If you are looking for ways to remove the password from online PDFs, you will find several methods. They are all reliable and efficient. With their help, you can unlock PDF files. Nevertheless, you need to find the most appropriate technique for you. In this article, we will learn different methods to unlock PDF files.

PDF files contain various forms of content, such as text, images, fonts, etc. These files have the extension .pdf. Adobe created this file format with two main goals in mind. First, it is compatible with all hardware, operating systems and web browsers. This ensures that you can open the file on your computer or mobile application.

Another big advantage of PDFs is that they have the same layout on all platforms. So it doesn’t matter if you see a particular PDF file on your system or on your mobile phone, the formatting is exactly the same.

A PDF file is a document file that contains valuable information. It should therefore be password protected. However, sometimes you need to remove all PDF restrictions for free.

Methods to remove the password from the online PDF

Unlocking a PDF file is fairly simple. Various techniques can be used to achieve this. Of all the methods, there are some that do not require any additional software. You can perform these methods without software. These are called manual methods.

Below are several methods you can use to remove the password from PDF files.

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service. Various documents and files can be stored there. You can also remove your password from Google Drive. Follow the steps below to unlock a PDF file.

    1. Sign in to your Gmail account and open your Google Drive.

    1. Now drag the locked PDF file to your Google Drive.

    1. You can also click on Create, and then on Download file to disk.
    2. Select the desired PDF file and click Open.
    3. After downloading a password protected file, download the same file.

  1. When the file is downloaded, the password is removed.

Adobe has created a PDF file format. It develops a basic platform for creating and opening PDF files, the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader can perform several unique operations on PDF files. One of the features of this software is to remove the password from online PDFs. Follow the instructions to decrypt the password-protected PDF file.

    1. Download Adobe Acrobat and run it as administrator.
    2. Open a password-protected PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

    1. Click the File button and select the Properties option.

    1. Now select the Security tab in the Document Properties wizard.
    2. Select the Security option from the Security method menu.

  1. Finally, download a PDF file that has no restrictions.

Another easy way to remove the password from an online PDF is to use the online password changer. If you want to know how to remove password from PDF file for free, then this is the easiest way to unlock PDF file. This way you can decipher a PDF document. Just upload the locked PDF file to any of these sites and click the button to start the decryption process. It will unlock the password of the PDF file in a short time.

Remove PDF password with third-party software

All of the above methods are manual and require no additional software. These methods are suitable for technical users, but new users cannot perform these actions. Moreover, they are not effective in all scenarios. Sometimes they do not remove the password from the online PDF file. In this case, automatic method is the most effective option for removing password from PDF files.

With this method, you can unlock the PDF file with third-party software. PDF Restriction Remover removes all passwords from locked PDF files. It is the most efficient and fastest solution for both technical and non-technical users.


PDF is a widely used file format for documents. Almost all computers and mobile applications can read this file format. You can save all your valuable information in PDF files. This makes password protection mandatory. However, sometimes you need to remove the PDF password online. In this case, you can choose one of the following two options. First, remove the PDF password using manual methods. And second, you can use third-party software to unlock the files. The last option is called the automatic method. PDF Restriction Remover is an effective software for removing passwords from PDFs. Would you like to get to know Topmost PDF ToolKit? Read on!

frequently asked questions

How do I remove password protection from a PDF file for free?

To unlock the PDF to remove the security password : Open the PDF in Acrobat. Use the release tool : Select Tools > Security > Encryption > Remove Security.

How do I open a password-protected PDF file without a password?

Right-click on the PDF file and select Print. Step three. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option and click the Print button. You can now have and open encrypted PDFs without a password.

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