Unless they are first-person shooter games and similar games where the combination of mouse and keyboard is unmatched, joysticks and joysticks are much more useful in a variety of games. It’s hard to find a good joystick at an affordable price, so how about a portable device? How about a smartphone or an old tablet collecting dust? Yes, with the right software you can use your phone as a joystick. Check out our three options to help you do this.

How to use your phone as a joystick

  1. HandyGamePad PRO
  2. PC remote control
  3. LEA Advanced Gamepad Input

1. HandyGamePad PRO


HandyGamePad Pro is an interesting solution that turns your Android into a great wireless gamepad. This application, like most, only works with the server application on your PC, so you will need to download and install the suggested version.

First, install the Android application from the Play Store and the server application for your PC. After installation, make sure Android and PC are on the same Wi-Fi connection and have the same IP address. The server takes care of the connection, the Android application takes care of the rest.

It features editable layouts and themes, as well as advanced key mapping. Your computer will recognize it as an Xbox controller, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue with most games. It seems that the use of the gyroscope is already on its way for all fans of racing games.

You can purchase this application by clicking on this link. You can find the PC server on the official website, here.

2. Remote control for PC


Compared to the HandyGamePad PRO, PC Remote is a free application with some additional features. In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, users can transfer the screen and camera from the PC to the smartphone and vice versa.

The application also allows file transfer with 256-bit encrypted sessions over the remote network. As for the games, it may not be as customizable as the previous application, but it should be powerful enough to allow you to play any game on your PC using your phone as a joystick or gamepad.

Follow this link to download this application. Here you can get a server for your Windows PC.

3. LEA Extended Gamepad Input


The third application we recommend is probably the most immersive with the most customization options. But it’s worth it, because setting up the application can be a bit complicated. Especially without prior knowledge. There are 6 customizable user interfaces and fully customizable controls, not only the button display, but also the appearance and colors.

It can also combine a regular joystick with your phone to adjust the scale of the axes or even add some HUD (head-up display) or game maps and make them visible on your phone/tablet’s screen.

To try this great joystick solution, follow this link. And as with the previous entries, you will need a server on a PC. You can get it here.

Here’s the list of nominations. We hope you find them useful and that you will use some of them to play your favorite games. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for quality content.

Editor’s comment : This article was first published in January 2017. We made sure it was fresh and accurate.

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