There is nothing more annoying than the slowness of the Internet. With websites that take forever to load and online videos that are constantly being buffered, working from home seems not only difficult, but almost impossible. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry anymore, especially after reading our tried and tested tips for increasing the speed of your internet connection.

If you’re considering switching Internet Service Provider or upgrading your Wi-Fi device, check out these tips!


  • How can I improve the speed of my internet connection?
  • View your data cap
  • Resetting the router
  • Finding a new location for the router
  • Download Advertisement blocking
  • Use an efficient browser
  • Adjust your router’s antennas
  • Disconnect unnecessary connections
  • Conclusion

Write your data in box.

One of the main causes of delays in the speed of the Internet is the limitation of data throughput. ISPs do not include data limits in their lists for obvious reasons, but they can completely ruin your online experience.

The Data Usage Limit sets a limit on your monthly data usage. If you exceed the data transfer speed limits, this may result in a reduction in the speed of Internet access.

Most people don’t know how to check for data restrictions on their internet connection. An easy way to determine this is to take a good look at your internet account. They are usually indicated in small print. If you consistently exceed the data limit, contact your provider for a plan with a higher data limit.

Router Reset

Like everything else, your router needs a break. Try restarting it every two months to update your network. You can even restart it daily if you have serious speed problems.

If you have a separate modem, restart it. This restores the connection to your Internet Service Provider.

Find a new location for the router

Walls, furniture, ceilings, electronics and other physical objects in your home can prevent Wi-Fi signals from reaching the device properly.

So if your router is in a remote corner of your house, it’s time to put it in the middle. If the signals from your wireless network cannot reach you directly, your internet speed will automatically suffer. We recommend that you place the router close to where you can access the Internet in the first place.

Ad Blocker Download

Every website and every content provider on the Internet displays advertising. You’ll see lots of GIFs, autoplay videos and photos in almost every place you visit online. Even if you don’t mind placing all these ads, you won’t be bothered by your internet connection. All these media adversely affect the speed of your internet connection, so it is best to block them.

You can download any ad-blocking plugin that will prevent the appearance of these data-eating ads, and you get a free space to enjoy smooth online browsing.

Use of an effective browser

Most people have the strange habit of keeping multiple windows and tabs open in their web browser. But did you know that all those extra tabs can slow down your internet connection? To avoid this, try to close all unnecessary windows and use a browser with a backup or restore option such as Opera, Google Chrome, etc.

Adjust the antennas on your router.

Routers are equipped with internal and external antennas. The position of the internal antennas cannot be changed, but the external antennas are generally omnidirectional and transmit signals in all directions perpendicular to them.

If your device is equipped with an external antenna, try moving it to a different position and check the effect on Internet access speed. These redevelopments are necessary for people living in high-rise buildings. For example, a horizontal antenna transmits signals vertically. For example, to extend the Wi-Fi signals throughout the house, it may be useful to place the antennas in a horizontal position.

Disconnect unnecessary connections.

If you feel that your bandwidth is not sufficient, try to prioritize your connections. Allow only those items needed to connect to the network.

It may not be possible for everyone to scan the entire network connection on connected devices. The easiest way is to change the Wi-Fi password. Then reconnect all devices by entering a new password. This is a good way to get rid of unwanted connections in your network, for example. B. Smart devices in your home that continue to use data in the background.

Bottom line

Although we really hope that these methods will solve your speed problems, your Internet services are sometimes too slow to handle your Internet usage. In this case, you should subscribe to a reliable broadband Internet package, such as B. Spectrum Packages to enjoy the best Wi-Fi speeds. Good luck!


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