Create Enjoyable Working Space: 3 Things To Implement

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This adage is borne out when exhausted employees show up for work. There are always days when the workload becomes too much. But that doesn’t mean the work has to be hard and exhausting. So if you want to create a comfortable workspace to take your productivity to the next level. To achieve this, enter these three elements now.

Creating a comfortable workspace: 3 things to do

According to statistics, approximately 550 million working days are lost each year due to stress at work. Moreover, sixty to eighty percent of workplace accidents are due to excessive stress and anxiety. And it’s not true that about 80% of doctor visits are due to stress.

We know that the figures are unflattering and alarming. As an employer, you would not want your employees to have to endure such a situation. In this article you will find three different methods that can be used to help everyone say goodbye to stress at work.

Anti-fatigue mats

If your employees are constantly at work, the fatigue factor can sometimes increase. It is therefore of great importance that they feel refreshed and invigorated. You can take care of that with anti-fatigue mats. As indicates, placement on concrete, marble, hardwood and other hard materials helps to soften the surface, which has a positive effect on traffic flow. They are also non-slip and made with a colorfast nylon upper.

It also reduces the pressure on your legs, feet, back and hips. By reducing the risk of sprains and injuries, employees will have more energy.

Lighting improvements

Office lighting is essential for increasing productivity. Studies show that 80% of office workers believe that good lighting helps them perform better in the office.

Natural light has been shown to improve mood, increase energy levels and generally have a positive effect on mental health. Ambient light in the workspace is of great benefit when it comes to promoting concentration and increasing productivity. In addition, blue-enhanced lamps can reduce fatigue and increase productivity. To promote rest and relaxation, it’s best to use warmer lighting to help your employees recover quickly and increase their efficiency.

Comfortable office furniture

Another important aspect to keep in mind when trying to make your office space more comfortable for your employees is quality work furniture. It’s not something you can sit on, but a way to take care of both your productivity and your health.

For example, you sit in an office chair for hours working at a desk. But if it’s not the right style, it can cause problems for the person sitting on it. The idea is to create a flexible and adjustable piece of furniture that offers sufficient legroom with a backrest of at least 50 cm. An employee who doesn’t feel comfortable will not be able to give their all.

Apart from the rest, you can also make the office space more attractive by adding quirky decor that adds the cool element of the workspace. If the floor plan allows, you can also set up a small play area where your employees can cool off with a game or just laze around for a few minutes. So we hope this article will help you think about some of these measures to make working in your office more enjoyable elsewhere.

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