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Fine timepieces: If you are a passionate watch collector, you probably know the different luxury watch brands on the market and their personalities. Each watch brand has its own style and design that reflects the ethics and philosophy of the company. One of the most famous luxury brands on the market is Montblanc.

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality writing instruments, Montblanc began in 1906 with the goal of creating products for a lifestyle that would last for generations. Over the years the company has grown from writing instruments to leather accessories and luxury watches. In this article we explain why you should consider buying a Montblanc watch.

Experienced watchmakers from Switzerland

If you’re considering buying a luxury watch, you’re probably looking for something made by the best manufacturers in the world. Switzerland is a favorite destination for many watchmakers because it not only has a centuries-old craft heritage, but also an experienced watchmaker.

And because Montblanc believes that only the best manufacturers should make their watches, it has chosen Switzerland as the location for the development of its watch collections. For years, Swiss watches were considered to be the most reliable and accurate in the world. They are known for making other luxury watches such as Rolex and Bvlgari. The country has established itself in the watch industry.

All Montblanc watches are made to perfection by experienced Swiss watchmakers. It took years to develop each design and hundreds of hours to produce each design. So you can be sure that every watch can be passed on from generation to generation.

More than a century of tradition

Luxury watches are known for their durability. More than the quality of the watch, you wanted to make sure that your watch could be passed on to your children’s children. The quality control of each watch consists of determining how long the company is on the market and how it is received by the consumer.

If there are newly founded watch companies that also do quality work, this is even more convincing when a company has been in the business for a long time. The long time a watch company has been on the market testifies to the quality of its products.

Mont Blanc has been building its heritage for over 160 years. From the 1880s onwards, this company specialized in the production of pocket watches, such as Minerva. About 20. In the 19th century Montblanc began to develop luxury watches with quality features such as single-point synchronographs with accurate timing. Since then, the company has continued to grow and is recognized in the industry.

Research in Fine Watchmaking

Following in the tradition of the Minerve region, Montblanc still produces high quality luxury watches today. Gradually, the company, which initially produced writing instruments and pocket watches, also became known for making luxury watches. Over the years 3 different collections have been created:

  • Star Legacy Collection – This collection is a tribute to Minerva’s living heritage. They have released a collection of watches reminiscent of the historic pocket watches of Minerva. B. the Calibre 19 Gold Hunter, which was originally introduced in 1927. This watch bears the emblem of Montblanc.
  • TimeWalker Collection – To celebrate its passion for running, Montblanc launched the TimeWalker Collection. It was built in the 20th century. In the 20th century, performance-oriented designs and styles were introduced into motorsport. Montblanc has ensured that this collection has as accurate a timing as possible, in line with the best target areas in motorsport.
  • 1858 Collection – Inspired by the exploration of the mountains, Montblanc launched the 1858 Collection. It is based on Minerva pocket watches and chronographs from the 1920s and 1930s, designed for military and alpinist use. It is characterized by the precision of its timing, readability and durability, designed for extreme conditions.

First manufacturer

Montblanc ensures that only the best watchmakers make their products. Since its foundation, Montblanc has remained true to its Swiss heritage in the field of quality watches. Despite the ups and downs of the economy, they still focus on the quality of their products.

Thanks to its commitment to maintaining a high level of production, Montblanc is known as one of the most innovative calibers in the watch industry, capable of exceeding a lifetime.

To date Montblanc has retained its two watch factories:

  • Montblanc in Wheeler – The Montblanc factory in Wheeler, located in the same building where Minerva was founded in 1858, is known as Montblanc’s centre of excellence for movement and innovation.
  • Montblanc in Le Locle – Known as the Montblanc Centre for Watchmaking and Quality Assurance, the store in Le Locle combines traditional watchmaking expertise with modern technology. In this house they develop the creative side of watch making, from design to prototyping and final assembly.

Detailed handwork

Montblanc’s desire to create modern writing instruments is also evident in the company’s sophisticated watch production. Over the years, they have managed to combine their values with making quality watches. They create a unique harmony of know-how and quality standards.

  • Laboratory test on Mont Blanc 500

To ensure that the end products meet the expected quality level, Montblanc carries out a laboratory test of 500 pieces. This is a rigorous testing process in which each watch is subjected to a series of tests to ensure its accuracy and perfection.

As the name suggests, the watch is subjected to 500 hours of various tests, including daily wear, checking water resistance, adjusting settings, exposure to different weather conditions, and checking certain functions. In this way, the company ensures that every Montblanc watch retains its quality before it reaches the store shelves.

Montblanc watches buy today

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