Does the computer or laptop keep disconnecting from the wireless LAN after a Windows update? Many Windows 10 users repeatedly report a wireless connection problem: “The laptop keeps disconnecting from the wireless LAN and does not reconnect.” You may be wondering why my laptop keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi? The most common reasons for this problem are corrupt or outdated WIFI drivers, incorrect network configuration, incorrect power settings associated with disconnecting network drivers, etc. In this post, we have applied three working solutions to restore a stable WiFi connection in Windows 10.

Wi-Fi disables Windows 10 over and over again

If this problem occurs on your computer for the first time, restart the computer and your network devices, such as a router, switch, or modem. This will allow you to reset network settings and troubleshoot network problems.

Temporarily disable or remove third-party antivirus programs and, most importantly, disable the VPN (if configured on your computer).

Pro-Tip: A poor WiFi signal, an overloaded WiFi network can cause problems, we recommend looking closer to your network device (router) for better Signel WiFi.

Reboot the computer and network equipment

  • Turn off the laptop/computer and unplug it.
  • Also, turn off the router and unplug the router’s power cord.
  • Allow all devices to stand for about 1 minute.
  • Connect the power cables to the router and your laptop/computer
  • Turn on the router and the notebook and check that the WLAN connection is now stable.

This video explains why rebooting your router/network will solve your WiFi connection problem in Windows 10.

Start the network diagnostic program

Launch the built-in network troubleshooter that helps you identify, diagnose, and resolve issues that may be causing your laptop to repeatedly lose connection to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Press Windows + X and select Settings,
  • Click Network and Internet, and then Network Diagnostic Tool to run a network diagnostic.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process after restarting the computer and check that the WiFi connection is now stable.

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In addition, if the diagnostic tool does not solve your connection problem, open a command prompt and run the following commands one by one.

  • network resets in IP networks
  • Resetting the winsock grid
  • ipconfig / Activate
  • ipconfig / update
  • ipconfig /flushdns

Running the above command will reset the TCP/IP stack, clear and refresh the IP address, and clear and reset the DNS client resolver cache. Now check the WiFi status.

Configure power management

Possibly incorrect power settings associated with the network that cause the wireless network adapter to run to save power, causing “the computer to repeatedly disconnect from Wi-Fi.”

  • Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc, and click OK,
  • This opens Device Manager, locate and expand the Wi-Fi adapter, right-click on it and select Properties,
  • Click on the Power Management tab. Clear the Allow Computer to Shut Down option to save power and click OK to save the changes.

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  • Also open the Control Panel, search and select Power Options,
  • Click the Edit Plan Settings button next to the selected plan.
  • In the Change Plan Options area, click the Change Advanced Benefit Options button.
  • Find and unfold wireless adapter settings, then power saving mode
  • Press the “On Battery” and “On Discharge” buttons and select “Maximum Performance” for both.

Reinstall the Wi-Fi adapter driver

An outdated or damaged Wi-Fi adapter driver may also cause your notebook to lack Wi-Fi connectivity. Update or install the Wi-Fi adapter driver using these steps and check if the Wi-Fi adapter is now working stably.

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager,
  • Find your network adapter and expand it, then right-click Network Card and select Remove Device.
  • Click the delete button again if you need to confirm and restart the computer.

The next time your PC boots up, install the built-in driver for the network adapter, or you can open Device Manager and check for hardware changes to install it manually.

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You can also download and install the latest WLAN adapter driver from the manufacturer’s website to solve the problem.

Editing Google’s DNS

Some Windows users recommend changing the DNS address to solve the problem.

  • Press Windows + R, type ncpa.cpl and click OK.
  • The Network Connections window opens, right-click on the active network adapter and select Properties,
  • Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
  • Select the following DNS server addresses, set the preferred DNS server to and the alternate DNS server to
  • Check the box to check the settings on exit, then click OK appy ok .
  • Finally, check that your Wi-Fi is stable.

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Define your network as private instead of public

  • Click the WiFi icon in the taskbar, click the network you are connected to, and then click the Properties link.
  • Or press Window + R, type ms-settings:network-wifi and click OK to open the same window.
  • To change the network’s profile from public to private, click here.

Resetting the Wi-Fi service to AutoConfig

  • Press windows + R, type services.msc and press ok,
  • This opens the window maintenance console
  • Scroll down and find the service called WLAN AutoConfig, right-click on it and select Properties,
  • Make sure “Commissioning” is set to “Automatic”, then stop and continue with the function next to the “Service” status.

Reset the entire network to zero

Here is another effective solution: reset all your network configuration settings by following the instructions below. This will remove and reinstall all network adapters in your system and fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows 10.

Press Windows + X to select “Network Connections.”

Scroll down and click on the “Network Reset” link (see image below).

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Finally, click Reset Now to reset the network and restart the computer.

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Did these solutions fix your computer or laptop disconnecting from wifi in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does my laptop not connect to Windows 7 WiFi?

Your laptop may keep disconnecting from WiFi because you are using the wrong network driver or it is outdated. You should update this driver to see if this is the case. If you don’t have the time, patience or ability to update the drivers yourself, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

Why is my laptop disconnected from WiFi?

When your laptop is connected to a wireless connection, the Internet is often interrupted. Then you ask “why does my laptop keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi”. The main reasons are improper power settings related to the network, improper network configuration, corrupt or outdated WIFI drivers, etc.

How can I prevent Windows 10 from disconnecting from WiFi?

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