The percent sign (%) is used in Python as a modulo operator. Modular operation is used to determine the rest of the division of two numbers. One number is divided into the other, and we get the rest of the value. Python offers a variety of arithmetic operations, and the modulo operation is an arithmetic operation.

For example, if we divide 10 by 3, the remaining value is 1, 20 divided by 6 gives the remaining value 2. The rest of the value is also called module.

Modulo control syntax

The syntax of the modulo operation is as follows:

Numbers or operands can be integers and floating point numbers. The first digit (number 1) is divided by the second (number 2) and the remaining value is returned by the module.

Examples of work on module

Modular operation is carried out for various reasons, e.g. to determine an even or odd number, to check whether or not a certain year is a leap year, etc. Modular operation is used for the following reasons

# Program to execute the operation modulo
num1 = 19
num2 = 10
-Print (19/10:, num1%num2)

num1 = 5
num2 = 4.4 Print
(balance 5/4.4:, num1%num2)

Numeral 1 = 3
Numeral 2 = 2
Pressure (the remaining digit 3/2:, digit 1%num2)

num1 = 20
num2 = 3.9
Printing (balance 20/3.9:, num1%num2)

num1 = 20
num2 = 6
Pressure (balance 20/6:, num1%num2)

number1 = 5
number2 = 20
Printing (balance 5/20:, number1%num2)

Fingerprints (balance 70/60:, 70%60)

Net revenue

The result shows the remnants of various modular operations.

If the divisor operand is equal to zero, the Python interpreter generates the ZeroDivisionError. Make sure that the separation operation is not reset to zero during modulo operation.

# Print program to run the operation modulo
num1 = 19
num2 = 0
(remainder 19/0:, num1%num2)

Net revenue

The Python translator indicates an error.

The modulo operation can be performed on negative numbers and works in the same way as on positive numbers.

# Print program to run the operation modulo
num1 = 19
num2 = -10
(19/-10:, num1%num2)

num1 = -5
num2 = 4.4
pressure (residue of -5/4.4:, num1%num2)

num1 = 3
num2 = -2
printing (balance 3/-2:, num1%num2)

Number1 = -20
Number2 = 3.9
Pressure (balance of -20/3.9 – :, Number1%Number2)

num1 = 20
num2 = -6
Printing (balance 20/-6:, num1%num2)

num1 = -5
num2 = 20
printout (The balance of -5/20 is:, num1%num2)

Legal notification (the delay of -70/-60 is: -70%-60)

Net revenue

ModuleDetermination of the leap year

A leap year is the year of which the residual value, divided by 4, is equal to zero. The leap year can easily be determined by a module control.

#Declarate variable yearYear = input (Enter the year value)#Covered year to a whole year=int(year)as (year%4==0):print(The specified year is a leap year)else:print(The specified year is not an academic year)else:print(The specified year is not an academic year)

Net revenue


The operation modulo is used to find the rest of the division of two numbers. As in other programming languages, Python uses the percent sign (%) as a modulo operator. In this article we will briefly explain how modulo works under Python using examples.

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