Development issue/problem:

This is the first time I’ve dealt with internal invoicing in Android
1) I use the API v3
2) I downloaded the alpha version of my application to test it.

3) I have created a subscription product

4) This is my code to subscribe to the product.

mSubscribeButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {)

@General invalid
opClisk(View v) {


PendingIntentBundle = mService.getBuyIntent(3, getPackageName(), my_product_id, sub, bGoa+V7g/yqDXvKRq+JTFn4uQZbPiQJo4pf9RzJ) ;
PendingIntent = subscriptionIntentBundle.getParcelable(BUY_INTENT) ;

if (subscriptionIntentBundle.getInt(RESPONSE_CODE) == 0) {

startIntentSenderForResult(pendingIntent.getIntentSender(), 4002, new Intent(), Integer.valueOf(0), Integer.valueOf(0);} else {Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, error code: + subscriptionIntentBundle.getInt(RESPONSE_CODE), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();}} catch (RemoteException e) {e.printStackTrace();} catch (SendIntentException e) {e.printStackTrace();})

5) I get the following error

Can somebody help us?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

I already have the same problem. Go to the Google Developer Console and make sure your application is MANDATORIAL for each version (alpha, beta or prod). Then, the purchase of the in-app

Solution 2:

I have the same problem with the awful message:

Authentication is required. You need to sign in to your Google Account.

I’ve had two problems:

  1. I tried to buy a product in my code with the identifier com.argonnetech.wordswriting.noads, but in the application, the product configured in the Google Play Developer Console (GPD) was simply called noads.
  2. After I changed the name of the product in the application in the GPD console, I had to put it into active mode.

It worked. The error message is misleading, it is better if the type of error is not present in the application element.

Solution 3:

Android developers testing a purchase account built into the application should follow these tests.


// Base64EncodedPublicKey check

Publicly available static end String base64EncodedPublicKey = MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCg +
KCAQEAhNe2XQ70DceAwE6uyYYYYGK1dIBbZcPdlER/9EEzylr6RDU6tnGj0Tk7kceN03GKvRf/ucT+ERLL3O +
aHR22PXRXLZ17NZ81x6oS2vGmLyXBnjrU/I+asl8cNuLGySaoCdXPAV+A9g6OG13dk+KY9i0O1roGpFH +
fsAFyKCgSqR0PMJZ1bS+wFFBYf3M4IxgBcxuZKDmR+MztCgm5N4zc6wFZn3mXeDoTg15mWDU3sZO +
WeRwFeynhV+FCYdDp8DpAkLk1b5IiXYFQ53wxCh/GxiKqBB6uQMmAixFjAcZV1QWfcBABae9vxiV5 +

And bought an item with a key, like this one.



public static end string ITEM_PURCHASED = android.test.purchased ;

And start setting this code to initialize the IabHelper class to purchase
in the application,

IabHelper helper = new IabHelper (this, Constants.base64EncodedPublicKey);
helper.startSetup(new IabHelper.OnIabSetupFinishedListener() {
public void onIabSetupFinished(IabResult result) {
if((! result.isSuccess())) {
Log.d(#InAppStartSetup#, internal billing configuration failed: + result);
} other {
Log.d(#InAppStartSetup#, internal billing configuration successful.);

And finally, I took the time to make this coded pen here,

helper.launchPurchaseFlow(YOUR_ACTIVITY, Constants.ITEM_PURCHASED,
YOUR_REQUEST_CODE, mPurchase FinishedListener, ) ;

Thanks, guys…

Solution 4:

The documentation on seems outdated.

If you want to test the application’s internal billing without making it public, you need to create a Google group and add an alphabetical list of testers. See here:


From mid 2015 this will no longer be necessary. They have new testing capabilities in the Google Game Developers Console.

Solution No 5:

Most of the above solutions work, but for those who still have this problem, try this:

  • In Android Studio, sign your application with the license key (this creates a signed file app-release.apk ).
  • Then ENSURE that you install on your physical device using the installation path adb/to/your/app-release.apk (NOT via Alpha/Beta).


Solution No 6:

In my case, the versionCode, versionName and applicationId were not synchronized with the current version of the application on the developer’s console. I modified this in the build.gradle file. They were different because I rewrote the application in Eclipse’s android studio. After that the invoicing was triggered in the application.

Solution No 7:

This is what works for me:

  • Download a preliminary version of the application in alpha or beta with version code.
  • Log in to your device with an account that has an active subscription.
  • Install a signed application on your device with the same version as the alpha/beta version.

Good luck!

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