E-mail is one of the most widely used means of communication in today’s digital world. E-mails are exchanged with a lot of important information and a company has to validate these e-mails with the signature of the competent authorities.

A digital signature generator facilitates this work. This tool will continue to exist indefinitely, as e-mail will soon replace paper documents and become an integral part of business communication.

With a reliable email signature generator, you can create professional-looking signatures in no time. CocoSign is one of these reliable email signature generators. It has gained worldwide fame.

In this article we extensively discuss CocoSign. Scroll down for more information.

CocoSign is a carefully designed online email signature generator that has everything you need to create professional email signatures.

It’s built with state-of-the-art technology that enables end users to create digital signatures on emails and use them in business documents.

With CocoSign you can create multiple types of digital signatures with a single click, making it one of the best signature creation applications.



You’re probably wondering what makes CocoSynn win millions of hearts in a short period of time. Well, there’s an explanation for that. We will now talk about some of the most important features and possibilities of CocoSign.

Professionalism of the highest class

CocoSign leaves nothing to chance to bring professionalism in digital signatures to the highest level. This allows it to function in different ways.

In the first place, it enables the end user to make infinite adjustments. The size of the signature, the design and other details can be adjusted as desired.

The next way a company can convey its professionalism is by being able to handle different types of business documents at the same time.

It effortlessly supports many file formats such as jpg, docx, PDF, Xls and png. When all these file formats are supported, a company can speed up paper processing.


No stop.

CocoSign can work offline. An internet connection is not always necessary to edit documents. Companies can easily download and store targeted documents as a concept.

If necessary, companies can process these documents, even if they are not connected to the Internet. Thanks to this availability, companies can remain operational at all times and meet deadlines without having to worry about it.

Online signature with the highest level of security

This does not mean that you should use an online email generator that is not safe or secure, as emails contain important information that should not be compromised.

CocoSign understands the importance of email and takes every precaution to ensure that the entire process of signing email online is safe. It meets the best security protocols and legal requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.

The whole process is supported by advanced encryption and each connection is made via a fully secure SSL line. Military security ensures that your company’s information is not compromised.

In addition, this tool is SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA certified. This certification validates the fact that it means 100% security in the cloud. For those who are particularly concerned about security, there is the possibility to set passwords for e-mails.

All this ensures that there is no damage or danger to the e-mail. Anyone can process them without worrying about information security.

Saving time and effort like never before

Thousands of e-mails can be processed per day.

Signing and authenticating these emails takes time. CocoSign does a commendable job in this area.

It has automated the entire process of uploading, signing and exchanging documents. We have already been told that it supports different file formats. In this way, the company gets the answers to all its questions about signing in one place.

It also imports documents from various storage locations such as Google Drive, DropBox, SD card and more with a single click, saving a lot of time.

More than 80 types of document templates are included. With these templates, a company can easily and quickly create different types of business documents.

The process of signing emails has been greatly simplified. You do not need to download and install any software.

You can access this tool, CocoSign, with any popular device and browser. The interface has been greatly simplified and does not require prior training to acquire knowledge. It is a ready-made instrument that saves a huge amount of time and manpower.

Amazing integration of G-Space

To further simplify and speed up document processing, CocoSign has an excellent G-integration. This integration allows you to sign and share any document stored in Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Docs instantly.

This capacity has doubled the viability of this tool as every company uses G-Suite and makes tons of business communication with it.

Advantageous offer for the electronic signature generator

Although CocoSign offers such advanced features and functionality, it never sticks a hole in your pocket and allows you to blow the sofa. It offers a very cost effective email signature service and promises you the best return on your investment.

A full account can be created for free on the website of CocoSign. With this free account the end user can use features such as managing a sender account, 3 downloads, free sending of notifications and alerts and a free template.

There are also very affordable payment versions. There is a 14-day free trial for anyone who wants to try it before investing money. Then there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

With all these elements in mind, we are sure that with CocoSign you get value for money and that the money is invested in the right place.


CocoSign changes the face of the digital signature process by introducing best-in-class security features, a simplified interface, regulatory compliance, increased mobility and improved return on investment (ROI). Using this tool to sign your emails is a decision no one will ever regret.

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