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Die meisten Spiele haben heutzutage irgendwann DLC, aber wie installiert man DLC auf Steam? The installation of the DLC on board is very simple. In this article we provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how you can do this.


If you have not heard what the DLC is, it has become a part of your life. DLC (Rechargeable Capacity) has been developed for many years, allthough under different names. Fortunately, it was so that the entire game was available and no additional downloads were required, but in the course of time a number of repaired expansion packs were revealed. Between the world of the expansion pack and the DLC world, in which we live, there was a time when cost-free updates were made!

It is a large platform, and the most important features in the app are also very easy to install the DLC. Leaders use a developed DLC as a long-term, sustainable way to earn money with older games, but this does not mean that DLC is a bad thing in general. DLC is a great opportunity for developers to add new functions to the game and to have bugs and glides in the game.

If you are in or out of DLC, there is now part of the game. Teach you how to install DLC on Steam.

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So install DLC on Steam.

Steam is a large platform with a simple DLC installation. DLC is not just for gamers, but also the best solution for developers. They can have light bugs and problems and add new functions. They can find a poor evaluation of the DLC. But you wait and try. Follow the next steps to connect the DLC and then decide whether or not it is long term.


  1. Please report to your local library.

The first important step is of course to log into your master game library. Then you must be able to develop your game with DLC. Wählen Sie das Spiel aus, die Sie hingestügen möfügen.

  1. Mehr DLC finden.

If you are now in the Steam Store, you should visit DLC in the Store at this time. Sobald created a new website, you can use the DLC to see what you can buy. Es gibt keinen speziellen Kaufprozess. It’s like a basic game.

  1. Please review the DLC that you will receive from them.

In the event of a successful war, the new DLC will be launched in the midst of the DLC. You can find it when you return to your master library. If you can’t find it, the download is still not complete. The downloading process can take some time. This depends on the size and its conclusion. A further possibility to review the charges is the features of the game.

  1. Gehen Sie zur Kasse.

Please continue to browse the DLC in your Steam Library, as you will need to continue to browse the DLC. In your Steam Library, you can click on the game with the rights of the maustaustaste and appreciate its characteristics. Then click on the DLC Registerkarte, bis das Pop-up-Fenster erscheint. There you will find the elements installed after your election.

Fehlersuche DLC-Kopplung

Steam is a solid platform form, which can beat itself, but manchmal weigh itself, to play the ball, if you use DLS on Steam. Normally, if there is a new game or DLC in your purchase and you want to play it unbedded. If you do, there are a few things you can do to help you get back on your feet.

However, you should be aware that some downloads are not automatically high loaded. Some Spiele erfordern Drittanbieter-Apps, um. B. DLC zu autorisieren: B. Games or sogar that Website des Spiels.

Some smaller gaming studios ask Steam to send you a code which you can use on the website of the game before you authorize the DLC. Please note that the DLC created by you does not cover this configuration. This is the first step on the road to failure.

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