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Who doesn’t love watching Netflix, and watching Netflix on the big screen is even more fun. With Roku, you can do exactly that – watch Netflix on the big screen of your TV. But not every time you can open Roku and watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Sometimes Netflix doesn’t work on Roku.  As you read this article, you probably belong to the group of people who have problems with their Netflix.

You have come to the right place, here at TechRim we can help you solve your Netflix in Roku problem. It is best to understand the root cause of the problem so that troubleshooting is easy.

The reason Netflix doesn’t work on Roku:

There are several reasons why Netflix doesn’t work well on Roku. We have listed some of the reasons below. Check them out and find out why Netflix isn’t working on Roku. We will post the solution to each relevant problem below in the solutions section. If you know why Netflix isn’t working on your Roku, you can scroll down to the Solutions section.

Before discussing why Netflix doesn’t work on Roku, read this article here if you only want to watch US Netflix series around the world.

Here are some of the reasons why Netflix doesn’t work on Roku :

  1. Your Netflix subscription has expired.
  2. Your Roku has a network problem.
  3. Your Netflix application is not updating
  4. Your Roku system hasn’t been updated.
  5. Some mysterious problem with Roku.

Netflix solutions do not work on Roku

Now that you know why Netflix isn’t working on your Roku. Netflix solutions that don’t work on Roku are pretty simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps one by one. We will address each of the above points. We’ll start with the mysterious Roku problem, and then we’ll move on to the first problem – checking the Netflix subscription.

Solution 1: Reboot your Roku

The first step to resolving the Netflix outage on Roku is to turn Roku off and on. This will probably solve your Roku problem. If you haven’t tried turning your Roku off and on again, try it. Turn off your Roku and wait at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.

You can also restart Roku by going to Site → System Settings and selecting System Restart.

After turning on Roku, check whether Netflix is working or not. You should now be able to open Netflix without any problems.

See how the problem of Netflix not working on Roku is easily solved by simply restarting the Roku.  But if you’re still having a problem with Netflix, go to solution #2.

Solution 2: Roku Update

Some requests are made for a specific version of the software. For example, the version of Netflix you want to run may not be compatible with the version of Roku you are using. As a result, you’re faced with the fact that Netflix doesn’t work on Roku. To make it easier to give like the iPhone 12 pro to some people in the 1930s. (I know it’s hard to find people in their thirties, but imagine how they would use an iPhone).

Updating the Roku system software is easy, just follow the instructions:

  1. On the remote control of your Roku TV, press the button with the Home symbol.Netflix does not work on the Roku – Home button.

  1. On the left side of the TV screen you will see several menus. Go to one of the setup labels by pressing the down arrow on the remote.Netflix not working on Roku – Setup button

  1. When you get to the settings screen, press the right arrow on the remote. You will be shown different settings for your Roku. Click SystemNetflix is not working on Roku – System Setup

  1. In System, press the right arrow on the remote and navigate to System UpdateNetflix is not working on Roku – System Setup

  1. Press OK on the remote when the system update is enabled.Netflix is not working on Roku – System Update

  1. As you can see in the screenshot above, it says Check Now. Then click OK again to check for a system update.Netflix isn’t working on Roku – Checking for a system update

  1. If your Roku system is not up to date, you have the option to download and install an update. If you see an update, all you have to do is update Roku.

Now that we’ve updated the Roku system, the problem of Netflix’s inability to run on Roku needs to be resolved. If the problem persists, you should probably move on to solution number 3.

Solution 3: Netflix application update

As mentioned in Solution 2, an outdated version of the Roku system software can cause a problem. Using an outdated version of Netflix can also be problematic. Therefore, also check for updates to the Netflix application. Follow these steps to check for updates:

  1. Go to your Roku home and search for Netflix.Netflix isn’t working on Roku – Netflix

  1.  Once you find Netflix, click Option on your remote, which looks like a star-shaped icon.
  2. After clicking on an option, different options are displayed. Go to Check for Updates in Options and press OK on the remote.Netflix isn’t working on Roku – Netflix Update

If there is an update for your Netflix app, you can find it here. You just need to update your Netflix application and enjoy Netflix.

Solution 4: Transfer channel

If there are no updates in the Netflix app, you need to delete and reload the Netflix channel.

We won’t explain it in detail, because you probably already know how to add Netflix to Roku.

Solution 5: Checking network parameters

The most common issue with Netflix not working on Roku is a network problem.

Talk about network problems: There may be a problem with your connection or with the VPN if you connect via a VPN.

If you are connected via a VPN, disconnect the VPN connection and try again. That should solve the problem. You can also check the internet connection on your Roku.

  1. On the Home screen, scroll down and go to the settings menu. (All steps are explained in Decision No. 2).
  2. Scroll down and go to the Network option to check if your Roku TV, USB stick or set-top box is connected to the internet.
  3. If this is the case, you can click the Test Connection option to test your network connection.

If you have a network problem, it is best to switch from wireless to wired and connect via a LAN cable.

Solution 6: Clean cache

If nothing has solved your problem so far, our last option is to clear the cache, as it can sometimes cause strange errors. Empty the cache – Roku is not an easy task.

To empty the lid of your Roku device, press the following combination on the remote control :

Press the Home button 5 times, then press the Up arrow twice, the Back button twice, and the Fast forward button twice.

After entering the above combination into your remote, wait a moment while Roku clears the lid.

Once you clear the cache, Netflix should stop working on Roku.

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