How to Install MongoDB on Windows + Compass GUI Admin – MongoDB is a database system that stores data in flexible JSON documents, which means that the fields can vary from one document to another and the data structure can change from time to time.

To install MongoDB on Windows + Compass GUI Administrator

MongoDB works very differently from other relational databases like MySQL. Model the documents in the MongoDB folder as objects in the application code.

This makes the data smoother and easier to use. Just work with objects, and they have persistence if you work with MongoDB.

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MongoDB is free and open source and is great for the different scales of your project. When inserting a JSON MongoDB object and executing a JSON object database, no data transformation takes place as in an SQL-based system.

How to install MongoDB on Windows + Compass GUI Admin 2021

Now let’s try to install MongoDB on our computer and try some interesting features that it uses, first you can download it from the download page on the official MongoDB website, you can select the Community Server edition for Windows and click the download button to get a copy of the installation package as a .msi file, after downloading just click on it and install it on your computer as follows.

Then select the type of complete installation.

The MongoDB Compass installation page is then displayed. In the bottom left corner, highlight the Install MongoDB Compass section and click Next to continue the process until it completes.

So far, the installation process of MongoDB is complete, but some additional installations are needed to make it easier to use.

Installation of the compass GUI for MongoDB

The graphical interface of the compass in MongoDB can be compared to that of phpMyAdmin for MySQL, it is a graphical tool that helps us to manage databases.

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To do this, you can go to the MongoDB website download page and select Compass from the tab, then Windows and click Download.

Then install the downloaded Compass, you will see a screen like this.

When everything is ready, the Compass application will launch and you will see a welcome message.

Add path to environment variable MongoDB

The last thing we need to do during the installation process is to add the address of the MongoDB folder to the Windows system path so that it is easy to use the command on the console (CMD), here is how.

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Open the Windows System Preferences page by tapping the Windows taskbar.

Then click the Environmental Variables button.

Select Path and click the Edit button.

Then, in the Edit Environment Variable window, click New and enter the path to the MongoDB installation directory, typically
C : Program files MongoDB Server 4.0 bin .

Then click on OK

Creating a folder to store data

This is the last step you need to specify: the folder location where MongoDB will store the data.

Default location.c:datadb

Now create a folder on your computer.

Great, now you’re ready to use MongoDB.

At the command prompt, type the command mongodat and press Enter. You will find a lot of information, but the most important thing is that you can see the words connection pending on port 27017.

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This means that the MongoDB database is operational and can be used.

We can use the Compass GUI to connect to the database, let’s try it.

When it’s connected, it looks like this.

A few steps are required to launch MongoDB, but you can then use it on your local computer. We can also use the Compass GUI which works like phpMyAdmin for MySQL.

MongoDB is an open source document database (NoSQL), MongoDB stores data in a flexible way in the form of JSON documents.

More information can be found here:


Relational databases usually contain tables and rows, while MongoDB does not. MongoDB uses collections and documents, a document can contain sub-documents.

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