In recent months, we’ve become one of the favorites as more and more online players join us and memes appear on social media. This game is known for breaking friendships faster than the Uno card game.

The game was launched by Innersloth in 2018 and has become one of the most popular multiplayer games, topping the Android and iOS free game rankings in the third quarter of 2020 and was the 11th most popular game among Steam gamers.

If you have also recently joined the game or just played your first game but don’t know how to adjust the game settings or even the control and sound settings, we have covered this issue here.

Here we have explained how to change the game settings in Among Us. These include the player’s speed, visibility and goals, followed by a quick guide to changing control settings and sound in the game.

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Launch the Among Us app on your Android, iOS, Windows or Mac device and follow the steps below to change your name in the game.

Step one: On the game’s main page, choose your favorite mode – local or online. The following steps are the same for both modes.

Step two: Now click the Create Game button below the host. As mentioned above, you can only change the game settings for the lobby you are hosting.

Step three: Move your character to the laptop in the lobby and you’ll see the Use button in the bottom right corner change to Customize. You can press the computer or the Configure button to access the settings.

Step four: Click/press on the ‘Game’ tab in the ‘Settings’ pop-up window on the far right. You can now see a set of game settings that you can customize to your liking.

  • Attaching objects : You can choose whether the person being banished from the ship is an imposter or a crew member.
  • # Emergency Meetings You can limit the number of emergency meetings that each player can call during a match.
  • Emergency Cooling : It shall fix a time limit after which another emergency meeting may be convened.
  • Discussion time : This determines the duration of discussions at emergency meetings.
  • Voting time : Following the above paragraph, here is a deadline for obtaining all votes during the discussion.
  • Anonymous voices: If you don’t want to know who voted for who, you can check the box next to this option and keep your vote anonymous.

  • Speed of the player: Here you can control the speed of the game by increasing or decreasing the value.
  • Crew Vision: It defines the vision of the team members.
  • The importer’s view: This sets the stage for the vision of the impostors.
  • Death Kettle: This sets a time limit before the cheater can kill another teammate after killing one.
  • Stop firing! This determines the cheater’s ability to kill his teammates.
  • Visual Objective: You can turn this switch on or off if you want visual tasks or not. Visual tasks are a useful indication of whether someone is actually performing a task or not.
  • Taskbar Updates : The status of the assigned tasks is displayed here,

  • #Ordinary Features: The number of common tasks you want your team members to perform.
  • #LongTasks: The number of time-consuming tasks you want to assign to your team members.
  • #Subtasks: The number of short tasks you want to assign to your team members.

Using the various tabs in the same menu, you can also customize your character’s color, wear a hat, or change your appearance with a pet or a coat (both must be purchased in-game).

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To change the joystick’s controls to touch or vice versa, including the size of the on-screen controls, sound effects (SFX and music), and chat censoring, click the gear icon (Settings) in the upper right corner when in the game lobby.

The same customization option can also be found at the bottom of the home page.

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