Surprisingly, playing on PS4 sometimes leads to occasional bugs. One of the most well-known bugs is bug CE-36329-3, which PS4 users encounter when trying to launch a particular game or application.

In this article, we will look at the causes of this error and how you can fix it to get the console working again.

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There are several reasons for this error. The most common reason is a data conflict or corruption of your game/application data because the console was not closed properly.

PS4 server maintenance can also sometimes result in error CE-36329-3. Fortunately, the error is easy to fix and there are several solutions.

Here are nine solutions you can try to fix error CE-36329-3.

Restart the console

Apart from the fact that the error is caused by a simple spelling error, which you can try to correct by restarting the game, you should also try to restart the console.

Rebooting can solve some seemingly random problems on almost all devices, including this one.

Using a different PS4 account

Several people have reported that bug CE-36329-3 was fixed using a different PS4 account. However, this means that you will lose all credits and games belonging to your current account.

Therefore, we recommend that you only try this method to determine if the problem is specific to your accountant and then use the other solutions in this list to try to fix the error.

Return to original hard disk

If you have recently upgraded or replaced your console’s hard drive or SSD, you can try reinstalling the old drive to see if there is a problem with the replacement drive.

Error CE-36329-3 may be caused by your old drive’s PS4 hardware lock. Another possible cause is an incorrect installation of the system software on the new drive.

Try disconnecting the PS4camera.

If you have a PS4 camera connected to your console, facial recognition can cause this issue. Make sure you have removed the device and restarted the console before performing the following steps.

Step one: Go to PS4 settings.

Step two: Click on Connection settings.

Step three: Disable the Turn on Face Detection option.

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Updating games and consoles

Another simple solution is to check for updates to your game or console. Usually developers know when their game is experiencing problems and release a patch to fix them.

Step one: Go to your toy library and select the game you are having a problem with.

Step two: Press Options on the Dualshock controller 4. Select Check for Update from the options menu.

You can also read our detailed guide on how to upgrade your PS4.

Reinstall your games

If the update does not fix error CE-36329-3, you can try reinstalling the game or application you are having problems with completely. We recommend that you save your progress in the cloud as there may be system memory issues.

Step one: Go to PS4 settings.

Step two: Find the memory in the list.

Step three: Click on Applications.

Step four: Select the game or application you want to delete, press the Option key on the Dualshock 4 Joystick, and select Delete from the side menu.

Now restart the console and reinstall the game. The mistake should go away.

Reconstruction of the PS4 database

Since the error indicates a fault in the system software, restoring your database could possibly solve the problem.

To do this, first boot into PS4 secure mode and then choose Rebuild database.

Read our detailed guide on how to open (or close) PS4’s secure mode.

Initializing PS4

If restoring the console database does not help, perform a factory reset or initialize the console to fix PS4 error CE-36329-3.

Note that there are two ways to do this.

  • Use the console interface.
  • Use the PS4’s protected mode.

We recommend going through the console interface first and reloading the console from there, as the process is relatively simple and safe.

If this doesn’t work, you can try updating the console from safe mode with the PS4 initialization option.

Check out our detailed guide on how to reset your PS4.

Erasing the PS4 storage disk format.

If nothing else works, you’ll need to completely erase the PS4 system’s hard drive and start all over again.

For this process to be successful, you must remove the drive from the console, connect it to your PC, and format it there. This is an extreme measure, but it will certainly solve your problem.

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frequently asked questions

How can I correct the CE error code?

PS4] Error message : CE-34878-0 – 2K support

How can I correct a programming error on my PS4?

CORRECTION: PS4 System Software Update Error – Windows Report

Why does my PlayStation 4 keep reporting errors?

Check your PSN account. Some users received an error message when connecting to the PS4 because they had not verified the email address they used to configure the PS4. This problem usually occurs with users who have just purchased a slot machine. You open the lock in a hurry without checking the PSN account.

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