If you need a reliable family history search site, Ancestry is definitely one of the best, but if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t match your search, you can try sites like Pedigree, where you’ll definitely have more than 5 family history search options.

Places like a family tree – Searching family history with family tree alternatives in 2021

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your family tree on Ancestry.com and don’t want to spend another dime on the site, we highly recommend trying Ancestry’s alternatives, which use the latest technology to find the best information for you.

About Ancestry.com

If you’re trying to get in touch with your ancestors, try these great genealogy sites like Ancestors Today. These sites are perfect for building your family tree.

With billions of searchable records, Ancestry is the largest historical resource on the Internet. This is certainly one of the benefits of using Ancestry; however, it is not provided for free like some other websites. Some of the features Ancestry offers its customers are AncestryDNA testing, public genealogy and family tree discovery.

If you don’t mind paying, Pedigree can still be a great option for finding your ancestors. Ancestry offers a range of monthly subscriptions starting at $19.99. For some, it may be too much. If so, try one of these genealogy sites like Ancestry today to find your family history.

Top 5 best places to find family history

MyHeritage is one of the best sites like Ancestry for creating family trees, searching through billions of historical records, uploading and viewing photos, etc. This site was founded in 2003 and has quickly risen to the top of its genre. It has many of the same features as Ancestry, including exclusive DNA testing, voter lists, access to thousands of family trees, and more. Some of our team members have used MyHeritage in the past and have had excellent results. Another advantage of MyHeritage is that it is available on tablet, mobile and desktop, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

  • Billions of historical data
  • The DNA test of my inheritance.
  • Available on tablet, mobile and desktop computers

Family Search is another site, like Ancestry, where you can search through millions of historical documents to learn more about your family. The use of this site is completely free. However, it does not offer all the features that other sites do. Family Search is a good option for people who are just starting to look for their family. This site allows you to search publicly available family trees, search your own directory, download and view photos, or begin indexing your own files.

  • Start indexing stocks
  • Download and browse images
  • Public genealogy

MyTrees is probably one of the oldest genealogy sites like Ancestry in existence today. They were the first website to offer an online family tree and the first to develop a genealogy program for offline use. MyTrees has one of the best search features yet. With a little information and the click of a button, you can search through billions of records and get results quickly. MyTrees requires a small monthly subscription that starts at $20. If you don’t mind paying a little money, we can highly recommend this site.

  • Searching for millions of documents
  • View and download family trees
  • Sharing a tree with others

WikiTree is different from other sites like Ancestry, but it’s still a great way to start your family history research. WikiTree is a free platform made up of genealogists whose mission is to connect the human family in a unified family tree. Use of this site is free, and anyone can moderate the wiki pages. WikiTree has been growing since 2008 and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. If you are looking for a quick and free way to start researching your family history, WikiTree may be a good place to start.

  • Consists of the genealogical community
  • Cooperation to form a consecutive tree
  • Add your profile to the tree

Find My Past is a genealogy website with a subscription starting at $9.95 per month. With a Find My Past membership, you’ll have access to more than 8 billion records, exclusive records, advanced search features, family trees and more to help you find the answer to your family history. Of course, you won’t get all the features with a basic monthly subscription, but it may be a good option to start your search. If you want an easy-to-use website that can give you amazing results, try Find My Past today.

  • Monthly subscription required
  • Access to over 8 billion records
  • New weekly data

So finding your family history through genealogy sites like Ancestry should not be a problem. Do you have any favorite sites like Pedigree that seem to work? Share them with us today.

frequently asked questions

What is the best family history website?


Is there a completely free genealogy website?

FamilySearch Genealogy database site completely free. You can perform advanced searches by last name, record type and/or location to access millions of records. FamilySearch Wiki is a transitional resource that allows you to find what’s out there on a variety of family history topics, even beyond the extensive FamilySearch databases.

Are there free websites about family history?

FamilySearch is the online home of the world’s largest genealogy organization, with millions of free records to start your journey through family history.

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