Sherlock Holmes. Byomkesh Bakshi. Pradosh Mitter. Hercules Poirot. Miss Marple.

Do the names sound familiar?

Well, despite their personality and their crime solving skills, they all have one thing in common: They’re detectives. You may be wondering what a detective is and what a detective does?

A detective is someone who solves (and prevents!) mysteries and crimes and who doesn’t believe in following the rules if it means solving a crime and catching a criminal (which doesn’t mean he always breaks the rules, he just does it when necessary).

Best Android Puzzle

Most of us like to solve riddles, don’t we?

In the past, solving puzzles meant looking for a treasure in a certain part or area or in a certain place by following certain instructions.

Other methods are crossword resolving (still preferred by some), word mixing (always preferred), anagram resolving and free decryption of encrypted messages (although the Enigma codebreakers of World War II would not have agreed at all, given the seriousness of the situation).

To answer your love for puzzle games, we offer here the 10 best puzzle games for Android



It was developed by Martin Magny and launched on the 15th. May 2016 for Nintendo Switch, Android and Nintendo 3DS, and is also available for Android and iOS devices.

In fact, the game essentially requires that a droid-like creature (let’s call it a robot in fact) is guided through 50 different levels of simulation of different real-world structures, such as buildings, elevators, sewers, etc. etc..

The robot is controlled, or can be controlled, by clicking on the exact tile where you want it. But in terms of movement, it is not very flexible, i.e. it has limits, for example, it cannot jump over a particular tile or move along a path blocked by barriers, etc.

The game is full of fun and addictive, you never get tired as the difficulty of the game increases as you progress through the levels and ensures that the player’s attention never slackens.

The cute appearance of the robot (it looks like a baby droid) also contributes to the popularity of the game.

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Room Series


Room is an honored Fireproof smartphone puzzle game franchise. In each series, four games you can spend a few pleasant hours playing the puzzle. You remember classic adventure series like Mystique and Siberia in which you could quickly immerse yourself for hours, so you were warned.

The newest game in the series is The Room: We’ve linked the old sins below, but if you want a good puzzle, the whole collection is worth a look. Each room game is a high-end game without advertising or micro-purchasing, and it’s scary enough to keep you awake.

The games are easy to download. The game is designed to give maximum satisfaction to players who like a challenge. Each level offers problematic changes that the player has to overcome. Just download the game and start the invasion.

This game will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you entertained until the end; it is a fun game and is appreciated by the players for the graphics it offers. Everything is arranged in the game and let everyone enjoy a great game session. Do you want to join the game? Download it today and enjoy.



This game was developed by the Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli and will be released on the 9th edition in 2014. Mars published.

In this puzzle game for Android, you need to push individual sheets in right directions (forward, backward, left, right) and merge them with other sheets to add them up and reach the number 2048, the reason for the name of the game.

The game starts with a slide of which the number is 2, and when one slide slides in the direction, another slide with the same number appears, and then the game starts.

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Cutting cords Series


Developed by Zepto Lab, this series of games is fun and addictive because players have to manipulate obstacles or objects so that the candy (the red, orange and yellow ball in the picture above) reaches the green blob, which is definitely a pretty cute creature.

They have to cut ropes, squeeze air-filled tubes, etc. to drop the candy in the mouth.



It’s a colorful game that will please your eyes. It is expressive and attractive. The user interface is great and the game doesn’t take up much memory. One of the best aspects of this game is that it’s simple and doesn’t drag at all. If you are bored, this is the best option you can take advantage of.

Mini Metro is an award-winning subway simulator with many puzzle elements. As the city develops, metro lines need to be built to connect different stations. It is useful to ensure that travelers arrive on time, which is often associated with more efficient redrawing.

You’ll fall in love with Mini Metro with its brilliant minimalist aesthetics, its compelling tone with the subway lines you create and the different game modes to enjoy. Probably the perfect game to have fun while you’re underground. Download this game and dive into the world of crazy travel. It is easy to download, easy to install and easy to start. If you want to be part of this colorful journey, download this game today and enjoy it.

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Where is my water


Developed by Disney and released on the 22nd. Released in September 2011, the game has been a success for players right from the start thanks to its good graphics and tactical gameplay.

Here the player has to navigate on the water to reach the crocodile, which sometimes stays there with his family. You have to go down to clear the sand tunnels so you can drive in the water.

No current


Developed by Free Flow and published on 7. June 2012, this game is also popular with people who want to use their brains while having fun.

In this game there are different dots of different colors that the player has to stretch to connect them with dots of the same color, creating a line of that color. Each level ends when all dots of all colors are connected.

There are many levels to play and choose from to keep players entertained for a long time.

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Developed by Orbital Nine Games, this game is another hit with players because of the challenging levels that require at least a basic knowledge of physics (whether you’re a professional or an art student) in order to succeed.

The difficulty level is visible from level 2, the increase in difficulty only makes the game more difficult for those who want to train their brains.

Glossary 2


Developed by MAG Interactive, this is another addictive game where players must form words by inserting the correct letter in the correct box.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, sometimes you have to think carefully before placing the letters.

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Building a bridge A


This game, developed by BoomBit Technologies, is very popular. The goal is to build a bridge and connect the parts so that a monster car can cross it. This game also uses physical applications.

NYTimes crossword puzzle

This game is designed for those who like to have a cup of coffee while they solve crosswords and puzzles. It’ll definitely remind you of a roller coaster ride. Download this puzzle game and you will never be bored again. The infinite levels keep you busy and spoil you.

The daily New York Times crossword puzzle is probably one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Thanks to this free application, you can play all games on your computer without a pen or pencil. It would be nice if you subscribed to the Times so you can use the basic puzzles every day, but the usual mini puzzles are available for free on the 5×5 board.

Each puzzle takes only a minute or two, but the way you start your day is very satisfying and rewarding. It is also possible to purchase additional puzzles via the application. Premium content is free weekly, but as the experts said, you have to subscribe to The Times to get it all. Your coffee while you wait or sit in the subway is always the best way to get a simple puzzle in the morning.

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Plumber 2


This game is similar to Where is my water, except that you have to connect the pipes here to form a complete path for the water to flow and enrich the plant.

Throw the ball


It was developed by Mangobit Technologies and is a fairly addictive game where players have to move and move blocks to move the ball from start to finish.

So here we offer you the best puzzle games for Android. We hope you like it.

All the games we’ve provided here are essentially puzzle games, but they have their own personalities. We hope that you will at least try them out in part or in full and that you will enjoy yourself.

Good game!

Full disclosure : This message may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). We only link to products that we think are useful for our target group. Financial compensation plays no role in these products.

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