Fix “Steam Corrupt Disk Write Error” Permanently on Windows

Games are the evolutionary reason for the improvement of computer technology. When it comes to games, everyone wants to get them for free or at the lowest possible price. Steam is a game platform that allows you to download and update thousands of popular games.

Correct a spelling error in the steam control system

Sometimes, when installing games or updates with Steam, there is a write error on the hard drive with Steam. If you still can’t fix the mistake, you’re in the right place. Here are the corrections and complete solutions for hard drive writing errors that occur when using Steam for games.

What is a spelling error on a steam disk?

Basically, when updating or downloading a game via the steam platform, the error that prevents the installation process is called a write error on the steam disk. The cause of the disk write error is indicated in brackets in the coupling error window.

This error usually occurs when the drive does not allow operating system files to be overwritten. At the same time, no access rights are granted, which causes an error. Follow this article to completely dissolve the steam burner.

How do I correct a spelling error of a record in a pair?

Use the methods below to easily correct the writing error of the steam disk. Make sure that you check all methods to fully solve the problem from the PC.

Hard Disk Drive Writing Error Screen

Deleting damaged files

Sometimes steam damage causes a writing error on the platform. Removing damaged log files can help reload updates and fix the error. Follow these steps to remove damaged files from the log:

  1. Go to Steam/logs/content_log
  2. Open it and scroll to the end of the log file.
  3. Look for the fail to write error, which indicates the filename and path to the problem.
  4. Now all you have to do is delete all files and download the game or updates again.

Delete zero files KB

This decision will be discussed in Microsoft’s forums.

  1. Go to C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common
  2. Delete all files of size o Kb.
  3. Now restart the computer and try the process again.

Remove disk protection from parameter.

When drives are write-protected, you are not allowed to install or delete files on the drive. In this case, a writing error occurs when you try to download or update software on your PC. The same can lead to steam transmission malfunctions.

Check the readability settings in the Steam folders. Make sure it’s not just READY marked. To verify this, the user must log in as an administrator. The error can be corrected with the command. Follow the simple steps below:

Control line for suppressing a writing error on a steam disk

  1. Execute the command line as administrator.
  2. Now enter the following commands sequentially and press the Enter key after each line. The commands are listed below and can easily be copied and pasted.
    part of disc
    disc list
    select disc # (# is the number of the disc where you get a disc error)
    disc attribute delete read-only attributes
    delete read-only attributes of the disc
  3. Exit the command line and restart the computer.
  4. Now repeat the download or update process in pairs.
  5. Check whether a write error has occurred on the disc.
  6. If the problem is still not solved, go to the next step.

Working as a director

  1. Navigate to the location where the steam file is located, i.e.
    C:/Programme Files[86]/Steam
  2. Right click on steam.exe and go to Properties.
  3. In Properties, click the Compatibility tab and make sure that the Run this program as administrator option is enabled.
  4. Click Apply and restart Steam.
  5. Verify that the error when writing to the hard disk has been corrected.

Steam disk error Troubleshooting

This method has been verified by Steam’s official aid and support service. Follow these methods to permanently repair the vaporized disk problems of your PC.

1.Reboot the computer to

Restarting the computer and restarting processes usually solves the underlying Windows problems. After restarting the computer, restart the download or update process. The write error on the disk has now been removed.

2.Emptying the lid

Another easy way is to empty the PC cache. When a user deletes the cookies and the cache from his PC, all damaged files are deleted from the system. When the steam download cache is cleared, all steam files are cleared. This method allows you to avoid spelling errors when updating a game.

  1. Open the steam panel,
  2. Go to settings,
  3. Click to download,
  4. to get a clean download cache.

3. Reinstall the latest version of STEAM.

Sometimes the cause of a write error on the disk can be an outdated version of Steam installed on your computer. He can solve temporary problems with the client and his services. Make sure you do not remove or dispose of the steam application first. By removing Steam from your PC, you can also delete all game data. The user only needs to reinstall the latest steam update in the same place. This eliminates all defects in the steam drive.

