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Xiaomi started his business in India with its range of smartphones and over the years has shown the best quality, from a high price to a low price for users. From the electronics it markets, from televisions to home speakers and more, Xiaomi has undoubtedly been at the forefront of the market for a decade. So IM’s smart speaker is one of those accessories you missed. If you’re looking forward to partying at home that Sunday or even spending some time alone with a song being played at home, then you know which brand to trust.

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Launched at the same time as other brands and large units, MI smart is one of those players that has been bought and has achieved over a million sales so far. The price of this product in India is about 3499 rupees and the specifications are packed. The incredible MI Smart Speaker connects to Google’s wizard, has voice navigation, well-controlled speakers you can control with your voice, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range that every music lover needs.

Intelligent speakersMI:

The smart speaker from Mi - TechMobi

However, when you compare MI smart with big brands like Amazon Echo or others, you don’t get something like what’s on the market. But when it comes to appearances, the MI spokesperson doesn’t give in. It has the right look and feel and can be used as an algorithm developed in your home. It has competed with less comparable counterparts, but from an aesthetic point of view it certainly covers all points here. You don’t have to worry about the size, as it is flexible enough to adapt to any location.

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  • Housing and battery function

The smart speaker from Mi - TechMobi

The smart speaker enclosure is made of durable plastic and has small rubber feet at the base for gripping, while the grille around the speaker is made of metal. Xiaomi says there are 10,531 sound holes in the grid; it’s an interesting piece of triviality, but it’s not remarkable. The speaker is not too solid or heavy and portable, but it must be plugged into a wall outlet to be stable; there is no built-in battery.

  • A well-aligned diet

The smart speaker from Mi - TechMobi

MI smart has a portable power adapter on the end or back of the speaker. It’s easy to connect to the power supply because you don’t have to worry about wired inputs. If there are connection sources, you can reply via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to receive audio content. On the other side, the speaker has four touch buttons. These are buttons that can be used in the Intelligent IM speaker to control, pause and stop the sound. The navigation of this amazing futuristic gadget is really amazing. Do you want to get the most out of your Wi-Fi? Then, IM’s smart speaker includes Bluetooth audio, and you can hear it even without Internet access.

  • Setting up the speaker is very easy.

Mi smart speaker Google Home App - TechMobi

Another fundamental aspect of intelligent IM speakers is that configuration is simple. You can use the Google application in the same way as Google’s custom smart speakers. You can link MI Smart Speaker to your Google Account and then use your Spotify, YouTube or even Gaana account to send or play anything you want. You will find a list of options here.

Mi Smartphone - TechMobi

The microphone has an intelligent loudspeaker with only 63.5 mm broadband driver with a rated power of 12 W and sound adjustment via dts. There are ways – discipline microphones at the top, which can constantly listen to instructions from Google Assistant. If necessary, a soft ring on top will light up so that you can understand that the microphones are off (orange) or that the speaker is hearing instructions (light blue). It is indicated that the band can display up to sixteen million colors, but it is expected that this function will be activated later by replacing the zoom.

How is MI smart performing?

You could say that this speaker is really smart, and on the other hand he gives you the perfect opportunity to hear everything you want with the powerful microphone out there. Compared to the big names in the market, such as Amazon Echo and others, the MI speaker can be a stand-alone product for many things.

With a sound power level of 12 watts thanks to the large single hard disk drive, Mi’s smart speaker is very powerful and the volume is largely comparable to that of Google household and Amazon Echo (third generation). I discovered that the sound would be simpler and less subtle than that of an Amazon Echo (third generation), with a Mi-Recorder that sounded like a loud song when played at too high a volume. A single driving force also means that the sound stage is a bit thinner.


So the verdict or the final conclusion is that this incredible speaker is the perfect way to start your day. With a decent, perfectly controllable sound, you can get this speaker for your home in the price range that everyone wants!

If you want more, MI may not be the best in the industry, but it will certainly help you in your work. Firstly, it depends on the perseverance of the speaker, but there are certainly many fundamental issues that need to be addressed. There is no doubt that there is value in buying options for everyone here.

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