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Gmail does a good job of keeping spam out of your inbox. Your security is virtually unchanged if someone sends you a malicious attachment. If something malicious gets into your inbox, an error message will be displayed during download. Usually this is done using exe files or scripts, but fortunately there is an effective workaround.

Fix Downloading Attachments is Disabled in Gmail

To do this, make sure your email client is integrated with your desktop. If not, download another email client for Gmail. Then read and follow the simple steps described in our guide below. Hopefully you’ll see the attachment Gmail refused to load. Without too much fuss we will explain in Gmail how to disable attachment downloads.

To open disabled/locked attachments in Gmail

Fix Downloading Attachments is Disabled in Gmail

  • Open the Gmail client in your browser.
  • Open the highlighted e-mail address, press the menu and select View Original.
  • Right-click on the Download Original link and select Save As from the …… menu.
  • Change the extension from .txt to .eml and save it.
  • Open a file stored in another email client
  • Right-click on the attachment and select Save. Save the archive and unpack it at the desired location.

January 2021 updated:

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Fix Downloading Attachments is Disabled in Gmail

That’s all I’m saying. By following these steps, you can access your files from any Gmail attachment.

Send e-mail to the spam folder

Fix Downloading Attachments is Disabled in Gmail

This problem can sometimes occur when you use the Move to Spam folder option to move an email from the Spam folder to your Inbox instead of using the No Spam button. This means that you have bypassed Gmail’s internal flag which marks the email as non-spam and allows the user to download the attachment. You can easily solve this problem by putting the email back in your junk mail folder and following the steps below:

  • First open the e-mail and send it again to the folder with the option Move to.
  • Mark the e-mail as Non Spam.
  • Go to your spam folder, open this email and click the It’s not spam button at the top of the page.
  • Save the changes and make sure you can view the attachments.

If you regularly receive files that are blocked by Gmail, you may want to consider another way of sharing. You can still use cloud storage services that support these file types. You cannot deactivate the blocking function in Gmail. You must either develop a different method of file sharing, or stop using the Gmail web interface and switch to a desktop client that allows you to log in to your Gmail account.

Of course, you shouldn’t download Gmail-blocked attachments unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so. Even after downloading, you should check your antivirus software before opening it.

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Fix Downloading Attachments is Disabled in Gmail

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