When it comes to overall video quality, the background of your video makes a big difference. Many people use green screens to turn a boring background into something presentable.

In this article, we will talk about the seven best green screen apps you can get right now on Android and iOS.

Developer: Cyberlink Corp. | Size: 99 MB (Android); 133.9 MB (iOS) | Price: Free (with watermark), Pro starting at $4.99

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

Powerdirector is a comprehensive video editing application that offers users a multi-level timeline and extreme editing control. And of course, the Chroma Key feature is one of the best available on a smartphone.

With a few clicks you can get rid of the green screen and get the background you want. You can choose from green, blue or any other color.

You can download PowerDirector for Android here and for iOS here.

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Developer: Kinemaster Inc. | Size: 95 MB (Android); 125 MB (iOS) | Price: Free (with watermark); Professional (from $4.99).

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

Kinemaster, another complete video editing program, lets you perform multi-layered editing, add music, trim videos, record voiceovers and everything else you would expect from a true video editor.

This includes the powerful color key feature. Set the color, place the background behind the frame, and you’re done. You also get sliders that allow you to control the efficiency of the color manipulation.

You can download Kinemaster for Android here and for iOS here.

Developer: Mob Apps | Size: 41 MB (Android); 133 MB (iOS) | Price: Free (with watermark); Professional ($2.99 per year)

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

Chromavid is a simple color manipulation application that allows you to record videos with a green screen in real time. Just choose the color of the key, which can be green, yellow, blue or red depending on the green screen, and replace it with the background of the application.

You can use the background that comes with the application, or just an archive image. Free versions add a watermark and a write restriction that you can remove when you buy the paid version.

You can download Chromavid for Android here and for iOS here.

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Developer: WeVideo Inc. | Size: 29 MB (Android); 62.9 MB (iOS) | Price: Free, Premium from $3.99 per year.

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

WeVideo is a cloud-connected video editing application. This means that your projects can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The application also has a web editor, so you don’t have to upload anything if you don’t want to.

The application color overlay feature is efficient and fast, but you need to buy a premium version of the application before you can remove the color.

You can download WeVideo for Android here and for iOS here.

Developer: Vigilantes | Size: 93MB (Android); 145MB (iOS) | Price: Free green screen feature for $0.99 per month.

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

Although the application does not really specialize in removing green screens, it does have the necessary functionality to do so. Its main purpose is to create stop motion videos, but you can also use it to remove green screens.

However, the green screen wipe function is one of the most important features of the application for which you have to pay a dollar each month.

You can download Stop Motion Studio for Android here and for iOS here.

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Developer: Green Screen Master Ltd | Size: 1.9MB (Android); 13.7MB (iOS) | Price: 4..99

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

This is a specialized green screen removal application that allows you not only to remove green screens, but also to make the background and foreground as realistic as possible.

The application has many features that allow realistic color correction, as well as many other adjustments such as hue, saturation and color gamut.

You can download Green Screen Master for Android here and for iOS here.

Developer: Professional video editor VivaSut | Size: 61 MB (Android); 137 MB (iOS) | Price: Free

Top 7 Green Screen apps for Android and iOS

Vivacut is another complete video editor to add to your list, and comes with a Choma Key feature set that allows you to replace the background in an instant.

You have control over tools like brightness, saturation, contrast and color range. And if you don’t replace the background or are done replacing it, you can make amazing changes with this application.

Download VivaCut for Android here and for iOS here.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best android application for green screen?

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What are the best green screen applications?

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What is the best green paint for a green canvas?

Using a non-reflective green screen, look for colors such as “Chroma Key Green” and “Digi Green.” These colors are tinted to be ideal for green screens. Blue screens can also be used, especially for displaying night scenes.

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