Here is the most complete list of URI commands for running Windows 10 applications. By adding the Store application to Windows, Microsoft allowed applications to save a special protocol to open the application directly. This is a URI (Unique Resource Identifier). These URIs also exist for the configuration pages and allow you to access these pages directly.

You can enter the URI in the Run dialog box (Win + R) or in the command line window. After pressing the Enter key, the corresponding Store application opens. This works for integrated applications such as weather, calendar, calculator, etc. and also for many third-party applications such as Twitter or games.

Some Store and UWP applications may contain executable files, but cannot be used to run them directly. Instead, they should be output via their abbreviations or URIs.

The following table is the most complete list of URI commands for starting applications on Windows 10.

URI commands for running Windows applications 10

Annex URI control
3D Builder :
3D Viewer :
Action centre M Action Center:
Alarm clocks and watches ms hours:
Available networks m-net:
Calculator Calculator:
Calendar promising:
Camera :
Saga Candy Crush. kandikrushsodasaga:
Connecting to the place projection ms :
Cortana ms-cortana:
Cortana’s connected services ms-cortana://notebook/?ConnectedServices
Cortana personal information ms-cortana://settings/managementProfilBing
Device Detection ms-assemblies: Instruments for the detection of
Drawing board PDF Cheat sheet:
Facebook FB:
Feedback concentrator Feedback Center :
get help ms contact support :
Groove Music mswinsmusik:
Electronic mail Worldview:
Maps bingmaps:msdrive: ms-do:
Message Cat:
Microsoft Edge micro-sweetness:
Microsoft News News:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection xboxliveapp-1297287741:
Microsoft Store Mrs. Showcase:
Microsoft Store – Music microsoft music :
Microsoft Store – Movies and TV microsoft video :
Whiteboard ms-whiteboard-cmd:
Minecraft: Revision of Windows 10 a mine detector:
Mixed reality camera ms hologram:
Mixed Reality Portal ms-holographicfirstrun:
Cinema and television mswindowsvideo:
Networks m-net:
OneNote Don’t do it:
3D Color M-painting:
People ms-people:__
People – Attitudes ms-men:tuning
Photos Photos:
View project information ms-settings-displays-topologies:projection
Screenshots Screenshot :
Settings Missing facilities:
A pair of scissors and a sketch ms screenshot :
Tips ms-getstarted:
Twitter Twitter:
Weather Bingewater: Or msnuether:
Windows Mixed Reality Environments m-s master ironworker:
Windows Parental Controls Ma’am, please:
Windows Security Window protection :
Xbox Xbox:
Xbox – Friends List xxbox-friendfindfinder :
Xbox – Profile page Xbox Profile :
Xbox – Network Settings xbox-network :
Xbox – Settings xbox parameters:_
Xbox One SmartGlass the smart glass:

About msftnext.

The same list exists for the application settings pages. See the following article for reference.

ms-settings commands under Windows 10 (URI shortcuts on the settings page)

Here’s how to use such URI commands to create a shortcut in Windows 10.

Create a shortened version of an application using the URL command in Windows 10

  1. Right click on an empty spot on your desktop and select New -> Shortcut:

  1. Enter the following in the location of the item: explorer.exe URI.
  2. Replace the part with the command of the desired application for which you want to create a shortcut.

  1. Enter a name and icon for your shortcut.

Here’s how.

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Show all open programs A lesser known but similar key combination is Windows + Tab. This shortcut shows all your open requests in an enlarged view. Use the arrow keys to select the correct request.

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