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  • Although it is no longer considered the sharpest tool in the shed, Windows 7 is still a popular choice for users around the world.
  • If you are still loyal to this version of the operating system, consider strengthening security and privacy measures.
  • A safe way to protect your privacy is to hide your IP address.
  • Our guide shows you 3 different ways to protect your privacy and hide your IP address when you are on the Internet.

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Although Windows 10 is slowly taking over, Windows 7 remains Microsoft’s most popular operating system.

And because there is no real support for Windows 7, engineers are focusing more on Windows 10 when it comes to privacy and security.

This is something we should not lose sight of, especially given the current state of online privacy, which is more threatened than ever.

The first step to protecting your privacy is to hide your IP address. This is your footprint on the Web, and you don’t want to leave it to Internet service providers or data-hungry advertising companies.

There are many other advantages to hiding your IP address, and today we will try to explain why it is important to remain anonymous and how you can do it with Windows 7.

Check out the story below and choose one of the tools to stay informed.

An intellectual property dispute in Windows? Don’t worry. Here’s how to solve the problem!

But first, let’s explain exactly why hiding an IP address is paramount and why many users neglect the importance of privacy, which is condemned in the modern state of the World Wide Web.

What is your IP address? Think of it as a numerical version of your home address. It is an integral part of networking and communication that is unique to each user. It is your personal Internet identity.

And like your ID card, your IP address contains sensitive data, such as your exact location or network data, which can be used to track the website you visit or by third parties, such as the government or hackers.

It also allows different advertisers to follow you and build your profile. With all your interests and viewing preferences. Moreover, constantly changing your IP address prevents access for those who try to access your computer remotely.

Another good reason to hide your IP address is the geographical targeting imposed by some internet service providers and websites. The site will read your IP address and not let you through because of local blocking.

It is also a sure way to get around the censorship imposed by some governments. It is a matter of answering the question “Why? Now let’s move on to the “How?” question and try to answer the question of how to hide your IP address in Windows 7.

How can I hide my IP address in Windows 7?

1. use a VPN

The popularity of virtual private network (VPN) solutions has exploded recently, especially after several whistleblower leaks informed the larger online community about data breaches.

VPNs allow you to choose your preferred server with different geo-locations, so you can remain anonymous when online.

For example, you may be sitting in your comfortable chair in Kuala Lumpur, while your IP address indicates that you are somewhere in Manhattan.

In addition, many VPN services offer additional private tools (such as military-scale encryption) and can be used on a variety of devices, both PCs and smartphones.

We’ve given our 2 cents about both paid and free VPN solutions. If you want premium protection, consider investing in a premium tool.

Install private internet access

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Our VPN is PIA, a world-class VPN that offers all these professional, privacy and security features without paying large sums of money for a subscription. It’s actually quite affordable.

Windows 7 is certainly not the newest or best operating system, but it remains a popular choice for users around the world and cyber threats don’t care much whether you use one version or the other.

The PIA VPN is perfect for the security you want on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Kape Technologies, part of PIA, uses OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSEC/L2TP and SOCKS5 (proxy) technologies. In fact, the OpenVPN industry standard provides you with the highest level of encryption through secure VPN tunnels.

Speaking of tunneling technology, PIA uses a global network of VPN tunnels powered by multiple gateways with global access and unlimited bandwidth for maximum speed.

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Access to private internet

Have you always been loyal to Windows 7? Protect your privacy with PIA and enjoy this classic operating system for many years to come!

2. Try the proxy

While VPNs cover everything, proxies are more like browser-based services. The easiest way to explain how a proxy works is to think of it as an intermediary between you and the website you want to visit.

It swaps your private IP address for any public IP address, and hides your ID. There are also several proxy solutions, both online and offline, with proxy and reverse proxy features. Error! Filename not specified.

To hide the IP address, we need to search for anonymous proxy servers and use them to hide the IP address.

When looking for a reliable proxy server for Windows 7, you should focus on two things: speed (some slow down connections considerably) and reputation.

In terms of performance, paid proxies are also much better than free proxies, but it all depends on how often you use the proxy.

There are many other similar solutions online, and many of them offer better service for a monthly fee. Be sure to check all relevant information before choosing a proxy server.

3. Tor Browser

All major third-party browsers always let you know that they care about your privacy and are perfectly safe to use.

No tracking, no invasion of privacy, no selling your browsing history to a higher bidder.

The recently unveiled Firefox Quantum, for example, uses privacy as a roadmap. Error! Filename not specified.

However, this is not entirely true. Especially when you compare a browser to the Tor browser. Tor has been the paragon of secure web browsing for centuries, and yet it’s still the best way to access the dark web if that’s your thing.

The Onion Router (TOR) takes its name from the multi-layered encryption used to ensure the complete anonymity of users. Tor, on the other hand, is best used in conjunction with a VPN, as it does not meet all the requirements on its own.

Also, some sites use anti-Tor blockers, so you can’t access them with a Tor browser.

You can download the Tor Browser for Windows for free here. We are sure you will see the positive aspects after only a few minutes.

That should be enough. We hope this article sheds some light on how to hide your intellectual property in Windows 7.

For additional requests or alternative ways to make your IP address invisible to third-party websites, please see the “Comments” section. It is located directly below.

FAQ: Learn more about hiding your IP address in Windows 7.

  • How can I hide my IP address in Windows 7?

For this, you can use VPN software optimized for Windows 7, such as PIA VPN, which will not affect your PC’s performance.

  • How can I hide my IP address in Windows 7 without software?

As an alternative to VPN, you can download the Tor browser on your Windows 7 computer. However, this will slow down your system considerably. There are also proxy servers you can use to control your IP address.

  • Does the IP address indicate the location?

Your IP address is used to direct traffic to your computer. Although it does not reveal your exact location, it can locate sensitive information, including your city, country and zip code.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in January 2018 and revised and updated in February 2021 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

Frequently asked questions

How can I hide my IP address in Windows 7?

How to hide your IP address (8 easy methods, 6 free)

How can I make my IP address invisible?

Hide your IP address (free and paid options) | Avast

Is it illegal to hide your IP address?

Masking your IP address is perfectly legal, but changing your IP address and misrepresenting your IP address online is illegal. It is also subject to fraud and computer abuse laws.

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