We sometimes have to deal with calls from unknown numbers. It’s becoming commonplace these days. It is normal to encounter an unfamiliar conversation once or twice, but if you encounter it regularly and repeatedly, it becomes a big problem. Usually we have to answer this call, called Unknown Number, because we think it is important or urgent. Before taking up the challenge, no one can be sure whether or not it is spam.

But if we find it a few times as spam, we get excited, and that kind of phone call irritates us. If you receive such annoying calls from an unknown number, you must identify the calls. Even if it’s not easy to recognize, we have to move forward. In this article you will learn how to recognize an unknown phone number.

Everybody does their job or normal things. At this point, spam calls will disrupt this moment. If, for example, you are at work or dealing with clients, unfamiliar phone calls can make the situation worse. Someone may attend an important formal meeting or conference, this time unfamiliar conversations can be too disturbing for you. You cannot lock this item because the number is not displayed.

But fortunately there are ways to find out the identity of an unknown caller. You can also see the unknown number of the caller. There are a few tricks. Take a look at this article and it could serve as a guide.

How do I find an unknown number?

How do I find the unknown number of a subscriber?

1. Star 69

Some of you may have heard of the use of *69. It’s a way to find the number that called you. Star 69 will help you find the last person who called you. It’s an effective way to have hidden conversations. You can find a phone number or the exact time of the call.

When you find a number, you can simply block their number so that they can no longer call you. It’s something else if you want to call that number back and you can. But you won’t get any further information from them.

2. Star 57

Another number is *57, with *57 you can also trace an unknown call. You have to call this number and you will find the number of the last participant. Some airlines, such as Verizon and AT&T, offer this service. When this number is dialled, unknown calls are detected.

Sometimes this code only works in a certain area. If your code does not work, call your service provider and ask for a code that works in your current location. If you tell the authorities, they will find them in a special way and hand them over to the police.

In this case, some telephone companies charge *69 and *57 for calling. You have to be prepared for this situation. Some of them will offer this service for free. You can count on your service provider.

Contact your telephone company

If you call anonymously, you can contact your service provider to find out if they offer anonymous caller ID services. First you can ask them to call the tracking codes. If they cannot help you in this case, you can contact them directly to obtain a caller ID. This helps you to identify and block spammers.

Alternatively, you can tell your service company that you are worried about unfamiliar calls. They will ask you the time and date of the call, so you can easily find an unknown caller. Later you will be asked for your phone number and name if necessary. The company will contact subscribers who call you and warn them not to call you back or contact the service provider.

No phone number How do I know who called?

1. TrapCall

If your service provider does not allow you to provide a caller ID, you have another way to track an unknown caller. He will remove the mask from every phone number and every blocked number. If you do not have the No Caller ID option enabled, the caller information is visible and you can block that number so that the caller cannot call you. When they call you, they will hear an e-mail message or record that your contact number has been disconnected in this way.

With this service you can use an automatic spam-blocking system and an automatic recording system for incoming calls. This is a paid service, and you have to pay a fixed amount per month.

2. Catch call input

If you want to use this service, you must register on the official website. They will then give you some instructions on how to activate it on your phone. After the briefing, your department will be ready. Now it is no longer necessary to reject the No Caller ID option, the call is automatically forwarded to TrapCall and reveals the number and information of the caller.

This service is not available outside the United States, but works on both Android and iPhone. You can test it by testing it once.

Blocking of unwanted calls

1. For iPhone:

Nobody expects unfamiliar conversations and nobody wants to talk. For example, people with an iPhone can automatically block all unknown call types that are not in their contact list. The iPhone has features called Silence Unknown Callers. iPhone users can use it when they receive many unknown calls. To activate these functions, follow some of the steps below:

  1. First go to the phone settings, scroll down and you will see the beep and the option for locked contacts.
  2. Now there will be Unknown Caller Silence and you need to activate this option.

If you can perform these steps correctly, the caller will receive a message that the connection is being disconnected.

2. For Android

Android phones also have this function. Perform the following steps:

  1. First Android users have to open the dialer, and on the right side of the top screen you will see three vertical dots.
  2. You have to click on it and you will find the settings.
  3. If you click on it, you will see block numbers or do not disturb.
  4. Now enable anonymous call barring.
  5. To block certain numbers, press the Block Numbers button and write or add the number.

List of websites offering search services to unknown subscribers

There are several websites that can help you find the unknown number of the caller. Take a look at this:

1. TrueCaller.com

This is a free call tracing service. TrueCaller provides accurate information about unknown subscribers and helps to find the subscriber’s unknown number. It is available worldwide and you can use it on all kinds of devices such as Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Blackberry and Nokia Asha, etc.

2. White pages.com

The white pages help you obtain information such as names, addresses and a map with all the numbers. They also indicate the age of the owners of the mobile phones from which you are being called. If you want more information about the subscribers you call, you will have to pay a surcharge for this service.

3. Addresses.com

On this website you will also find information such as the name, address and location of the mobile phone number you called. For more information you will be asked to pay.

4. Who-you-all-alles.com

On this website you can get some basic information about callers. But you can’t get information about an unregistered room.

5. Spydialer.com

A spy will help you without making a phone call. There is a place where you can enter the number; if you enter the number instead, the corresponding person will be called. This way they can follow the users. You can join their site by sharing your address book or by paying a certain amount.

Thanks to the websites mentioned above, you can easily find an anonymous number and detailed information about the person who called you.

How do you become an unknown subscriber?

You can be an unknown subscriber by hiding your number. *67 is a code number. It helps you hide or disguise the caller ID information you are using. If you want to hide your subscriber number with every call, you must first dial *67 and then the desired subscriber number.

You can also hide your phone number forever. You should call your mobile or phone provider and tell them to block your mobile phone number from Caller ID forever. Once you do, you can’t change it forever. If the activation is successful, your contact number will appear on the screen when you call someone and it will be displayed as your personal number.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : How do I find the unknown number?

A : With TrapCall you can obtain information and the number of an unknown subscriber, as well as a blocked number in case you receive another call from them. You can use this application on iOS and Android devices. It shows the number of anonymous calls in real time. Once you’ve found the number, you can easily block it.

Q : How can I find out the identity of an unknown subscriber?

A : You can call *57. This will help you identify the unknown caller. It’s 57. Trace the call.

Q : How do I call back under an unknown number?

A : You can use *69, although it is normally used to block unknown subscribers. You can also use it to call back an unknown number. You must dial *69 to automatically dial back the last number you called on the landline. For mobile phones, you can dial 69 on your mobile phone to receive a call from a recently dialed private number.

Q : What’s an unknown caller?

A : An unknown number that you do not know or that is not on your list with or without a blocked Caller ID is an unknown caller.

Q : How do you know who you’re calling?

A : NumberGuru is a free service that allows you to quickly find out who you are calling from your smartphone.


All the time the unknown conversation is not disturbing or annoying. Sometimes it can be because of your private or important phone calls. If you find that it is totally unrecognizable and is constantly worrying you, and that it is harmful to you, you must act now. If you follow one of the options above, you can easily call an anonymous number and find the contact details of the person who called you.

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