American Style Fridge Freezers: A Buyer’s Guide

American freezers have become increasingly popular lately. Perhaps it’s because of the larger size of the modern home, the growing needs of the family and the wider access to American media that interest in these larger cooling models continues to grow.

There are several considerations when buying an American model versus one with split wing doors, less interior storage space and fewer useful features. Perhaps you need an on-demand water or ice dispenser, a front LED control panel, an internal camera to view the refrigerator’s contents while you’re in the supermarket, or you just need more capacity. In general, these features are mostly reserved for American freezer models with a spacious refrigerator.

These models are in high demand and certainly have their justification. We present what we consider to be the best American freezer fridge model to date, a model that costs around £1,000 at current prices.

Below we have answered some of the most pressing questions that may confuse owners with this new type of refrigeration on the UK market.

Best American Style fridge-freezer

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The recommended freezer in our budget range is the LG GSL761PZXV American style A-label freezer. It has it in it without blowing up the bank!

The design is elegant and uses stainless steel to create a stylish look. Nothing here looks cheap or plastic. There is a multi-flow air cooling system, parental controls, BioShield for germ prevention, low annual energy consumption of 479 kWh and a noise level of 39dB. The linear inverter compressor helps reduce energy consumption and provides an A+ power rating for this larger fridge/freezer.

This model does not require plumbing. By manually adding water, they become ice cubes or crushed ice, available from the dispenser on the door of the freezer.

The dimensions of the unit are 1790 mm (H) x 912 mm (W) x 738 mm (D). He weighs 124 kilos.

The refrigerator section is considerably larger than the freezer section, which is typical of these models. The refrigerator has a capacity of 405 litres, the freezer compartment has a capacity of 196 litres.

On the side of the fridge there are 4 shelves made of tempered glass, as well as the cooling zone and the humidity balance, which can be set to a lower temperature for salad lovers. There is also an LED cooling light and an air freshener. On the inside of the door is an extra storage space. Plus, Super Chill mode speeds up cooling when new items are added to keep them fresh; a great feature for people who live far from the nearest supermarket.

The freezer has 4 stars, a quick freeze, 4 shelves and 2 drawers. LED lighting and transparent containers allow for better visualization of what is stored inside. Additional storage space is located in the interior door for quick access to ice bathing suits, etc. In addition to the antifreeze function, 12 kilos of food can be frozen in one day. In addition, frozen food remains in this state for up to 10 hours in the event of a prolonged power failure (only the freezer door should not be opened).

All in all, the elegant look and many new features, combined with an attractive price, make this device our most economical choice. The 10-year warranty is also nice to have.

Check out the price on Amazon

American Style Freezers vs. French door – What’s the difference?

When it comes to refrigerators, you can choose between American-style (side-by-side) fridges and freezers with hinged doors. Both can be the same height with a reasonable width, but each has a different configuration.

Side-by-side, also known as American refrigerators

A side-by-side refrigerator is an elongated refrigerator, usually with two doors, each opening from the center to one side. When both doors are fully open, you can see all the fresh and frozen foods inside to see what’s available. Few, if any, people see the items because they are hidden under packages of frozen peas or chips.

The side-by-side design generally provides more space for fresh produce and ample space for frozen produce (although some spaces can be converted to hold more fresh produce at the proper refrigeration temperature).

This type of refrigerator is better suited for individuals or families who consume more fresh than frozen foods, but need good capacity for both.

Refrigerators with French door

Some American models have a French door instead of side doors.

They are larger, have a top section with two doors that open in both directions, revealing the entire contents of the fresh food section. But it also has a freezer bottom section that can be pulled out like a drawer (or sometimes a door that opens separately).

The most common hinged door on American refrigerators is a drawer that provides access to the freezer compartment. It’s kind of a separate freezer. It’s very hard to see everything in the drawer because the different items are sitting against each other! The result is that you spend more time hanging around to find everything.

On the other hand, there are usually wider spaces between each shelf to put a cake or something else on.

On the negative side, access to frozen foods can force you to get on your knees to find what you’re looking for. It’s great if you’re in your twenties, but less fun in middle age or older if you have serious knee problems! It’s also harder to see what you have in the refrigerator compartment, because it’s not as clear as in a side-by-side refrigerator compartment.

Size considerations kitchen and refrigerator Freezer

Carefully measure the installation space of your refrigerator. Although it will stand autonomously in the room, its height and depth should be as low as possible.

Never assume that a large American-style model will suffice. They are significantly larger than the old British fridges of yesteryear. This mirror reflects the large surface of a typical American kitchen. Although our kitchens are often renovated to make them bigger, they are still not comparable in size. So to install a new refrigerator, you need to measure it twice and check it carefully.

Door locks

The side doors open outward from the middle and extend the full length of the model. When they open, they block the image. Everything is blocked, from the sun to the people at the door.

It is also different from a small door that opens outward or a single door, which is usually not large or tall enough to serve as a visual screen.

Supply problems

American style refrigerators are only delivered to the curb or driveway. They are not delivered to the house and kitchen. This can come as a shock to owners who were expecting a refrigerator to be installed and equipped for them. That’s not how it normally works!

So you need to make sure you have sturdy straps to carry your fridge to where you want to put it.

Also pay attention to the direction of the freezer. What doors, corridors, halls and other rooms do you have to pass through to get to the kitchen? In small houses, hallways can be narrow. In other situations, the main entrance prevents the American freezer from breaching.

In such a situation, it may be necessary to remove both doors of the model in order to pass the entrance.

frequently asked questions

How much does an American fridge cost?

At the lower end of the price scale, there are American-style fridges that cost around £1,000.

You can also find recommended items for around £1,300 to £1,400.

However, there are also large refrigerators with additional features such as glass display panels, an inside refrigerator (to check the contents when you’re shopping at the supermarket), a mini-bar door, touch screens to control the refrigerator’s settings, and convertible sections (to create more refrigerator or freezer space as needed). To add these features to your model, prices can be as high as £2,500 and sometimes much more.

Finally, the price jumps significantly as the number of features increases. The same applies to pricing if the model has a large overall capacity.

What is the size of an American fridge?

American models usually have two doors that open in both directions.

Often the right hand door is larger because the compartment is larger. The left side is smaller because it is the freezing zone. The top left section of the freezer is usually reserved for ice cubes, and a section for chilled water allows you to use the water and ice dispenser built into many American refrigerators.

In terms of dimensions, the largest American-style refrigerators are 196 cm. However, the height varies from model to model and is not standardized. So don’t think the new US model will fit into the space previously occupied by the French model.

In width, this is mainly determined by the internal volume and the functions it contains. The width varies from 70 cm to 92.5 cm.

The greatest depth is about 78 cm.

Can an American-type refrigerator be installed in my home?

Dimensions vary considerably from model to model, especially in the case of American-type refrigerators. Never assume that the refrigerator you want to order will fit in your existing kitchen.

Does an American freezer need to be installed?

Some, but not all, American-made refrigerators must be connected to existing plumbing. If the unit is connected to the water supply, an additional built-in filter can help remove residual impurities from the water.

Other models have a water tank with a capacity of about 3-4 litres, which needs to be filled regularly. In this case, they are not connected to the water supply of the house. In an area where the water is hard, a model with a pumped water tank that allows the homeowner to refill purified or filtered bottled water is often preferred.

Both options can improve the taste of water from American fridge dispensers. It also avoids icy clouds. Which option you choose will depend on your local water supply, but water filtration is a good idea either way.

Moreover, these refrigerators are also connected to the electricity grid. So, just like a regular refrigerator, you need to have access to electricity.

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