LGA 1151 (Socket H4): Ultimate Guide

What is LGA 1151?

The LGA 1151 may simply be the successor to the LGA 1150 socket (commonly known as the H-3 socket). Amount 1151 is used for the following reasons : The socket contains 1151 protruding hooks that allow you to attach wafers to your chip.

With this LGA 1150 socket, you can see that a fully integrated voltage regulator has been returned to the motherboard (from the socket). You may think that 5V is already a very low voltage. However, many modern processors operate at voltages below 1.5 quads.

The voltage plane is flat because it significantly reduces electrical power dissipation and protects the chip from corrosion because it operates at high frequencies. The LGA 1151, commonly known as the h-4 socket, can also be the socket for a processor on the motherboard and is suitable for Intel microprocessors.  Here is a complete list of Intel processors that support the LGA 1151 chipset.

You’ll find only two changes in this LGA 1151 release: the first revision made to improve Intel Skylake with Kaby Lake processors, and another change that deals exclusively with Intel Espresso Lake processors. The second edition, LGA 1151, may be shortened to LGA 1151v2 or even LGA 1151-2.

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