Procreate is a beautiful graphic editor and drawing application exclusively for iOS and iPadOS. The application features intuitive controls that mimic the natural feel of drawing or sketching on paper.

Thanks to Apple’s amazing Pencil and excellent integration with iOS devices, the app beats just about anything when it comes to digital drawing or sketching. However, since this is an Apple exclusive, users of other platforms are left to fend for themselves.

In this article, we look at the seven best alternatives to Procreate for Windows computers.

Developer: Adobe Price : 239,88 € per year

The Adobe suite of applications makes it easy to create virtually anything, no matter what platform you’re on. When it comes to digital drawings or illustrations, we think Illustrator is by far the best program you can get as an alternative to Procreate.

The software works mainly with vector graphics, which means that your drawings can easily appear as icons on the Internet or on billboards. Get access to beautiful typography and free drawing tools.


  • Easy to use user interface.
  • A typographical richness.
  • Huge library of assets.
  • Make everything.


  • Adobe subscriptions can be expensive, starting at $239.88 per year.

You can download Adobe Illustrator here.

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Developer: Autodesk. Price: Free license, at a cost of $85 per year

Another good free alternative to Procreate is Sketchbook from Autodesk. The software works incredibly well on a Windows PC in full screen mode and offers many tools. The application also supports palm rejection when drawing on a touch screen device.

Perhaps best of all, the software is completely free to use. All you have to do is create a free account and you can use the application without any restrictions. This gives Sketchbook a big advantage over Procreate, which costs $9.99, or the very expensive Adobe subscription.


  • It’s free.
  • Supports palm rejection.
  • No screen restrictions
  • Supports multiple third-party styles.


  • A very steep learning curve.
  • The tools can seem intimidating at first.

The Autodesk Sketchbook can be downloaded here.

Developer: KDE Community | Pricing : Free

Another pretty powerful alternative to reproduction. Krita is one of the best professional-level multi-platform drawing programs, allowing you to create anything from concept art to complex illustrations. It also works under Linux.

The application has recently undergone a major user interface update, which simplifies some of the highly complex and powerful tools and makes the interface a little easier for beginners.


  • Free and open source.
  • Ability to draw artistic concepts, illustrations and comics.
  • Supports bitmap graphics.
  • Diaper support.


  • A very steep learning curve.
  • The tools can seem intimidating at first.

You can download Krita here

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Developer: Corel. Price: 15 day free trial, $429 (one time payment)

Corel Painter 2021 brings a wealth of graphics and drawing tools that can be very useful if you are a professional or advanced in your digital drawing skills.

You have more than 900 different types of brushes, pattern markers, thick brushes and exclusive particles to play with. And this is just the beginning. The application is also supported by a huge library of video tutorials to get you started if you are new to designing.


  • An insane amount of tools.
  • Support for enlargement.
  • Lots of resources for beginners.


  • The learning curve is very steep.

You can download Corel Painter 2021 here

Developer: MediBang Inc. | Price: Free

If you like manga or comics, this application is for you. The software has more tools than you will probably ever use. You have over 800 shades and backgrounds, over 50 brushes and 20 font styles, among many other tools to perfectly illustrate your story.

The application provides cloud-based synchronization across platforms, so you can take your work with you anywhere. All in all, a great tool for beginners and professional creators of comics/manga.


  • Very useful for creators of comics and manga.
  • Lots of tools.
  • A huge library of video tutorials
  • Friend of the recruits.


  • Could use a lot of resources.

You can download MediBang Paint here

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Developer: Ambient Design Ltd. | Price: $79 (one time payment)

This program is not as popular as Procreate or any of the alternatives mentioned in this list, but it is by far one of the easiest digital drawing/sketching programs for beginners to understand.

You’ll always have a wide range of realistic drawing tools at your disposal, from well-designed pens to oil painting brushes, while enjoying a great user experience whether you’re a beginner or a professional. The application also allows you to fine tune all tools for more flexibility when painting.


  • Minimal user interface and operation.
  • A realistic approach to painting.
  • Easy to understand for beginners.


  • Maybe not that hard.

You can download ArtRage here

Developer: Inkscape | Price: Free

Another free alternative that you can use instead of Procreate is Inkscape. The software is used for vector drawings and provides access to professional tools such as tooltip, anchor and intelligent navigation.

You also have access to even more advanced tools, such as spiral curves, layers and color profiles, and a powerful text tool. Here you will find just about everything you need to create paintings, illustrations, logos and much more.


  • Free and open source.
  • Advanced color profiles.
  • A powerful text tool.
  • Wide compatibility of file formats.


  • A very steep learning curve.
  • Not very good for bitmap graphics.

You can download Inkscape here

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frequently asked questions

Is playback available for Windows?

For those who draw, sketch, paint or create fine art, the Procreate for iPad application has become one of those games. Designed for use with Apple tablets and pens, Procreate for PC gives artists all the benefits of working digitally by replicating the familiar experience of working with pens, pencils and ink on paper.

Is there a desktop version of reading?

Procreate is a dedicated application for the iPad (with the addition of Procreate Pocket for the iPhone). Unfortunately, you cannot use Procreate to draw on your MacBook or similar desktop/laptop computer.

What is the nearest selection request?

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