Best BlueHost Alternatives 2021 [Trusted & Super Fast]

In this article, we will discuss the best alternatives to Bluehost in 2021 and their detailed features. Bluehost is the most popular hosting service recommended by WordPress itself and has built a reputation as a reliable hosting provider.

While Bluehost is a leading hosting provider with a great control panel and user friendly interface, an excellent referral program and Bluehost is very reliable in terms of services provided. But it also has its drawbacks!

Why should you consider alternatives to Bluehost?

Bluehost has served the community in the past and has successfully met the needs of its customers, but it has a number of shortcomings that make website owners look for alternatives to BlueHost.

PRICE: Bluehost’s prices are generally higher than those of its competitors, and Bluehost does not offer a monthly billing plan, which is a major drawback. Bluehost also offers additional services that cost as much as web hosting.

TOPIC : Bluehost does not provide adequate customer service and support. Many users have reported that Bluehost’s support system is not up to par. I too have had the bitter experience of getting help from tech support.

PRESTATION: According to all the tests and surveys of different websites, Bluehost lacks speed and performance. Bluehost achieved a load time of 1.66 seconds, while its competitors achieved an average load time of 0.80 seconds.

NO E-MAIL SUPPORT: Bluehost does not offer email support to its users, which may be a disadvantage for some users, as email support systems help in resolving complex website issues that cannot be solved by phone or live chat.

No free backups: Backups aren’t free here! Yes, automatic, daily, weekly, monthly and 1-click recovery are professional features of BlueHost. If you do not pay, you risk losing data.

7 best alternatives to BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost’s basic plans have several limitations, as mentioned above, and you have no control over the backups. Here are some good alternatives to BlueHost hosting.

1. GreenGees

As the name suggests, GreenGeeks is the world’s greenest web host, perfect for beginners thanks to its super-fast and secure web servers, as well as its quality customer support and reliability. Without a doubt, GreenGeeks is one of the best alternatives to BlueHost, with great scalability and customized security policies.

Amazing features of GreenGeeks

  • Unlimited bandwidth for dramatic website acceleration.
  • Unlimited number of domains, so multiple websites can be hosted on the same hosting package.
  • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt to protect the connection between the visitor and the website.
  • Unlimited email accounts to send professional emails to maintain professionalism.
  • Free nightly backups to ensure content security.
  • Free website builder to help beginners create a website without any prior knowledge of programming.
  • Free website migration is available to all GreenGeeks customers and guarantees a seamless process.
  • GreenGeeks boasts maximum uptime and incredible speed because its servers are hosted on the latest solid state drives (SSDs), which ensure 100% security and consistent optimal performance.

What are the benefits of using GreenGeeks?

  • There are several data centers to choose from when purchasing a hosting plan.
  • Automatic daily and nightly backups to confirm your content is safe and secure.
  • The most active customer support with 24/7 customer service via chat, phone and email.
  • The support and customer service is top notch compared to their competitors as they offer 24/7 live support via live chat, phone and email.
  • Grab the maximum discount from GreenGeeks that will save you some of your hard-earned dollars.

2. Hostnoc

Hostnoc is a company based in Ontario, Canada. It is still young in the market, but it offers amazing features and has built a global customer base. This is a new web hosting service that offers all web hosting solutions, from Linux shared hosting to VPN hosting for businesses. Hostnoc promises enterprise-level security and speed, which is true to some extent.

Exciting features of Hostnoc hosting

  • Free SSL certificate to verify that the connection between the user and the website is secure.
  • The unused bandwidth can be used for any number of visitors without compromising server performance or speed.
  • 5 parkings, 25 subdomains can be hosted on a single Linux shared hosting service.
  • Hostnoc offers daily backups, free migration and a free anti-spam application called Spam Assasin to keep your site safe.
  • Hostnoc is also known for its incredibly fast responses and customer service, as it offers 24/7/365 support via chat, email and phone. Hostnoc guarantees 99.99% uptime with its SSD RAID configuration that protects against hard drive failure and protects against DDOS attacks and malware.

Why should you use Hostnoc?

  • 24/7 security monitoring that provides complete 360-degree protection for your website and its data.
  • Hostnoc allows users to customize their plans and options according to their needs.
  • Free daily automatic backups to confirm content safety.
  • A top-notch support team that quickly solves all problems and bugs related to your website.

3. Switch off

InMotion hosting is the world’s most reliable hosting provider, combined with blazing fast web server performance and speed, thanks to server caching technology and state-of-the-art solid state drives (SSDs), unmatched in server uptime and optimal performance.
With its easy installation process and one-click setup, it is a good choice for beginners and advanced users.

Excellent features of InMotion hosting

  • Free SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection between your website and your visitors.
  • Free website builder that helps beginners create their own website without coding.
  • Free SSD storage combines with server-side caching technology for blazing fast performance.
  • One-click installations, allowing you to install more than 400 applications.
  • 2 websites, 50GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth for maximum performance and reliability.
  • WordPress security to protect your client’s website from malware and DDOS.
  • InMotion Hosting also offers automatic backups and a 24/7/364 US-based support system. It also offers free domain transfer and free domain registration for all customers.

Advantages of InMotion hosting

  • The standard support system is based in the US to ensure that all customer queries and requests are resolved within minutes.
  • Maximum reliability and security because InMotion hosting works with third-party security solutions to protect against malware, viruses and DDOS.
  • InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee that applies to businesses, VPS and hosting resellers. That’s more than the competition, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Clouds

Cloudways, as the name suggests, is top notch as it offers various cloud hosting plans in partnership with top cloud providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Digital Ocean, VULTR, Linode and Google Cloud. This managed cloud hosting has earned its customer base by providing top-notch support, performance, security and reliability. Since we use this managed hosting for our blog, WPGlossy, I wrote a detailed review of Cloudways describing the great qualities of the company.

