Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever thanks to a boom in late 2020 and early 2021. That means more people than ever are interested in their activities, which brings us to the question in today’s article: Can I get my crypto-currencies on the Chromebook?

While mining cryptocurrencies and alcoins is certainly not the best approach in our opinion, it is something that can be very profitable for many.

In this article, I decided to discuss whether you should try my bitcoin or any other crypto on your Chromebook in 2021.

Why would you want to mine bitcoin or any other kind of crypto currency on your Chromebook in 2021?

Because, at least in theory, you can make money with it. Finding the right coin that is easy to mine is the secret to making it profitable – at least in theory.

In practice, cryptocurrencies are almost exclusively mined by large companies that have access to reputable equipment and even specialized personnel.

There are mining farms all over the world with dozens of computers (if not more) that can handle it, which means you’re dealing with very serious competition.

Mining bitcoin at home is generally considered uneconomical due to the high cost of electricity required for the mining itself, and the same can be said for most other cryptocurrencies.


In other words: Even with serious equipment, you won’t break down at home in most cases. Or at school, as some people do or want to do.

After all, many students in the US (and probably other parts of the world) get a free Chromebook from their school. This means free equipment that they can use at school or elsewhere to mine.

At least in theory, because in practice things are a little different. While they are cheap and generally exceptionally reliable, Chromebooks generally cannot be used to mine most cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

Or at least they shouldn’t be used, because even if you go to the trouble of making them usable, you will only exploit extremely small amounts in terms of profit (if any).

But it’s not just about Bitcoin and ETH, it’s about the best cryptos! The key is to find lesser known and less popular cryptos that can be mined without impressive equipment – but unfortunately we don’t have many options.

Until recently, I was a big fan of a coin called JSECoin. This is a pretty unique piece to add to your browser window (or even your phone!).

Unfortunately, JSECoin has recently closed, leaving a big hole in the low-end mining sector. I was able to get a few hundred dollars worth of parts (which I happily traded in before closing time). …. So getting rich quick was not an option.

But it was better than nothing, and my effort was minimal.


But now that you don’t have that option, is there any other good crypto you can give me on Chromebook?

Even if you choose a good Chromebook, as we recommended in the previous article, it will be difficult to mine bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on it.

You could develop your own mining app on Chromebook or try to find ways to do it….. But maybe it’s not worth it in the end.

Most cryptocurrencies would earn you at most a dollar a month, which you really shouldn’t do – especially since mining cryptocurrencies on a Chromebook significantly shortens the life of the device.

Currencies that are a little easier to mine are DogeCoin (a joke of a crypto-currency that has seen a huge rise in recent years and made some people rich) or Electroneum.

The best option in this case would probably be to join the miner’s pool. In fact, it allows a large group of people with less powerful equipment to come together and exploit some of the more important currencies.

You can go to a site like MinerGate and sign up to trade a variety of popular currencies. You’ll probably earn more than if you were on your own, but still: Don’t expect it to be a huge amount!

If you really want to stay portable and get into mining, we’ve recommended the best laptops for the job – but keep in mind that nothing beats dedicated miners, and you’re also competing with companies that have dozens of miners working in most cases…..

In short, the right question is: No: Can you mine cryptocurrencies on a Chromebook, right now nothing is impossible (although it’s not very easy either), but is mining cryptocurrencies on a Chromebook worth it? And the answer is usually: No, not really.

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frequently asked questions

Can you mine crypto-currency on a Chromebook?

Can you use a Chromebook to mine cryptocurrency? Yes. Go to CoinIMP 0% JavaScript mining collection, browser mining, browser miner registration and use the option named local miner…

Can you mine bitcoin in 2020?

There was a time when you could mine bitcoins profitably with GPUs, but then….. Today, you really need an ASIC and a deal with a power company to make money mining bitcoins in 2020.

Can you get bitcoins out of your old laptop?

Can I carry Bitcoin on my laptop? It is technically possible to mine bitcoins with a laptop. However, Bitcoin mining is nowadays mostly done by ASIC developers, which are much more advanced than laptops and desktops, making it uneconomical.

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