Scientific innovations and advances are the most exciting and simple solutions that have changed and continue to change the lives of millions of people around the world.  Fax is also one of the innovations considered effective.

Where the fax used to be a daunting task, it has now evolved into something so simple and efficient that it never resembles the traditional face of a fax machine. An online fax service is a comprehensive task that helps you simplify and guide the faxing process.

CocoFax: Best online fax service:

CocoFax, as its name suggests, is an extremely useful and functional application used worldwide for all types of fax communication. CocoFax proves to you that sending free online faxes from Mac is easy and very useful in every way. CocoFax solves all your fax problems.

CocoFax is an established and reputable brand that is a maestro in all forms of fax transmission. CocoFax is an excellent and efficient tool that complements Google Fax Free, known and recognized by many brands. These digital pioneers include BuzzFeed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Uthority and The New York Times.

CocoFax and its advantages

Below are the clearly articulated reasons why CocoFax is the most intimidating and outstanding online fax site and helps you send faxes online. The reasons are given according to their value in the eyes of the common man.

1.     Economic:

CocoFax is a relatively simple and inexpensive service because it offers you digital fax transmission. Older, traditional methods of faxing require a large investment and time, while CocoFax allows you to easily send a fax over a wireless network spread around the world.

2.     Identification code of a toll-free fax number :

CocoFax is a customer-oriented service and therefore leaves nothing to chance in order to transform your problems into convenience and comfort. CocoFax allows you to obtain a free identification number, called a fax number, and thus easily send a fax with a unique identification.

3.     Reliable service:

CocoFax is an established and respected service that enjoys an excellent reputation even among major brands, and is also a strong competitor to its competitors. CocoFax stands out from other providers in terms of services and tools such as free fax transmission, online fax and low-cost service.

4.     Free maintenance for one month

CocoFax also offers the possibility to check and test the authenticity and brilliance of the application through various decisive tests. The best is a 30-day free trial, where the service is completely free for exactly one month. All included and extended functions are available.

5.     Notable innovation:

CocoFax has eliminated all the complications and difficulties that kept you from sending faxes efficiently and caused irreparable delays in solving your problems. With CocoFax, you no longer need to collect pages and organize bulky fax machines just to send paper.

Fax mode:

The procedure for sending a fax is as simple as sending and installing it on your computer. CocoFax puts customer satisfaction first in everything we do. That’s why we mainly help you with the shipping process, which is the beginning of the process.

All Kokofax needs is a stable and simple internet connection on which all digital faxes can be sent. The rest is a simple process, followed by the best online faxing experience. Here is the procedure for sending a fax online:

Step 1:

The very first step is to open an account and create your own identity, which will later serve as the basis for sending faxes. Visit and create your free online account. The option Create a free account is clearly visible in the corner.

Step 2:

Once you click on the option to create an account, a new tab will open where you will need to enter some identifying information to accept the toll-free fax number. The credentials contain your identifying information, such as B. Email addresses. After entering your email address, your account will be automatically synchronized and a free fax number will be assigned to your email address.

Step 3:

Since your fax number is registered and you can fax for free, you can now provide an easy and efficient answer to all your fax problems. You can always enter a transmission option that requires you to enter the fax number of the person to whom you want to send the fax. For unique identification, simply add a suffix @ after the fax number.

Can I also receive a fax?

Just as sending was a convenient and easy process, receiving is also a safe and relaxed process, so you can always receive a fax the way you want it. Just as a mailbox is designed separately for your e-mail, Cocofax offers a free digital mailbox service that stores all your fax information along with it.

In addition, the best option in CocoFax is to automatically convert incoming files into a digital PDF file that is easy to read and therefore very convenient to receive your fax, just like an email.


Despite the problems that have led to a recession in the use of office faxes, CocoFax has simplified the whole process by making it a digital device that can be used anytime, anywhere. CocoFax has taken a major step in launching its boutique business for office workers, clerks and bosses.

All you have to do is trust CocoFax and entrust it with all your faxes. We offer this service through our free trial. Have fun sending faxes!

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