delete a Discord account from your device. All you have to do is read this article all the way through and follow all the steps mentioned. So let’s get started.

How to easily delete a Discord account

word-image-3620 Discord is one of the most popular chat applications and the easiest way to communicate through text, voice and video. You can also chat, network and stay in touch with your communities and friends. This platform is too popular with the players. But today, all types of creators are joining this platform and connecting with their fans and communities. There can be many reasons why you may want to permanently delete your Discord account from your devices. You may have decided that Discord is no longer the VOIP for you. You may also decide that you no longer wish to use the Discord platform. In that case, it’s a good idea to delete any data you have stored on the platform. If you really want to delete your account on the Discord platform, follow the method above and delete your Discord account. We tell you this because deleting Discord accounts is an ongoing process. So if you delete your account, you’ll never get it back. The removal process takes no more than 2 minutes. Check out the steps above and follow what we are about to tell you.

How to delete a Discord account

Similar to the Facebook application, Discord allows you to delete and deactivate your account. If you want to delete the account, you can no longer use it, but if you want to deactivate the account, take a break from this platform and whenever you want, you can come back to Discord and use the account.

Delete Discord Account

  • First you need to open the Discord application on the screen, then log in with your credentials.
  • The next step is to go to the user settings, which look like a COG icon, and then click on the My Account tab.
  • From there, you should choose to edit the account, and then the option to delete the account will appear at the bottom of the window. You have to click on the button to make your account disappear forever.


Disable Discord account on PC

  • The first step is to open the Discord application on your screen, and then log in with your correct credentials.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, go to User Settings, which looks like a COG icon, and click on the My Account tab.


  • From here, you must choose to change your account.


  • At the bottom of the window you have the option to deactivate Account (to the right of Delete Account). To deactivate a Discord account, just click on it.


Disable Discord account on your mobile phone

  • On your mobile device, you’ll need to open the Discord app on your smartphone and log in with your login credentials.
  • Once you are logged into Discord, open the list of servers. To open the server lists, click on the three white lines in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Now click on the COG icon you see next to your profile name and the user settings will open.
  • Now you need to click on Account, then click on the triple white dot in the top right corner.
  • Here you have the option to delete or deactivate the account. However, if you choose one, it will take you to a support page that describes how to proceed, similar to what you have already read here.
  • To deactivate or delete an account from your smartphone, you must send a support request. This is currently the only way for mobile users to delete or deactivate their Discord account.

Last words: This article is intended to help all users who want to know how to delete Discord accounts from their device. And in this article, we talked about how anyone can deactivate their account. If you found this article helpful, please share it with all your friends who want to know more. Thank you for reading our article to the end. The post How to permanently delete a Discord account [Complete guide] appeared first on .Discord is a popular Discord is a popular multiplayer chat application for gamers and educators. In this post, we will teach you how to delete discord account permanently. To find your Discord account email address, login on a public Discord server and click on that Discord user’s name in the channel list. If your account is not deleted yet, then the Discord username will be your email address.. Read more about what happens when you delete discord account and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my discord account immediately?

The discord application provides an excellent platform to communicate with friends and colleagues. However, unwanted distractions are bound to come up, such as microtransactions, spam bots, and even viruses. In this article, we will show you how to delete your discord account and want to keep your information safe. A Discord server is a group of people who communicate with each other through text chat using a common voice channel. It is a good place to meet new people and you can use it to organize gaming sessions, voice chats, or even a group video call. If you have been using Discord for a long time, you may have noticed that you have accumulated quite a lot of text messages. There may be some that you want to keep even after you leave the server.

How do I delete my discord account?

The Discord application for PC, Mac and Linux enables users to communicate and meet with other gamers online. The app allows users to chat in real time with others to discuss game-related issues, design strategies, and more. Discord is a great tool for gamers of all ages and interests, including students, parents, and gamers who are traveling. There are many ways to delete a Discord account, there is the manual way and we will discuss that here. The manual method will lead you to use a command in your Discord client that will delete your account permanently. But, I can guarantee that you will find it difficult and it will take you some time to complete this task. So, here is an easier and safer way to delete your Discord account.

How do I delete my 2021 discord account?

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat applications today. It competes with the likes of TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and Mumble in the free voice and text chat space. It has been free to use for a long time, and it’s a very popular choice for gamers. What makes it unique among the other chat options is that it is a client-server based application with various channels (called “server channels”) and servers that provide them. As the year 2102 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the future. While you may not have the chance to visit the year 2114, you can help shape the future of this world by deleting your discord account this week. Discord is a free and easy way to communicate with your friends and meet new people, but it also has a heavy impact on your account. By deleting your account, your friends will be able to chat with you on Discord but you will be unable to chat with them.

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