If you love collecting vintage accessories, you probably already know the value of vintage makeovers. There are many reasons to buy the best vintage box, such as its connection to history, its precious design, and its remarkable and spectacular structure. Since there are many factors involved in buying vintage watches, it is also associated with a tricky business. To save yourself, you need to understand the best way to choose a vintage watch at a reasonable price that has experience in manufacturing.

Things to consider before buying a vintage watch

Not everyone is a good buyer of vintage accessories. If you are not a watchmaker, you should consider some important factors, such as quality, price, reliability, provenance, condition and depreciation, case, make and model, and water resistance, before buying a vintage watch.

Before turning to a guide to find the best vintage watches, you should know the difference between used and vintage.

What is a used watch?

Watches in second hand condition are associated in the market with used products, which provide better protection to the customer, and the expense of the product is closely related to the market value. For used products, the buyer enjoys the following guarantees and protections:

  • Authenticity of the product.
  • Functionality and good condition are duly checked.
  • Offers an after-sales guarantee.

Used watches work perfectly and are as good as they can be when wound up. In addition, this pre-owned watch comes with the original factory box, accessory kits and documentation.

What is an antique clock?

Vintage watches are at least 25 years old and show clear signs of age and use. This watch is advertised with a boat patina. Because they are quite old, reliability is the main concern; usability, its warranty and the desire to restore its performance are not considered fundamental by vintage sellers. The older the watch, the higher the value. Yet age alone does not contribute to the appreciation of a vintage watch.

Factors to be taken into account

Some of the most important factors to consider when buying the best vintage watches are the make and model, budget, condition, type, case, durability and provenance.

Make and model

There are a few watches that were made in the last century, but they may not be that relevant to you. You need to find the right one, taking into account the brand of your choice. The most popular and notable brands for vintage watches are Omega, Casio, Timex and Rolex. These are the best watchmakers who have developed the vintage watches in the industry.

After you have chosen a brand, you need to know which model suits you best and what features you want in your vintage watch. The main characteristics of vintage watches are significant and can usually be found in the specifications, including a specific reference number, the presence or absence of certain content on the dial, the age of creation, the intended use, etc. This is why two different models of the same brand can have uncontrollable differences in cost. Look closely and you will find one or two inconspicuous details that vary from model to model.


Prior to the 1920s, vintage watches were more popular as pocket watches than wristwatches. The trend has changed, as has the material of the body.

An antique pocket watch: Most were made of silver and other zinc-containing alloys. Zinc-containing alloys are incompatible with the skin and may cause rashes, staining and skin irritation on continued contact.

A vintage wristwatch: They have a chrome-plated and gold-plated housing. These watches are not popular with modern purists because of the electroplating. With galvanisation, the metal coating fades over time and through use.


A perfectly designed watch is a work of art. Look for well-designed models with lots of demand, so your new watch doesn’t freeze as soon as you put it on your wrist. The quality improvements are both accurate and incredibly attractive. Also look at the brand logo on the dial, crown and development to confirm you have a premium watch in your hands.


The quality of most vintage watches is somehow very difficult, but this adds to their value. Some watches have a perpetual calendar with date, months and days. Not only that, but the year and phase of the moon, i.e. the leap year, are also displayed.

When buying vintage accessories, go for something that is unique in quality and doesn’t have passe-partouts. In the ancient world patina gave clues about the appearance of an object. So the more grounded the character is in reality, the higher the quality.

If you don’t know how to recognize the purity of old accessories, consult an orthotist or go to a trusted dealer.


The value of an antique watch can be analyzed by its condition. Some people have their watches restored, others prefer them in their original condition, scratches, dents and all. Some people like to collect and keep watches, and for them the best option is a safe place (a watch that has spent most of its life in a safe and has not been worn by anyone).

Some models, especially those from the 1950s and earlier, have dials made with inferior paint. As a result, they take a long time to erode and stain. However, if this interaction occurs consistently, it can produce a clock estimate even if it is not optimal.


The most important aspect of buying a vintage watch is the dial. The dials of some watches do not age earlier because metal, porcelain or enamel was used in their manufacture. Since these materials are durable, the dial will not fade easily.

A few years ago it was really fundamental to drop these old dials and reprint them with current advances, with from time to time innovative formats that did not take into account the philology of the first timepieces.

Anyway, instead of buying a one-off watch with a blurry and distorted dial, it’s better to have a decent reissue made by someone who uses the blueprint of the first watch to make it wearable and charming again.

Water and its impact

Water and metal have a deep connection because they go together very well. If you buy a watch that has been worn several times but still functions, check the inside of the case, it may be rusted. There is almost no rust with vintage accessories.


If you are looking for a vintage piece to invest in, go for Casio and Rolex. Vintage watches from these brands are worth their price, and making a small point of difference can turn your $5,000 investment into $50,000. So spend your money wisely.

Should you buy a cheaper vintage watch?

The whole motivation behind buying a vintage watch should be your personal satisfaction, and your main concern should be your budget. So choose the watch that makes you happy and meets your preferences, as long as it has all the necessary features you are looking for.



This clock is truly unique, as many people like to collect old and unique items. There are people who love to collect watches, and their interest leads them to infect each other. The facts confirm that there are not many vintage watches available at the moment and their stock is almost exhausted. If you invest resources in a vintage watch, its monetary value will just increase in a short time and it will become a treasure for you!

Perhaps what makes this watch truly precious is its connection to history. They have an underlying story that has the right to be protected, loved and exposed!

Some hours are considered collectible because the incredible character had an original responsibility. Some are valued for their function; watches have been regularly made for soldiers, astronauts, underwater pioneers, pilots, specialists, runners, sailors, and so on. While some are valued for their sincerity and influence on business. All these accounts increase their value in terms of collections.

Should I get my old watch back?

Watches are precision machines, and like all machines, they are not designed to work perfectly without maintenance. If you plan to wear your vintage watch regularly, remember to maintain and care for it regularly. If you don’t plan on using the watch occasionally, it’s not worth considering. Vintage watches with modern developments and segments are often a safer bet, as you are likely to find a large number of new and additional spare parts.


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frequently asked questions

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How to choose a vintage watch?

Consistency is the name of the game when choosing a vintage watch. A watch suitable for investment should be in its original condition. So be careful if you see any irregularities that indicate it is tinned. Your watch from ten years ago must look old.

Which vintage watches are worth money?

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