Highlights accentuate the clouds.

  • Free domain migration and transfer with professional help.
  • Free SSL certificate for advanced web security features
  • Over 60 data centers are available and can be selected when purchasing a plan to ensure maximum speed and performance in the right location.
  • Integrated WordPress and Magento caching for better performance with stack caching technology.
  • Dedicated firewalls to ensure 100% security and reliability of the website hosted on their servers.
  • Easy integration of CloudwaysCDN.
  • Cloudways was praised for its ultra-fast servers and stability.

Some of the cloud professionals

  • Free trial without providing credit card information so users can evaluate performance before choosing a plan.
  • Free automatic backups every day to prevent data loss.
  • Pay-per-use means you only have to pay for the resources you use.
  • You can host an unlimited number of websites on Cloudways, even with the most basic plan.
  • Get the maximum discount at Cloudways with our exclusive promotional code – WPGLOSSY.

5. Chem Club

Chemicloud has been in the web server business for nearly 11 years, offering customers superior speed and performance, as well as fast and convenient customer support. It has 8 different data centers around the world. Its integrity and transparency and a 99.99% uptime guarantee make it one of the best alternatives to BlueHost in 2021 and beyond. You’ll love the solid protection and instant chat response.

Check out the basic features of ChemiCloud.

  • Unlimited bandwidth for stable performance and speed, even with a large number of simultaneous visitors.
  • Unlimited email accounts to manage all location based emails freely from one place.
  • Free domain for life, Chemicloud offers its customers a free domain for which you don’t have to pay a cent as long as you have an active plan on their site.
  • Free website migration and translation to help professionals.
  • Chemicloud also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, they will give you a full refund with no questions asked. Chemicloud has also partnered with Cloudflare to provide a CDN that dramatically increases the loading speed of websites.

What are the advantages of ChemiCloud?

  • Global server locations bring your website closer to your visitors and ensure lightning fast loading times.
  • 45 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like the service, you will get your money back, no charge, no questions asked.
  • Free domain for life, as long as you have an active plan on their website.

6. A2 Accommodation

A2 Hosting has already established itself in the market by increasing speed and performance by 20 times through the use of AMD EPYC processors, the latest NVMe solid state drives (SSDs), LiteSpeed optimized servers, etc. It offers a wide range of different hosting types, from shared hosting to resale. This is lightning fast hosting with a high performance solution.

Highlights of A2 accommodation

  • Free Wild Card SSL to verify the security of the connection between the user and the site.
  • Unlimited websites and storage and 1GB of physical memory for optimal speed and performance. They use RAID-10 SSD technology to deliver great performance.
  • Cloudflare Free CDN to increase your average download speed by 200%.
  • Security measures and software to protect the website from DDoS, malware, etc. A dual-homed firewall and brute force protection also provide increased security.
  • A2 Hosting is known for its excellent customer support system, called Guru Support, and its many features.

Why should you host your website with A2 Hosting?

  • Advanced support system through professional handling of customer requests.
  • Money back guarantee anytime within 30 days with a full refund option, after which you will only be charged for the credit used and the rest will be refunded.
  • The security is optimal as it provides protection against malware, brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • 20 times the performance of competitors, using the AMD EPYC processor for maximum power and speed.

7. Hostarmada

Hostarmada is a latecomer to the market, founded in 2019, and has taken the market by storm. It has 9 different data centers that provide the fastest connectivity when you focus on a specific location. It offers all types of hosting, from shared hosting to development hosting. It is known for its industrial-grade hardware that offers lightning-fast servers and performance compared to its competitors.

Check out the best features of Hostarmada

  • Free SSL certificate to check if the connection between the visitor and the site is secure.
  • Automatic daily backups for content security.
  • 1 Click Application Installer, which allows you to install applications with a single click.
  • Web server cache is a unique feature that reduces loading speed and improves website performance.
  • SSD cloud storage for maximum performance and speed.
  • Free domain registration and transfer to help web professionals.
  • Hostarmada also offers a free drag-and-drop site builder, the best option for beginners with no previous experience. The web servers are also reliable as they are equipped with AI technology to protect the customer’s website from malware and DDoS attacks.

What are the attractive features of HostArmada?

  • The price is really cheap compared to all other BlueHost solutions.
  • 45 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services provided.
  • Fewer clients per server reduces the load on the web server and, in short, increases website performance.

What are the best alternatives to BlueHost in 2021 and beyond?

Although Bluehost offers hosting experienced server services and supports millions of websites, most of its users are looking for better alternatives to BlueHost as it has some limitations including. B.

  • Slow performance
  • Energy support
  • High quality upgrades
  • No monthly billing plans
  • No free migration
  • Paid Backups

Since BlueHost was acquired by EIG, it started receiving several complaints from users and so they are looking for better alternatives to BlueHost in 2021 to better work with a reliable hosting service.

If you ask my opinion, I would recommend GreenGeeks or ChemiCloud or HostNoc because they offer a consistent server service that allows you to handle spikes in traffic at times and play better than your competitors.

frequently asked questions

What is better than Bluehost?

Starting at $14.99, SiteGround is a better solution than Bluehost (starting at $8.99). SiteGround’s support service is more responsive, its performance (speed and uptime) is higher, and it has a broader set of features (e.g. staging area and speed optimization options). … Bluehost offers more storage space and lower prices.

Can I trust Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the oldest names in the industry and has great credibility. WordPress customers who can pay extra for access to more features and a dedicated support team of WP experts. Owners of large and small businesses. Bluehost is perfect if you have a small budget and only want shared hosting.

What is the most reliable web hosting provider?

best web hosting

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