Software development is a dynamic field in which you need to stay abreast of new trends in order to be more productive and stay relevant in the job market. Learning is endless in the IT industry, but that doesn’t mean developers have to learn everything involved.
Developers need to stay on top of new libraries, frameworks and languages that are constantly being updated, but it often seems that developers are overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available online. However, if you create your own learning method and choose an online software development course or forum that helps you improve your knowledge of current industry trends, you can stand out from the rest.

The computer industry is updated every day, there are so many versions of frameworks, design patterns, algorithms, code strategies. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, now the question is… how do we use up all these resources and come up with a new strategy to always stay on top of things?

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This article will help you keep your software engineering skills up to date
Why do you need to keep up to date with new technologies? Here’s the answer.

  1. You want to stay on the job market
  2. You want to be productive
  3. They are passionate about technology and really want to know more.

Also, if you are looking to change jobs, HR or a recruiter will check out your social profiles to make sure you are following the latest trends, are well-known professionals, etc.

1. Taking online courses and choosing something new to learn

It doesn’t matter what your skills or experience as a developer are! There is always something to learn in the software industry. As a developer, it is always interesting to learn something new and take software certification courses from top universities or watch video tutorials. Every software developer should spend some time on video conferencing and online courses. There are free and paid courses and some institutes like Excellent Learning, Udemy, Coursera offer certificates that you can add to your resume. Online courses not only keep your knowledge up to date, but also allow you to get certified by top universities and save a lot of time and energy. But before you do, you need to assess your current skills and decide which course you want to take or which online course best suits your needs.

2. Reading blogs and newsletters

Just like some people have a habit of reading the newspaper, developers should also make it a habit to spend at least 30-40 minutes in the morning reading blogs and news about the latest technologies to check what is going on in the software world.
There are several popular websites where developers can get regular updates on the latest trends. Some of the most popular websites:

  1. Reddit
  2. General Technology Blog
  3. Excellent educational blog
  4. Hackernews
  5. Slack Technology Blog

These websites will help you learn more about new languages, frameworks and libraries. You can also subscribe to newsletters to receive information directly to your inbox and stay up to date on the latest developments at the firm.

3. Reading books

Books are an excellent source for an in-depth study of a technical subject, and some concepts can be better understood by reading technical books. It broadens the knowledge base of programming, helps master a particular technology and solve complex problems. The biggest advantage of reading a book is that you are not distracted by so many ads and notifications.
These books, listed below, will help you expand your knowledge:

  1. Successful completion of the coding interview
  2. Clean code: Flexible Software Crafting Guide
  3. A pragmatic programmer: From traveller to master
  4. Philosophy of software development
  5. Doesn’t make me think.
  6. Month of the Mythical Man: Software Engineering Essays
  7. Design patterns of the first head

4. Participation in events/conferences/meetings

Networking with like-minded people at various events, conferences or meetings is just as important as putting the project into practice at work. These events give developers a chance to get a broader view of the tech community. One of the main benefits of attending these events is that you can ask face-to-face questions and network with industry players. So pay attention to the meetings, become an active member of the IT community.

5. Hands-on coding and project work

The more you program, the better you become at software development. In programming, this is one of the best ways to keep your skills up to date. There is no point in spending time understanding the content without putting it into practice. No matter how many books or blogs you read, how many tutorials or courses you watch online, if you don’t apply your knowledge to real projects, you won’t learn anything better. As a developer, you should always spend some time on side projects.

If you discover a new technology, framework, design pattern, or coding strategy, try it for yourself. You have a strong connection to a particular technology and have an idea of how things work in real projects. If you get into the habit of writing code every day and working on concurrent projects, you will have a solid knowledge of and long-lasting relationship with the programming language or library you just learned.

Here are some more tips to keep your skills up to date:

  • Instead of being frustrated, be curious.
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Trust your instincts about new technologies
  • Once every two weeks.
  • Meetings and your social/professional circle
  • Google Notifications
  • Search GitHub
  • Twitter trends (or other social media trends)


As a software developer, it’s good to stay on top of things. In this article, we have discussed the many ways and means to stay on top of the latest trends. All you have to do is develop the right strategy and work on it. Spend a little time learning every day and track your progress over a few months. You may be surprised to find that your learning curve increases exponentially after you spend a few months with these tools. Follow the above tips in your daily life and stay relevant as a programmer.

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