Development issue/problem:

I’m trying to create a custom menu, but that doesn’t work on a device with MIUI rom and Android 6. The result is a general menu with all items copied and selected. It works perfectly on other pure Android devices and simulators.


textViewTop.setCustomSelectionActionModeCallback(new android.view.ActionMode.Callback() {
@General Boolean Menu
onCareActionMode(android.view.ActionMode, menu) {

Log.d(LOG_TAG, onCreateActionMode) ;

return where;

@General Boolean menu
onPrereActionMode (Action mode, menu) {
Log.d(LOG_TAG, onPrereActionMode);
menu.clear() ;

int quote_quick = R.drawable.ic_desktop_mac_black_24dp ;
int quote_add = R.drawable.ic_computer_black_24dp ;
int copy = R.drawable.ic_devices_other_black_24dp ;

menu.add(Menu.NONE, QUOTE_START, 3, ).setIcon(quote_quick).setShowAsActionFlags(MenuItem.SHOW_AS_ACTION_ALWAYS);
menu.add(Menu.NONE, QUOTE_ADD, 2, ).setIcon(quote_add).setShowAsActionFlags(MenuItem.SHOW_AS_ACTION_ALWAYS);
menu.add(Menu.NONE, CUSTOM, 1, ).setIcon(copy).setShowAsActionFlags(MenuItem.SHOW_AS_ACTION_ALWAYS);
return false;

General Boolean
onActionItemClicked(ActionMode, MenuItem item) {
returns false;

@Override public void
toDestroyActionMode {


How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

A few thoughts. What happens if you take an item from the Recovery options menu and change it?

Here’s how:

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(final menu) {
getSupportMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
new Handler().post( -> {
final View menuItemView = findViewById(;

Solution 2:

So I’ve found an alternative, but it only makes sense if it absolutely has to work on MIUI devices. It’s usually a little uncomfortable:

I noticed that the Wikipedia application has custom actions that work on the Xiaomi device, and after checking the code, I found that it works well when texts are selected in WebView.
You can mainly use WebView and replace OnActionModeStarted in your company.


String html = n +
n +
n +
n +
n +
n +
n +
n +
n +
n ;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) ;
setContentView(R.layout.activity_main) ;

WebView webView = findViewById(;
webView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());
webView.loadData(html, text/html, UTF-8);

public void onActionModeStart(mode)) {
menu = mode.getMenu();
mode.getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);

Menu :

Results :

Solution 3:

According to, you must create a menu in OnCreateActionMode.

I did it this way (in Kotlin):

Fall actionModeCallbackA = object : ActionMode.callback {
override fun onActionItemClicked(mode: ActionMode?, p1: MenuItem?): Boolean {, onActionItemClicked)
actionModeB = startActionMode(actionModeCallbackB)
return true

Skip the fun onCheatActionMode?, Menu?: Boolean { MODE, onCreateActionMode)
fall inflater = mode ?.getMenuInflater()
inflater ?.inflate(, menu)
return true

Skip the fun to OwnActionMode(p0: ActionMode?, p1: Menu?): Boolean { MODE, onPrepareActionMode)
returns false

Replace the fun in destruction mode (p0: ActionMode?) { MODE, onDestroyActionMode)
actionModeA = null

Solution 4:

I had a similar problem, maybe my solution will help someone. I had to create a view consisting of several EditTexts horizontally side by side, and add the ability to paste text (one letter of text in an EditText)
I used the ActionMode.Callback approach, and it worked well, except on Xiaomi devices. The solution for the Xiaomi devices was to use OnLongClickListener when editing text and to create a PopupMenu when a long click occurs:

editText.setOnLongClickListener(v -> {
PopupMenu menu = new PopupMenu(context,v);
MenuInflater inflater = menu.getMenuInflater();
inflater.inflate(, menu.getMenu()));
menu.setOnMenuItemClickListener(item -> {
pasteText();//een custom function to process the selected action
return false;
return true;

Good luck!

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