How to disable SmartScreen filter in Windows 10 – Smartscreen, when interpreted in Hindi, can be called “smart screen” and it is a Windows feature used to detect strange things that will happen in the system. It usually appears when malicious programs are started by users.

Error. Filter name is not specified specified.Disable smart screen filters in Windows 10

Disable smart screen filters in Windows 10

While there are some good elements, Smartscreen is considered to be a feature that opens up privacy a bit. So they decided to turn it off.

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Whenever a new file appears, whether it is the result of a browser download or any other file, the program immediately shares the file information with the Microsoft system and analyzes it.

Disabling the SmartScreen filter in Windows 10

This method does not make the computer vulnerable as long as the user leaves the firewall and virus protection enabled. Because this prevents the system from scanning the important files we have. Here are the procedures.

  1. Go to Control Panel => System and Security => Security and Maintenance .
  2. On the left side of the screen, click the “Change Windows SmartScreen Settings” menu. Error! Filename not specified.
  3. And to turn it off, just select Do Nothing (Disable Windows SmartScreen) and keep pressing the OK button. Error! Filename not specified.

After trying the above method, try opening the file again if it is considered potentially dangerous for your computer. I am sure the SmartScreen message will disappear and not appear again.

Don’t forget to disable it in Internet Explorer as well.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge also have a SmartScreen filter feature that prevents malicious websites from entering your computer system.

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But in fact, this is too redundant, because a modern and advanced antivirus program can prevent it from appearing. And one of the best solutions is to disable it. Take another look below.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools => Security => Disable/enable SmartScreen filter. Error: The file name is not specified.
  2. Then the dialog box appears and click the “Disable SmartScreen Filter” button again and continue with the “OK” button. Error! Filename not specified.

If the user does not know more about the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer. Read the Microsoft website. It has already explained what happens when this feature is activated.

I understand that protecting privacy is very important, but enabling SmartScreen doesn’t really interfere with anything, except that the file the user opens always fails or notifications from this feature appear, and it’s very clear that this is very annoying.

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If I decide to disable it because I don’t think I really need this feature, as long as there is an antivirus program that can destroy all kinds of new and potentially dangerous files on the computer.

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