Development issue/problem:

I don’t have much experience with Maven in combination with Android, so I followed these instructions to create a new project for Android. After making a project I get the following error message:

When I try to add a new source directory via New->Other->Java source directory with src/test/java, I get another error message :

But I don’t have the src/test/java file in the project. How do you do that? What a great way to set up a project, because I think there’s something missing from these instructions. So, what time does Maven src/test/java appear?

I use Eclipse Juno, m2e 1.1.0, Android configuration for m2e 0.4.2.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

I understand this too, because the latest update of the m2e-android plugin (version 0.4.2) happens both when you create a new project and when you import an existing project (unless you use src/test/java).

It seems that m2e-android (or maybe m2e) is now always trying to add src/test/java as the source directory in the .classpath file, whether or not it exists in your project directory :

Because it has already been added to the project metadata file, Eclipse complains that the classpathentry is already there when you try to add the source directory via Eclipse:

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There are several ways to solve this, the simplest is to manually create the src/test/java directory in the file system and then update the project by pressing F5 and running Maven -> Update Project (right click on the project, Maven -> Update Project…), this should fix the missing source directory: the ‘src/test/java’ error.

Solution 2:

We can change the java file from

  1. Construction Path -> Source.
  2. Click on the Add folder button.
  3. Select the main unit as the container.
  4. Click on the Create folder button.
  5. Enter the folder name as java.
  6. Click on Ready

I’m fine. I’m fine.

Solution 3:

First I solve the problem by creating a folder named src/test/resources, then I rename the folder to src/test/java, then I recreate the folder src/test/resources, it works.

Solution 4:

This may have been caused by the loss of the home directory.

Right click on the src folder -> Change source folder

Solution No 5:

I had the same problem, I solved it.
Create the missing folder directly in the file system (e.g. with Windows Explorer).
And then update your project under the Eclipse.

Solution No 6:

This is a bug in the Android connector for M2E (m2e-android) that has recently been repaired: 00153cd34fff1cec47fe5aeffabe44d87

This fix has been merged and will be available at the next release. In the meantime, you can test the new patch by installing it from the nearest update site:

Solution No 7:

Remove the m2 plugin from the launch plugin list and launch Maven->Update projects on all projects that worked for me.

Note** You do not need to create additional folders to prevent merging when using SVN/Git-based branches.

Solution No 8:

In the case of the Maven project

Try right-clicking on the project and then select Maven -> Update Project….. (Refreshes the project) and then Ok.

Solution No 9:

Select the project -> New -> folder (not the source folder) -> select the project again -> enter the folder name as (src/test/java) -> finished. Here’s how.

If no test source is present, it will be linked automatically. If not, you’ll have to pair it up manually.

Good luck!

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