Development issue/problem:

I’ve made a lot of references, but I still don’t know where to start my development. I want to measure the height, width and distance of the image with the camera. I found this app. I don’t want to do this kind of application quite the same, but for my needs I want to measure the height, width and distance of the image with the camera.

Can somebody give me the right way or an example so I can get more information about this requirement.

I tried this:

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

I think I know where you’re going with this. Here’s what you can do.

get somebody’s height first, say h-meters.

Sample image

If you can calculate the height of the camera from the ground (using the height of a human, so h) and get the angles A and B with a gyroscope or something from an android, then you can calculate the height of the object using the above formula.

Isn’t that what you were looking for? ?????

Let me know if you need an explanation.

Solution 2:

To measure distances with a single camera, you need to know a few numbers. For example, to measure the height of something. B. of a chair, you only have the size in the camera (which is in pixels and can be converted to inches using the screen size), that’s all. One way to measure height and width is to use a scale, for example. B. a 6-footer standing next to a chair.

So you can work upside down with for example a 3 meter object, with the size as it appears in the camera, you can work with the size of things at the same distance, on a surface that is not flat, it is even a problem to make sure that they are at the same distance.

So it is impossible to use just one camera. You need to know the distance somehow, or you need a reference.

If you use an application to measure the height of objects whose location you know, you can use GPS to determine the distance, and the rest is math.

I found some links through google that might help you.


They can help you determine what other information is needed beyond what the camera can provide, so you can think about your request and what you can do and where the boundaries are.

One option is to use multiple cameras. This can be compensated by using multiple pictures taken at a known distance. For example, the application could ask the user to take a few pictures, track the distance using GPS, and it could probably work.

See also these links:


Solution 3:

If you know the viewing angle of the camera, you can use the height in pixels to determine the angle from the top to the bottom of the object. Then calculate the height using the distance and the aroctangent:

Height = Arctic (angle) * distance

To determine the viewing angle, aim the camera at a known height and make sure the camera fills the screen precisely. For example, point to B. on a ruler and place it far enough away so that you can see the ends of the ruler. Measure the distance to the camera, then the full viewing angle is

viewing windowAngle = tank (line_length / distance)

Suppose your camera is 480px (cheap webcam) and the angle of view is 20°. If you have an object on the screen that is 240px high, the angle is 10°. If you know it’s two feet, you’d say 2 feet * arctan (10°) = ~4.1 inches high. (I think… it’s 2:00 in the morning, so it might be a little late).

Solution 4:

In fact, X-rays of the body (at the medical centre) also need this type of measurement to assess the size of the tumour. So they put a dollar coin on the body as an equation.

The newspaper also has some marks on the corners.

You need a link to measure. Maybe you could ask your husband to wear a hat with bright green circles. Once you know the size of the circumference, you can measure the rest relatively.

You can also create a one-inch transparent circle that you place on your face, move the camera to and from your face and aim the circle over the bright green circle on the cap. Your photo will then match the scale.

Solution No 5:

You can’t just… You should know this:

  • How far away is the object (you can determine your position via GPS…. but the location of the object?).
  • What is the focal length of the camera?

Maybe, just maybe, if an object is visually marked, like a QR code, and you have a map with the code…..

Solution No 6:

Let me first say that Nice Thaught is going to develop such an application.

Now, I’m not sure, but if you can get facial recognition for any object in the Android camera, you can achieve this thing.

I’m not sure, but I’ve given you a taste so you can get an idea.

We wish you good luck. :))

Good luck!

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