How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 2021 laptop – Bluetooth connections are a private network between different devices that are in close proximity to each other. Bluetooth is generally used to transfer data from one device to another.

Turning Bluetooth on on a Windows 10 notebook computer

Enabling Bluetooth on a Windows 10 2021 laptop

Apart from what we normally know, Bluetooth has already penetrated other devices, be it laptops, computers, mobile phones, smartphones or other electronic accessories. This time we will discuss how to activate it on a laptop.

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It is time to move into the era where all wireless technologies become reality with Bluetooth features and technology. At this point, we will first discuss the technology of laptops that can activate Bluetooth. Here you can see how to track Bluetooth activation.

1. with the Fn key + the Bluetooth symbol

Using the Fn key + Bluetooth icons

The keyboard shortcuts on the notebook have many functions, most notably the FN key, which is used to start or stop a function with the addition of other keys. Whether it’s adjusting the volume, brightness, screenshots or turning on Bluetooth on our laptops.

Every brand of laptop usually has a built-in FN key that requires a combination of several keys, namely pressing the FN plus key F1 to F12. Some laptops are even combined with directional keys.

So where can we activate Bluetooth on our laptop with a key combination? You should pay attention to the F1 to F12 keys that have the Bluetooth symbol or sign on them, as each brand of laptop is different.

Once we find the key combination, press the key until the laptop’s Bluetooth notification lights up. Press z. B. Fn + F4 so that the system tray appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar.

2. Use the Bluetooth icon in the system tray.

The next option to enable Bluetooth on our laptop is the taskbar menu. Then just open a menu in the taskbar, which is used to send and receive files. We can also connect the laptop or computer to various Bluetooth devices that we have available.

So here are the steps to activate Bluetooth from the taskbar menu :

  • From the taskbar at the bottom of the Windows window, simply open the system tray, located in the lower right corner. Click on the icon with the up arrow to open a menu with more icons.
  • Then the Bluetooth icon appears, right click and select the desired menu.
  • Then click Add Bluetooth Device to add a new connection and View Bluetooth Device to view connected or previously connected devices.
  • If you want to send a file, click Send File, if you want to receive a file, click Receive File.

3. Under Settings, activate.

We can then enable Bluetooth from the default menu in the settings. Here we can configure Bluetooth on activation for other functions we need. Proceed as follows.

  • Press the Start Menu key or the Windows key on your keyboard, then go to the search box and type Settings or Instant Bluetooth to bring up the Bluetooth menu.

Under Settings, activate

  • Select the Devices option.
  • It will then appear as shown below. In the Bluetooth and Other Devices window, there is a button to turn off Bluetooth. We press the button to activate Bluetooth on our laptop.
  • When Bluetooth is enabled, we connect the device to which we want to send data to another device or usually know it is paired until the status is paired.
  • An example is shown in the figure above. Here is an example of connecting the I7-TWS (audio device). Just press the Connect button until the I7-TWS is connected (paired) with our laptop.

Pay attention: We can also add Bluetooth devices that can be connected to our laptop by choosing the top option, Add Bluetooth Device or Other.

4. Install Bluetooth driver

If we want to use the Bluetooth function on a laptop or computer, through an FN dongle, USB dongle or anything else, we need a driver to use it. The Windows operating system has a separate Bluetooth driver.

So, to be able to use Bluetooth, we first need to install the driver. We can install it with the CD/DVD driver with the driver update application installed. We can also search online and check if the driver matches the brand of our laptop or the same USB stick.

5. Using the Device Manager

If the Bluetooth driver is already installed on our laptop, why can’t we connect it or get it to connect yet? No worries, just enable Bluetooth, we want the Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and other laptops using the Windows operating system through the Device Manager menu.

To turn on Bluetooth on laptops and computers, go to the Device Manager and follow the steps below:

  • The first time we do this is when we press the combination key on the main menu or home screen, namely the Windows + X key, and then select the Device Manager menu.
  • After you open the Device Manager window, click the Bluetooth menu. The Bluetooth menu will then display the drop-down menu shown above.
  • Next, we select the Bluetooth device or connection we want to use by right-clicking on it. To activate it, the unit must be switched on.
  • When set to Off, this device is used to turn Bluetooth off.

Simple, huh?

6. Using BluetoothUSB Flash Drive

In general, some versions of laptops do not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, there are even laptops that do not display the icon on any of the F1 – F12 keys. If this is the state of our laptop, then we need an additional laptop tool or accessory with Bluetooth functionality, namely the Bluetooth USB dongle.

From the name it is clear that the Bluetooth USB dongle is connected to the existing USB laptop. The Bluetooth USB dongle is an accessory for your laptop and computer to activate Bluetooth that looks like a USB stick.

Other Bluetooth benefits

1. Connecting to a printer

We certainly know what a printer is, don’t we? With the rapid development of technology, printers or printing machines now have upgrades that include wireless features or wireless printers. This wireless printer is perfect for easy office printing.

To connect this printer wirelessly using the Bluetooth function. Here’s a small example: When we want to print a file, document or photo, we don’t have to transfer the data to a computer or laptop directly connected to the printer. Just connect via Bluetooth, which is located on the wireless printer. With a wireless printer, we can save cables and energy.

2. Use of a wireless mouse and keyboard

We can also use the Bluetooth connection to connect the mouse and keyboard without cables or wireless connections. Wireless mice and keyboards typically use a Bluetooth USB stick to connect to laptops and computers. In this way, the USB stick is plugged into the USB port of the laptop or desktop computer and a wireless mouse and keyboard can be used automatically.

If you are using a wireless mouse and keyboard, it is more convenient than a wired connection. In fact, we can use it freely even if it is at a great distance from our laptop or computer (depending on the power of the Bluetooth in question). And there is no longer any reason why the mouse and keyboard cables should be damaged and no longer usable.

3. Connecting to a wireless speaker or headset

Sometimes we feel disturbed or dizzy from twisting the cables in our headphones or earphones. Especially in the case of the helmet version longer than 2 meters, inadvertent or careless installation may cause the helmet to jam or pull. If the cable is too short, it is difficult to change or adjust the layout, including the speakers.

The Bluetooth Audio Device function can solve the above problems. The use of Bluetooth headsets and headphones has solved the problem of twisted wires and short cable lengths, we can now use them without having to think about it. Just as the Bluetooth speaker responds to your location.

For this reason, the Bluetooth function is very popular nowadays and supports the development of audio technology all over the world.

4. Serves as an access point

Few of us know that Bluetooth has other functions besides capturing data and connecting two devices. The other function is a modem or bridge to connect the device to the internet.

We find Bluetooth as a modem on smart devices, namely smartphones. You probably don’t know where he is yet? We open the Settings or Options menu, then we open the Connection menu, there are 3 options, USB Connection, Wifi Hotspot and Bluetooth Connection. You can turn it on or switch it from OFF to ON to use the hotspot via Bluetooth connection and then connect to the device that will receive the internet connection.

5. Connecting to the Projector

Like the devices mentioned above, a projector that can display images and videos is also equipped with wireless technology. No need to use bulky cables when preparing a presentation or showing a movie. All we have to do is activate the projector’s Bluetooth feature and connect it to our laptop or computer.

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So my friends, here is how to activate bluetooth on windows 10 and computer, this article will be useful for everyone and will give an overview and share the latest information.

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frequently asked questions

How do I enable Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Turn Bluetooth on or off – Microsoft Support

Does my Windows 10 laptop have Bluetooth technology?

Where can I find Bluetooth in Windows 10?

On your PC, select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth or Add another device > Bluetooth. Select the device and follow the additional instructions, if any, and then select Done.

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