How to Fix Audio Syncing Delay Issues on VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a great video and audio player. It is open source and free to use. It’s functionality and usability is second to none and has a great feature list and extensive feature set. It is a good example of an open source and free product that has a wealth of features.  However, it does have issues with audio syncing  issues when running on different operating systems.

When I first started using VLC, something seemed very wrong with the way audio syncing worked on the application. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after I started using the player extensively that I realized the problem. I’ve now learned how to fix the problem on my own, which is nice because it saves me time trying to figure out why VLC isn’t working properly.

VLC Media Player is a great tool, but the fact that it’s in beta means that it can’t always go where you need it to go when you need it to go there. There are times when you’ll want to use VLC to play back audio in your media files, but find that it takes longer to sync the audio to the video. VLC, in this instance, is simply interfering with the media player you’d like to use.

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When you’re viewing a movie or a TV program episode on your VLC Media Player, it’s annoying when the character’s lips don’t match the soundtrack. You may be able to understand what they’re saying, but their lips are moving in a different way. Also out of sync are the subtitles or closed captions. While seeing that actors no longer talk while the audio tells you otherwise may help you keep up with the video or movie, it can be a spoiler. 

Due to a variety of factors, you may encounter audio sync delays while using VLC Media Player. However, this does not imply that you must accept it. There are other methods to fix the audio and video playing errors and get your movies back in perfect sync.

How to Fix Audio & Video Delay or Sound Out of Sync Problems when Playing Movies on VLC Media Player App for Windows 10 PC or Mac Computer

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So, how can you diagnose and repair your VLC Media Player’s audio delay synchronization issue? On your Windows 10/11 PC or Mac computer, you may simply fix the VLC Media Player app sound issue.

Let’s have a look at the solutions. However, bear in mind that sound problems like these won’t go away on any streaming service platform or media player in the long run. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Solution #1: Restart VLC Media Player.

The first step in resolving the audio lag or delay issue on VLC is to fully quit and shut the VLC Media Player program. Allow at least one minute to pass. Then try relaunching it and viewing the movie again.

Solution #2: Use a combination of keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys 

The increment level of your audio may be adjusted using keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. It will assist you in manually syncing the audio to your video. While it works, you may need to exercise some patience while changing the sound and visual image increment levels.

  • Play the movie on your PC or Mac using the VLC Media Player desktop software.
  • The keys K and J must be pressed on a Windows 10 PC. Press J to raise your audio’s increment or speed. Press K to slow down your audio.
  • The keys G and F must be pressed on a Mac. To slow down, use the G key, and to speed up, press the F key.

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Adjust your Audio Synchronization Compensation Settings (solution #3).

How-to-Adjust-your-Audio-Synchronization-Compensation-Settings-on-VLC-Media-Player-for-Mac-or-PCWindows Dispatch is the source of this image.

  • On your Windows 10/11 PC or iMac/MacBook machine, open the VLC Media Player software.
  • Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Audio option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Show Settings in the bottom left corner.
  • All should be selected.
  • Look for the Audio desynchronization correction option on the right side.

Adjust the audio volume now. Set the value to negative if it is ahead of the video. Otherwise, increase audio speed by adding a positive number. It’s worth noting that the value is in milliseconds, thus a 2 second ahead is a negative 2,000 value. 

Solution #4: Change the audio track synchronization settings in VLC.

How-to-Modify-Audio-Track-Synchronization-on-VLC-Media-PlayerWindows Dispatch is the source of this image.

Editing the Audio Track Synchronization options in your VLC program is another method to alter audio synchronization.

  • Navigate to the Tools tab on the toolbar of your VLC Media Player program on Windows 10.
  • Effects and filters may be chosen.
  • Select the Synchronization option from the drop-down menu.
  • Keep an eye out for audio/video.
  • Adjust the Audio Track Synchronization on a second-by-second basis now.
  • The Window tab on a Mac computer gives you access to the Audio Track Synchronization options.

Which of the following methods helped you with the audio delay issue in the VLC Media Player app? More information may be found in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix audio/video sync problems?

If you are playing a game and the audio is out of sync, you can use the Audio Sync option in the settings menu.

How do I fix audio delay?

Audio delay is a common issue with the PSVR headset. The solution to this is to adjust your settings on your PS4 and set the audio output for Digital Out instead of Analog Out.

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