4. Steam Library Repair

The library is linked to contain information about all games and their updates. All data is stored in the same area. Sometimes some files are damaged, blocking downloads/updates in the middle, resulting in write-protection errors. These libraries need to be updated to maintain sufficient consistency in the software. The user can also use the media creation tool in Windows 10 to back up Steam.

Follow the instructions to repair the Steam Library:

  1. Go to the steam room,
  2. Select a setting option,
  3. Click to download,
  4. Go to the folder of your Steam Library and right click on it,
  5. Now click on the option Restore folder.

5. check local files for damage

Weak or old hardware, software bugs and power outages can damage game files. Make sure the files are not corrupted by following these steps.

  1. Possibility to search for games in the system library,
  2. Right-click on Properties,
  3. Go to the local files,
  4. All that is now required is to check the integrity of the games and investigate any damage.

6. Change the location where steam files are loaded

Because geotagging is used to determine the download location, updates or games may not be available for a particular location. The servers available for many locations and areas are slow and locked down by Steam or the government. That’s why the games cause an error when loading.

change the location where the password file is downloaded

The user can go to different locations to correct the steam drive error at startup. Changing the download area can significantly speed up the download process. It’s worth a try. Change the location of the servers by following these steps:

  1. On the steam control panel, click Settings,
  2. select downloads now
  3. Click on the option Download Region,
  4. Now all we have to do is change the regions and see if the problem is solved.

7. Change the location of the game folder

Normally, if write-protection errors or disc errors persist on a disc, it is advisable to change and replace the disc on which the games are installed or located. Creating a new Steam Library to install games and move your current games can solve the problem of the Windows 10 Steam disk write error.

  1. Click on the settings in the steam bar,
  2. Now open the Downloads section and click on Steam library folders,
  3. Add a new library to use.

8. Local network and hardware update

Network devices often become slow after prolonged use. Sometimes the computer also runs services such as Service-Host and Modern-Host, which makes things even more complicated. Restarting LAN connections can help solve the problem of an error when writing a steam update to disk.

9. Driver Update

All you have to do is update all system drivers, software and the Windows version. It is also an alternative that can easily fix most bugs. For Windows : Start > Search for Updates > Start search for updates. And for the MAC, the drivers cannot be updated separately; you can only update the operating system to the latest version.

10. Check the firewall settings

Many firewalls or antivirus software cause Steam to malfunction because they block certain Steam files and report them as a threat. This makes it difficult to download new games or launch existing ones. Temporarily disabling or adding exceptions in such cases can help eliminate the disk error for Steam software.

11. Searching for antivirus threat flags

Because antivirus programs scan system files thoroughly, they can eventually mark the steam as spam and cause problems with downloads and updates. If the antivirus reports the steam as a threat, it displays a write error on the disk and closes the steam dashboard. You can completely disable the antivirus program and check whether the error has stopped writing to the hard disk. Checking the password file for errors

12. Search service settings

While downloading, updating or running the game, some software may cause problems when downloading. These are mainly anti-virus software, anti-virus software, media players, etc. These services may stop or interrupt downloads on the Steam Platform and cause hard drive errors.

Fix it: Error code 03f7001

You can work with a technical support specialist to ensure that these services and programs do not get in the way. It may even be necessary to turn it off temporarily to test it.

13. Deactivation of locking system

Sometimes, when the hardware is restarted to improve the performance of the computer, there may be memory corruption or a delay in downloading update files to the PC. However, this is not the recommended setting and may still cause problems such as B. a write error on the Steam Update disc. It is recommended to disable overclocking if the user has already enabled it.

14. Control of Internet connection

Sometimes ISPs compress data online to save bandwidth. This can cause problems with steam because it slows down the download speed. Try another service provider, for example B. a personal WIFI, and restart the download process.


First of all, here are the possible reasons that can cause an error when writing with a steam disk under Windows 10 or another version. With these solutions you can quickly correct errors. If you have any suggestions, you can comment on them in the box below.

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