How To Take Screenshot On Chromebook: Quick Ways

How to take a screenshot in Chromebook : Faster deployment – As the Chromebook improves, more and more people are using it to do their jobs. I count you among us and you’ve reached the point where you need to take a screenshot. Fortunately for you, Google has integrated this feature into Chrome OS.

To take screenshots on your Chromebook

Learn how to take, find and share screenshots from your Chromebook. We’ll also take a look at some great applications that let you take photos on your Chromebook and edit them with your browser notes.

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To take a screenshot on a Chromebook: Best in 2021

If you are familiar with Microsoft Windows, you can find the Chromebook keyboard by looking for the Print Screen button. The Chromebook doesn’t have a dedicated button for the screenshot, but you still take the screenshot the same way.

To get a screenshot of all or part of the screen (including the login screen), use the Show Window button.

It is a button with a rectangular stack on top representing many windows. This is usually the 5th or 6th time. in the top row, between the Full Screen button and the Brightness button.

  • Press Ctrl + Show Window to take a full-screen photo.
  • For a part of the screen, press Ctrl + Shift + Show Window and drag the selection to the desired size.

Take a screenshot of the Convertible Chromebook Tablet

Many new Chromebooks have screens that fold down, turning the laptop into a tablet. This is one of the most interesting features of the new Chromebook.

Since the keyboard is no longer active in tablet mode and the virtual keyboard doesn’t offer the same keys, Google has another way to take screenshots. Just press and hold the Power + Volume Down button.

Where to find a screenshot

Chrome OS will automatically save a screenshot in your Downloads folder. The image is in PNG format and the name contains the date and time. For example: Screenshot 201-02-15 at 13:22.

Take a screenshot on the Chromebook Convertible Tablet

As soon as you take a screenshot, a message will be displayed. Clicking on this notification is the easiest way to find your file. Chrome OS opens the File application and highlights the image.

If you accidentally miss or delete a notification, you can retrieve it by tapping the system icon next to the clock and viewing the notification list.

You can also consult the file yourself. Open the File application and click on Downloads.

Share Screenshot

With a Chromebook, you can access your files just like you would on any other computer. You can attach this screenshot to an email, share it on social media, download it to cloud storage, or copy it to a USB flash drive or SD card.

When a removable disk is connected, such as a USB flash drive or SD card, a message is displayed. Press to open the disc available in the Files application.

You can also search for a USB drive or SD card in the application’s sidebar.

Learn more here: 15 ways to take a screenshot on Mac and PC laptops

Another quick way to access this screenshot on another device is to drag and drop it into the Files section of the Google Drive app.

If you prefer Dropbox, OneDrive or other online storage providers, you will need to download a screenshot to your account by visiting their website.

Note: If you are using a guest account, you should copy the file to your SD card or Google Drive before logging out.

The download folder for the guest account remains empty when the guest leaves, so all screenshots are deleted.

Google Chrome Extensions and useful web applications

Even if Chrome OS goes beyond the web browser on your computer, most of its features are still centered on Google Chrome. You can improve your computer’s performance by installing a Chrome extension.

Google Chrome Extensions and useful web applications

There are also many extensions to take screenshots of the Chrome browser. You can find it in Chrome’s online store.

Some Chrome extensions or web applications, such as. B. Great Screenshot, which lets you edit or annotate screens directly, with a feature not built into Chrome OS by default.

Google Chrome Extensions and useful web applications 1

Google Chrome Extensions and useful web applications 2

Although Google no longer offers an official extension for Chrome screenshots, it can be useful to include on Google Drive.

This extension allows you to save images directly to Google Drive via the right-click context menu.

Download : Large screenshot (free)

Try drives compatible with Chromebook.

As you may have noticed, the screenshot shortcut for Chromebook in tablet mode is the same as for Android devices. The similarities don’t stop there.

Now that the Chromebook comes with Google Play, you can take screenshots with the Chromebook just like you do with Android devices.

Try Chromebook-compatible applications

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So, my friends, it is higher than, for example, the screenshot in Chromebook, not only works in Chromebook, but also has an interface to enlarge the screen.

The folder view allows for easy navigation through the screenshots and the application has its own editing tools.

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